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I love it. They have a great Interior design program. The instructor are out of this world amazing. They help and are very supportive in your school and private life.
I love it here/ I just want to be able to finish and I don't know if I will have enough money. I was attending ITT and they suddenly shut down and that's how I ended up here.
My favorite experience is: Small classroom sizes, tutoring, modules are to the point. Things I do not like as much is, students that are not professional or disruptive. School is in a downtown location and plenty of parking, and close stores.
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I have a teacher I think is awesome, I love her teaching style. I have Dyslexia and she makes me feel like I can accomplish the world. Her name is Debra Messer. Se is awesome
This my first semester, so far the load is okay. I work full time and go to school full time. The program so far is great. The teachers are very helpful they truly want you to succeed. It's not just about a paycheck.
I guess its okay, I am just really getting started, but what I have seen so far is great. There is great diversity at Antonelli College.
The school does not have a athletic program. The student cent, library is ok, its a small college. The campus is located in downtown Cincinnati so there is not a garden or any greenery. Now the location is West Chester Ohio is beautiful. There are many things you can do around there.
Antonelli College has been so far really great in helping me with whatever I need. I had a teacher to actually redo his schedule so I could make sure I did not miss the class I needed.
I graduated from Antonelli College in 2007 and they helped me find a job right after graduation. I am back at Antonelli because I want to further my business. So I am getting a degree in IT
The tuition at Antonelli College is reasonable for the program I am in. I have had no problems with the financial aid office, they are the nicest and most helpful people. I was able to get financial aid. It is not enough for the Information Technology Program. Ms. Angie in the financial aid office told me about this website.
I have had ease so far in transferring my past credits and with the enrollment process.
It is going to be okay because credits are transferable from other colleges and if you are willing to work hard you can squeeze in extra classes during the semester to make tuition less costly.
My program includes an internship and lifelong help with job placement. The classes have few students in them so we will be able to work together and get to know one another along the journey toward graduation.
I haven't started yet but after reading about the classes I will be taking I'm so excited because these are not general classes, they will be there to prepare me to work in the medical field and better myself which includes help in job placement.
There are so many options at my college, Interior design, Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, Massage Therapy and much more.
My classes don't start until September but each meeting I have had at the school with staff has been a great experience. I have met new people who will help me along the way and I know they are looking out for my individual needs, they make me feel as important to their school as it is for me to get my education from them.
The online courses are sometimes to demanding. The ones that has in class and online courses are better because you actually get to talk to the teacher in person about the online things.

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I wish there where more outgoing programs to do in your community and volunteer.
Everything revolves around your major. The teachers make sure you have everything that you need to follow through with your major.
They really don't help you find scholarships to help you pay for college.
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