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Antioch University Santa Barbara Reviews

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This place is for academic underachievers and the staff is not even remotely close to being professional top caliber instructors, rather they are mostly bottom of their class wanna-bees. It's an alternative school for alternative students, which means students who couldn't cut it in mainstream universities. Avoid avoid avoid!
This horrible low class dump of a school (if it can be called a school) is a diploma mill and nothing more. Horrible instructors and staff. Most of the students are underachievers and only go here because they know they can pass every class, and they know they will not even be graded.
Love it! Great teachers and students.
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SB is very pricey. Splitting an apartment might be the best way to go here. I am not aware of any housing program through the school.
Two people out of my program received a scholarship that covered a portion of a quarter's worth of their tuitions.
Antioch provides a great atmosphere for learning. Each course is a blend of lecture, reading, writing, demonstration, and class collaboration.

The MACP program is aligned with the standards of the CBBS to allow students to be eligible for CA MFT licensing. The pass rate on the exams are over something over 80% (I forget exactly) according to the school's administration.
You'll be living in Southern California! Santa Barbara, no less! It is beautiful here year round.
There is no provided parking for the school, so students have to provide their own transportation in the middle of a downtown location. NOT GOOD!
Parking is a hassle. Their is no parking lot assigned to the school, so you must look for parking on the street or a parking garage near by.
Public transportation is really good and buses are always running. They are easy to use and affordable.
Antioch is all in one building and all classes are easy to get to. There is a security guard on site so that if someone needs to get walked to their car. Santa Barbara is a pretty safe area in general.
I live 2.5 hours away from our school, When the program began there were classes about 1 hour away at Alan Hancock College, but the relationship ended with Antioch Univ. for whatever reason. So it's caused me to drive to Santa Barbara weekly. I do carpool with some other ladies in my area, but I doubt there will be many that continue on to the Master's Program to car pool with.
There are a few students that report partying on the weekends and some that talk openly about using marijuana for stress or other medical reasons; as they have medical cards for the drug. The ones that are users find each other, but there are also students that are in recovery and they also find each other. I don't care for the students that openly use before class.
Santa Barbara weather is always sunny, but with a breeze so it's not muggy or stuffy there. I always bring a jacket, but barely ever need it outside. Periodically it's really hot, like 90's, but this is very seldom since it's close to the ocean breezes.
There are no athletics. There are no Physical Education Classes or sports.
Single Bldg Campus – With one large building as the entire Campus AUSB needs a student life area, student activities, a student voice, and on campus parking.
AUSB excels in liberal arts academics and in areas of social justice and diversity.
None Currently – I continue to check the school's website for scholarships, but due to bad economy, scholarships are not widely available.
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Downtown Santa Barbara – The new campus is located in downtown Santa Barbara, so there are a lot of things to do between classes or after school. MA classes meet once per week and that is why I love it. I get to work full-time and go to school full-time. It is not easy but worth it.
Small Class Sizes – The small class sizes offer a chance for everyone to get to know one another, make lasting friendships, network, and great opportunities for class participation.
Favorite Experiences – Some professors arrange for field trips or for their students to attend special events free of charge.
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