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AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine Reviews

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This is the most welcoming and supportive medical school. Everyone here is ready to help you succeed. The instructors are all super smart and helpful. It's a small intimate campus. Easily commutable.
Good teachers, lots of patients in the student clinics. Administration not so hot. Misleading info regarding post-graduate income. Too much focus on the so-called "first-doctoral" degree - as if that will help anyone except the school itself.
This school is small which is why I decided on attending, however it offers few bells and whistles about the aesthetics and perhaps this will expand if the student body grows and places more of a demand for expansion in these areas. I'm here mainly to learn the art of healing the school seems to excel in offering for its students in oriental medicine so as of now, I'm too concerned about this.
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I think due to the nature of the field there is a rather large lack of funding as it seems to be an emerging field in the US. Even though oriental medicine has been effective for thousands of years and practiced widely in Asia and amongst asian communities in the US, our medical system that is established today is very research based in its approach; however recent trends to integrate the east and west approaches is gaining, the funding is taking its time in the schools. I feel the cost of american colleges is hugely inflated as a rule and especially since most of us will graduate with substantial debt and no guarantee we will find work, it is somewhat of a gamble. However, looking at the gainful employment statistics, speaking with alumni I feel this is a great field to get into and am willing to accept the challenges with this.
I have been researching colleges and universities of oriental medicine in the US for the past two years. Academically speaking this is a sound accredited through national and regional boards of colleges and institutions which was a must for my specific requirements and the curriculum offered according to the multiple alumni I'd spoke with offers students a very sound base in the field of oriental medicine. I'm impressed with small class sizes so the student/ teacher ratio offers a lot of time to pose questions, the hands on approach to learning really appeals to me and so do the experience of the faculty. My only major concern is that there are very few scholarships in this field in the US as of now since it seems to a recent emergence in mainstream US medicine and awareness of the effectiveness of oriental medicine. As an student with substantial undergraduate debt, I do have reservation since the loan rates are increasing each year it seems and there is no 100% job guarantee. However I am looking to the future of it's expansion and the Academy of Oriental Medicine seems to be doing the same, developing its doctoral program in research based evidence which seems necessary to integrate into american systems of health and popular culture. I'm very excited about the primary goals to offer preventive and cost effective health care for people that oriental medicine can provide, especially since we will have a growing aging population that will be needing this and many still are uninsured or receiving less than adequate solutions to their health needs.
Our faculty is mainly trained in China so they are extremely valuable and knowledgable. We have several clinic locations available to give us more varied experiences,
The professors are knowledgable, staff is friendly, and campus is nice. We have a certain amount of flexibility with our schedule and pace, unless prerequisites are needed.
The Academy of Oriental Medicine of Austin is a school which specializes in acupuncture and herbs. Our program is constantly evolving and being perfected so students get the most education for a reasonable cost. Our teachers are wonderful...many of them are M.Ds or N.Ds as well as licensed acupuncturists.

Every year AOMA organizes the Southwest Symposium, which is a continuing education conference for acupuncturists or other health care professionals. There is always a wonderful line up of presenters that give excellent lectures to enrich our learning experiences and bring new knowledge to our practice.

Every other year there is a 5 week trip to China. During this trip, students are shown many historical monuments and temples in Beijing and Chengdu. Students are also given the opportunity to observe in hospitals and learn even more about how acupuncture and herbs are used traditionally. Finally, students are taken to Emeishan (the tallest of the 4 sacred Buddhist mountains) for meditation, Taiji and Qi Gong practice. This year students may stay an extra week to go to Tibet.
At AOMA, there are no athletic teams, although we do have Taiji and Qi Gong classes. For these classes we meet in the Dojo, which provides us with a serene place to learn and meditate. Our library is well stocked with books from all over the world and our librarian, David, is wonderful.

Our new campus lay out flows nicely and has amazing Feng Shui. AOMA is a small school and we have just what we need. The grounds are well kept by our maintenance man, David (ha! lots of Davids employed at AOMA). Right in the middle of the main courtyard is a lovely koi pond with bamboo, lotus flowers, koi (of course!) and turtles.

There is a nice student lounge with tables, chairs, couches, microwaves, sink, filtered hot or cold water, free green tea, and a refrigerator. It's usually really clean and well maintained.
The computers in the library all work well and the wireless network usually runs smoothly. It is a very small campus with a small student body, so we have only what is really needed. In case of any technical issues, we have a wonderful tech guy who will help in any way he can.
The students at AOMA generally are very caring and compassionate people with the strong desire to help and heal people. It's refreshing to be around so many like minded people who believe in approaching health holistically. The students are generally warm, friendly and open to sharing knowledge and information. I love AOMA and I am grateful for the experiences I have had thus far...I look forward to the next few years of growing and learning from the teachers as well as my fellow students.
There are many people at my school who are friendly and outgoing. However, many people have jobs, families, and other lives. Our interaction is centered around school and we only rarely socialize.
Limited Course Selection – Because of the size of the school it is difficult to get into classes you want. Often, there is a wait list for students to enroll in required courses.
Academia and Connections – AOMA is a small school which strives to provide a well-rounded education to it's students. We are like a family. The staff is dedicated to the student's success, the faculty knowledgeable and helpful. From the very first day you feel a part of something great and know that what you are learning is so important to your life, the community and the world.
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