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This is an accelerated program. Our class started with 22 and had a graduating class of 12 (one of which had failed a the 4 th quarter previously and came back to join our class). It is very demanding and difficult. The teachers are great and try to help as much as they can. I did learn a lot and feel they did teach me what I need to know. But it was a year of hell. If you have a family or job, you have to put them both on hold. The director controls by threats (of getting kicked out of you miss a day), intimidation, being over dramatic, and gaslighting. Looking back I would definitely go to a different program. Even after you graduate the director claims you need to report to her where you're working, whether part time or full, and salary, and claims it has to be reported to "state". Which no other nursing school demands (it's usually anonymous and voluntary). This program may seem like the best choice because it's cheaper and shorter. But take my advice and don't do it.
Apollo has small classes which allows for more individual attention They also offer tutoring and instructors are available to answer questions and concern Overall a very good area of continuing education
All Classes Are Online – All of my classes are online. Registration was easy with the help of my academic advisor. The workload is semi heavy but help is available with all classes. Interaction between students is ongoing and required. Contact is available between student and professor through an individual site. I have learned more through online courses than through standard on-site courses. Having online classes helps me manage my time better, take care of my family, and still be able to work.
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Not as Much as I Need. While there has been some funds available, this will not cover the costs of attending and I will need additional funds to pay for the remainder.
There are many resources available at all times. The library is small and student center.
Unique Things About School – The programs are unique and the class size is smaller so there is more one on one time with instructors if needed.
College Experience – So far I do like my school and the staff. The classes are challenging too.
Great Time Saver – Online classes are short term compared to on campus classes and allow more flexibility in my personal schedule.
Be Prepared! The money I am spending will well be worth the degree I earn, but it was a bit difficult getting all of the information together, especially having to deal with different financial aid advisors.
Job Prospect – Our school provides the help of getting a job when we finish and graduate.
Work Opportunities – I would say my school is different from the rest because its more hands on which is great. The school also offeres job careers after we finish and graduate from our career pathway. we also have more interaction with our teachers and they are willing to help at all time.
the student body are great people always willing to help and always have time for everyone. they always let us know that they are here for us and where we can locate them. I feel good knowing that there are people that care and want me to continue my education.
So So – getting in was very easy, its all the stuff they hit you with afterwards thats a nuisance and no turning from it without already have been wasting your time or money
Its Basic – we just go to class and leave. there are no special programs
Don't Just Pick a College – the tuition is really high. i don't think its fair how they supposedly raise it every semester. people with no kids get money back each semester while people with children and no jobs owe money dispite financial aide. i wish they were interested in helping students get the right financial aid and possible assistance available for thm, but they don't.
Just Starting the Process – The school made me feel great about comming there. I think this will be a great adventure.
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