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Antioch University - New England Reviews

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Very tight-knit community of students and faculty who care about your education, not just their own research!
There is ample FREE parking on campus
I love my program. It is very demanding and takes a lot of time but I feel like I am learning a lot.
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The faculty is great and the staff is extremely helpful.
Many bars within walking distance.
There are numerous local businesses near campus.
There is only off-campus housing. Antioch helps by having a housing board posted online year-round.
I absolutely love this graduate school.
Campus is small but functional for all students
We do not have a student health center or campus security as we are a small graduate school. Students have access to their own insurance and doctors.
All students are above the legal drinking age. There is no drinking on campus and there have not been violations.
As a small graduate school, there are no dorms or campus police. Campus is only one building. As a dance/movement therapy student, we can get pretty loud, but the staff does not seem to mind or complain.
Mainly loans, as there are few graduate scholarships offered by the school. I was able to get Federal Work Study and have been offered a significant amount of money.
Its fine. We have days in the winterr when the school may close do to the weather conditions
I applied for a scholarship and did not get It however I need to apply for others
I am not really sure however I am going by what I heard
It is only open 8am to 2pm and only offers soups and sandwiches. They have some sweets, coffee and tea. the campus is small so the facilities are limited
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Since this is just a graduate school, there is one cafe.
I am not really an active participant. That's not the focus at this school
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