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Antioch has been a mixed bag of an experience thus far. A cooperative education program helps you attain work experience for your resume/CV throughout your time at the college. Classroom, community, and co-op are the main parts of our mission statement. The latter two are where the school really does shine. Small class sizes and a sense of building a unique experience for yourself and those who will come after you make everything personal.
Antioch is a work in progress. However if that is what you are into then this is the perfect school for your. Antioch attracts radical minded people and that was the best part of the experience for me, the people and the professors. The professors have a truly authentic and genuine connection with their students and they both work together to insure that Antioch remains true to its legacy. The co-op experiences are a definitely plus if you network well and enjoy meeting the alum.
There aren't many recruitment opportunities, but co-op is a fantastic way to figure these things out. That department has its problems, but sometimes they are able to match students with really great opportunities.
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The courses are pretty good. There are some bad professors and some great ones.
SOPP- Does a pretty good job. Isn't perfect, but its certainly one of the best policies of its kind
There are very few options. There are community refrigerators that are free to use, but people steal from them. Mini fridges are discouraged. Not many people use the common rooms.
Overall, classes are fantastic. The community, however, is highly judgmental. Often, people are ostracized for their dissenting opinions.
I feel very safe and secure on campus no matter what time
so many activates happen around campus and the people there are the best.
Everyone in the school is just amazing from all the staff and students it feels like a home away from home.
Antioch College is such an amazing place once I arrived here for the first time I felt a sense of being home. I feel homesick whenever I leave campus. On another note, its very easy to get jealous when visiting big schools since they have so much more than we do, but I wouldn't want to change my decision to come here regardless of how big the school is.
I really enjoy being at Antioch College in the quaint little town of Yellow Springs. I feel like this school challenges me not only academically but as person. I've come to question most of the ideals I have because of this place, and I know others have felt the same, I feel like this is why Antioch is so unique, wonderful, and important to my growth.
I have not seen the campus or met teachers yet, but my counselor is Amazing!
I think it's ok. There have been a couple students who went a little over the top. But they are re-reviewing the policy now so it is subject to change.
It's in Ohio, that means that it get's pretty cold, and it get's pretty snowy. This year there was a salt shortage so all the paths were rather slick and slippery.
The Horace Mann fellowship is awesome, it covers all of tuition, but this is the last year every student gets it, so apply fast. On top of that there is need-based financial aid for room and board.
I've never had a problem.
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The academics are rigorous as all the brochures say. The science and political science majors I think have the most work. There aren't a lot of professors on campus, because the school is so small but they all almost always have their office doors open, even if you aren't in their class. There are some not so great professors but for the most part it's good. One of my problems with the academics is there aren't a lot of classes offered, and each level of science class is only offered once a year so if you get behind, you're behind by a whole year and there is no way to make it up.
There are currently three science professors. The chemistry professor is great, really hard class, but great professor you learn a lot and have to use your brain. The environmental science professor is good, lot's of good information, you go outside for labs and do hands on stuff. The biology professor is not so good. This means that if you want to be a bio-med major 50% of your instruction is from a not so great professor.
There aren't a lot of restaurants but they are all pretty good, the Chinese Restaurant delivers, so do both local pizza places.
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