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I was accepted and confirmed to attend this college starting Fall 2017. It is now July and instead of getting class info, supplies lists, and preparing to move in, I am now scurrying to apply to other schools. This school should have known sooner and provided actual help to incoming students who now have to hope that other school students still have openings for incoming students. If they re-open at a new location I will not be re-applying because this was the worst experience possible.
They are a Full-time 2 year school, so you can't really choose your class times. they are what they are.
Career Services are awesome and always have leads for us.
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Always something to do so you can experience the job 1st hand.
You get what you need.
I love the school it's hand on and you really get to know the teachers and since it's small you can get a lot of one on one time with the teachers
This school is amazing. I am a person who self doubts, and my teachers are hard on you, but super supportive. If you are unsure they will jump in and help you in a heart beat.
Really like this school, very hand on. Something every artist needs to thrive.
I love this school, I have been interested in the school since my sophomore year. I'm so glad I was accepted this year. In all the presentations I saw about Antonelli at my school they said that the school was very close knit, in a nice area and the students were nice as well. When I visited the school I had the opportunity to talk to a few students and they are very nice people I also met some on the Facebook page and I cant wait to get there to meet them all I've already made a few friends/ acquaintances.
I am learning a lot and enjoy the one-on-one teaching
There are no online courses
They don't offer any scholarships
They really help you find a job
Since I am an non-traditional student this program really works for me. I need the focus to be on my career not extra electives. I wanted the best direction from professors that actually work in the field and I feel like Antonelli's can provide that.
They are training you to be successful not only in your art field but in business as well. They have a lot of successful alumni and we have access to their information. They show us where to do, who to talk to, and where to go after graduation.
Class sizes are small and makes reaching out to the professors very easy. They plan hands on courses and have up to date course material. They want to see you grow and you can feel that. They work with you to make sure we're getting as much feedback as possible.
Since we are an arts school I think we attract people from all different walks of life. There is plenty of diversity and people tend to be more accepting of people. We all want to succeed in our art form and can connect with other students on that level.
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It is very easy to receive financial aid and they walk you through the whole process. I think it's appropriately priced for the amount of straightforward information we are receiving. There is no filler courses that I'm never going to use again.
I don't plan on transferring my credits and haven't had to schedule my classes. They take care of that for us which males it so much easier for returning students like me.
Registration is easy, they schedule our classes for us and really work with preferred scheduling. The professors are successful in their own field and still actively working outside of the school as well.
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