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Very open minded staff and fellow students. If you need to talk there is always someone willing to sit down and listen.
Social life is nearly a non-issue. The student body is pleasant, creative, studious and focused on their studies.
I feel safe on campus.
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As AUM is a commuter school with a primarily adult student base, the rates of incidents are much lower than conventional campuses. The school expects and enforces academic honor, attendance and fulfillment of course objectives. Socially, there are no problems that I have ever heard of and the atmosphere is very centered on academic rigor, high expectation on personal accountability and the ability to work well with others.
As AUM is a commuter campus, there are few frills. What is offered makes my visits to campus, pleasant, clean and meets all of my study, research and technological needs.
The process is simple and straightforward leaving nothing a quick phone call, email or office stop won't fix. No lines, no waits, no hassles, and no feeling like you are merely a number.
Our reading load is remarkably rigorous and challenging. We work very hard and it is top priority to come to class prepared and ready to engage in lively discussion. The registration process is simple, straightforward and dealt with in person. AUM has individualized bachelor's and master's degree options with a chosen focus in order for more self-directed and ambitious students to have the opportunity to study their passions in-depth.
Humanities students dive in to other places and times. We push ourselves to gain perspective by reading, writing and even eating foods we are studying.
I thoroughly enjoyed the program I am in. If you have a thought on something, or bring your expertise into the classroom it is always welcomed and even discussed. Some professors will even weave your experiences into the lectures.
It is a joy, and an honor, to be accepted into this college. If I had to I'd do it all over again and it would be here!
I didn't encounter a single problem.
Whatever you need they either have it, or know where you can go.
Diversity is embraced, and no idea is too far fetched for them to consider.
Drugs are not allowed, drinking is frowned upon and I have yet to see any fights break out. As long as people treat one another with respect and courtesy everyone is fine
You simply cannot go wrong with the academics at this school. No matter what concerns you have; be it the professors to how to get things accomplished...the answers and assistance is there for you.
If you get freaked out about something, there is someone ALWAYS available to calm your worries. Other students are easy to talk with, and will even sit down and study with you...even if your major is different from theirs. Classes are easy to find. Professors are fantastic, and easy to talk with.
No matter your cuisine desires it is a good bet you'll find it in Yellow Springs, Ohio..or very close by
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The diversity covers pretty much the entire gamut, and it is quite refreshing!
You need help there it is!
If you don't live in Yellow Springs you need a car to get around.
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