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Antioch is a very special and unique Universtiy. The faculty, areas of study and administrative staff are fantastic and also challenging. A perfect learning institution for adults returning to finish their BA or continue onto their Masters degree. You wil learn and experience a lot. This boutique university is filled with highly trained staff and supportive faculty. They will constantly encourage you but also make certain you do the work. Only flaw for me is that it does not have a true, green private campus like others or languages . Other than than a great education.
I love this college. I feel they really put the student and their future goals up front and center. There are meetings with advisors and financial aide help to get you the most money and the best plan for your classes and future you need. I am entering after a long time away when I first left college when I was young and didn't know any better. After only a year, I will have my degree and be able to start on my teaching credentials and or my masters in creative writing.
The professors are great and really make a point to be there for you and to assist you in your academic needs.
The size of the school itself is small and I wish there were a gym and or a few more amenities for students, but in the end I am there for my degree and not living there for a college life experience. I am having a great time being back in school and even better time with the helpful faculty on hand.
The campus feels very safe, there is even a security guard on duty at all times at the front of the building. I don't have any fears about sexual assaults and always feel safe when on campus.
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The second year of school is when I will begin my internships. I'm just going into my second quarter, but the school seems very well connected to a variety of internship opportunities. There seems to be plenty help with connecting to career services if resources are used. I most enjoy having an academic counselor to connect with and ask advice about direction in academics and career.
The diversity of instructors, and students make my school the most unique.
You're walking right out of AULA to any field of your choice that supports social justice and community relations.
Intimate class size, interesting professors, incredible students & invigorating courses!
AULA has a vibe that fosters calmness and security.
We don't have a greek life.
They gave me the support and smiles needed to continue with the application process!
I intend to bring yoga to campus!
Considering my campus is closer to the beach, the weather is also about 10 degrees colder when I arrive. For students for smoke they deal with the cold and sit in the smoking section. For students who do not smoke there is a student lounger located inside the building. Overall the weather is not bad, and students have a preference whether or not they want to sit outside or relocate inside.
There are no dorms for Antioch University. This is a office building where classes are held on the 4th floor. When students are done attending class he or she leaves this building for the day. There is no reason for people to stay on campus if he or she is not attending classes. The officers who patrol our campus are very kind. Their biggest issues on campus is making sure students smoke cigarettes in the smoking section. There is no nonsense that takes place at Antioch University.
The students who attend Antioch University seem to be a more mature crowd. Many students are in the recovery themselves and other students are in their late 40's. There is no issues with drugs on campus.
Antioch University is located in Culver city. There is not much excitement happening around where the campus is located. It looks like an average town with many fast food restaurants and a shopping mall nearby. The students who attend Antioch mostly stay on campus in-between classes. There is a deli on campus which offers a variety of different options. In a way it seems students have become closer to their peers by staying on campus and hanging out around the deli.
I was in the Liberal Arts program which meant that I got to experience a large range of classes and instructors. I like that teachers are a little non-traditional in their approach ie, The statistics teacher was phenomenal and I am not a math person at all. I also enjoyed classes like the "politics of psychology" that took an indepth look at the DSM and how that book was created.

Antioch encourages students to look at things with a critical eye.
The program is designed for mature or working students so it caters to their needs. Most people n the program have work experience and that is awesome for in class discussions. Admission was a breeze because every one in the reg office was so extremely helpful.

Tip. Read your handbook and know what questions you have. It makes the process so much smoother.
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There is standard technology access on campus.
There is a wide range of students which is similar to that of the surrounding area.
Culver City is a nice place to work, live, and play.
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