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If you're willing to read from a book, absorb the information, and teach it to yourself, then the curriculum is fantastic!!!!!
They claim that you are placed and interviewed for an externship site, then you'll most likely get a job out of it, but I'll see if that's true in 70 days. Yes, I'm counting down the days until I'm done with this f***ed up joint.
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This school does not accept credits and will not transfer credits. Go to Montco.
What library? Oh, you mean the cupboard with the ancient computer that doesn't have internet access and the four bookshelves with outdated books?
I would not choose to go to this school ever if I could do this over again because I feel like going to MontCo for the same course would be more beneficial to me. AT LEAST their teachers are certified and they don't exactly give a f*** if you eat in class.
The students are great. Everyone is hardworking, considerate, and willing to get an education, no matter what it takes. It's the teachers that suck and the administration that makes it really difficult to do so.
Teachers are not qualified teachers and usually just sit at their desks and read out of the book. They cannot answer your questions because they do not know about the subject they are teaching. None of the tests are made up by each individual teacher and most of the answer keys are wrong, so good luck getting good grades at this school.
When applying to the school, you are rushed into financial aid processes and not all of your questions get answered. In fact, the financial aid adviser didn't even know all the answers to my question, then she quit and now there's not adviser at all.
It is not a school for people who are serious about the medical field.
I wish they would have more resources for students who are returning back to school.
I would not recommend this school to anyone. It is not professional and no set rules and regulations. All rules should apply to everyone not just a few.
To many young kids from high school. Not serious enough for this field.
Teachers' not knowledgeable and don't know how to teach. No working equipment and not enough hands on experiences.
They are not flexible or willing to work with anyone with their schedules. They didn't transfer credits that could have been transferred.
They don't offer online courses.
They have no email or updated software.
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Only one computer and it is not up to date. The Lab equipment is not up to date either.

NO updated computer programs. Promised certificates that don't offer. The teachers are not really teachers and have no knowledge of what they are teaching.
did it right there with no trouble. Just wish they could offer more aide to single older moms
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