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I have not taken any classes online except for one day. Everything I experienced was great and I've heard that online students get all the help they need.
Appalachian Bible College is a solid, Christian school. It is a great place to get grounded in the Word of God. The staff and faculty are really amazing and helpful. It is a small school, so everyone can get to know you personally. There is a great family feel because their motto is. . .because life is for service.
I like the people. I enjoy the environment and the effort the professor and deans put into your life. I
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Appalachian Bible College is a campus that upholds a solid education experience while submerging the student body in ministries throughout the town and on campus, as a means to grow each individual personally and spiritually.
I love attending Appalachian Bible College! The students and staff love getting to know new people and their current students! When I first went to Preview at ABC, the students and staff welcomed me in the moment I stepped foot on campus! The people there do not only care about how one is doing, but they also care about your spiritual walk with God. The ABC Campus tries to get everyone involved in different fundraisers and events! One of the fundraisers ABC had was having dinner at one of the staff's house. The staff really care about the students and they want to get to know them better. The staff, each year, are paired with different students to become their prayer partners. Appalachian Bible College equips their students to work in the ministry. Even though some students do not go into full time ministry, the classes prepares the students in any field.
Appalachian Bible College is an amazing college! I would suggest it to anyone who was looking for a Bible college with a family feel to it.
I love that this school does not have a campus church, but instead encourages their students to be involved in the community of the Beckley area.
I love going to ABC. The atmosphere is wonderful. The students encourage one another to be in God's Word everyday. There are many nice things to go see around Beckley. The staff is very nice and encouraging. It's a good place to get to know God's Word better to be able to serve others when we graduate.
Professors are very educated. They are able to teach in a way that makes learning fun and keeps you interested.
It is a very good college. The faculty and staff are very friendly, helpful, and personal. The only thing that will stand in a person's way is the cost.
It is an amazing school that offers beautiful scenery and a lot of student and teacher interaction. I would love to see more students go there in the next few years.
We have students from around the world with varying economic backgrounds.

Most people agree politically and religiously, but there is acceptance all around.

Sexual orientation is herterosexual or you probably won't be attending ABC for long
There is no smoking, drinking, or drug use allowed or used at Appalachian Bible college.
The course quality is better than average, and the professors do their best to help us learn the material in a way that will stick with us for life.

Classes are mostly lecture style with questions freely asked throughout.

Class size can vary from 4-50.
Most of the students plan to become pastors, missionaries, summer camp workers, or school teachers. These people will have a pretty easy time following their plans from the degrees offered.

I want to open a community center for foster teens. I am getting a counseling minor along with my two BAs that will either prepare me to go straight into this or allow me to get a masters related to my field of work.
We do not have problems with sexual assault, but if there were a case of it I know the students and faculty would do everything they could to help the victim and to bring the rapist to justice.

Our school does a great job of reminding us of safety measures and of alerting us to possible risks in the area.

We do not have a problem with campus crime either.

Dorms are locked at curfew and there are night time security guards that do a great job.
The dorms vary based on the building you are in. Hoops (girl's dorm) is the newest dorm and is kinda like living in a hotel without room service and with all the other guests being people you know and spend time with. Des Planes (girl's dorm) is the oldest dorm and houses most of the girls as it is cheaper to stay there. DP's temperature is regulated whereas Hoops can be set to personal preference. Hoops has a nicer facility, but DP has a better community and people in DP are more involved with campus life. McCarrell is the men's dorm and I don't know as much about it. It is the middle aged dorm and all the bathrooms in it are being redone due to a kind donation to the school.

Twice a week you get together with the people on your floor to have a Bible study and prayer time. This helps us to get close and come to know each other. We share prayer requests and it is amazing to see how God works as the godly people around you pray.
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ABC has soccer and basketball for men and basketball some years for women.

The school does a good job of turning out to support the teams.

For full school participation, we have in-school ultimate Frisbee in the fall and dodge-ball in the spring.
The academic studies are hard, but it means the students are gaining a good education.

The teachers are fair, but helpful. If you are having health problems a lot of teachers will work with you and extend dates for you. They genuinely care when you have a problem and want to help you through it. If you don't understand things the teachers will meet with you to help you understand.

The other students have a heart for God and for service. In one year I found some of the best friends I have had my whole life.

There are plenty of opportunities for work or fun.

My favorite experiences were with fellow students studying the Bible, praying, playing games, and hanging out.

I would absolutely pick this school again and recommend it.
The work load was light for me this previous semester. The atmosphere is great. The faculty are encouraging and helpful. The fellow students are fun and easy to get along with.
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