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The class sizes always reduce mid trimester due to the scholarly demand and I find it to be a relief. The courses are set because to be licensed and practice any field in medicine you have to comply with a certain guideline...
The students who excel in their respective programs will most likely be offered jobs from the places where they did their internship/practice section of the course. The degree is recognized by the state and federal laws and only minimum requirements are asked when transferring to the U.S. and such.
They are flexible in regards to the classes you take when it has to do with attendance issues, sickness, maternity/military leave, but they have a set program and you cannot choose what classes you will take.
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They provide food vending machines and a cramped cafeteria with only 2 microwaves. It's better than nothing but the school is growing in number and I know they are remodeling but I wonder if this area will take into account. I also suggest that they update any and all software and internet coverage for the school. the software on some computers is outdated and the internet connectivity is very poor.
Most students come from broken homes and a lower economic class than the regular college student. They live to work and to find work quickly, disregarding their affinity for this career choice in the absolute.
Studying nursing at this school has been a great experience. The professors provided make it their duty to not only teach us the fundamentals, but make it a point to teach nursing hand in hand with empathy, compassion, responsibility, discipline and others. They reiterate this when going into the formal hospital practice and will not accept students who may have passed the academic course but treat patients with negligence. They are strict but teach lovingly and passionately. I also admire that they all have had previous medical experience and have had 5+ years working in the areas they currently teach in.
The curriculum is complete and the professors go the extra mile in giving tips and other extra knowledge that may be helpful when moving on to the formal practice section of the course.
The tuition is very expensive, but reasonable when compared to other schools and universities in the area. It maintains a competitive price, but I believe education fees should always be lower. Applying for financial aid was the easiest thing ever, especially if you know what you are doing! They walk you through everything and it takes minutes, you can even opt to do it at home without their interference. They do provide an additional institutional aid of a $100 per trimester, which helps in lowering your tuition, but there are requirements.They also accept several student per trimester to be a part of their student-work program; also has requirements. Overall, they work flexibly with student payment plans and are always on top of your FAFSA status and reminding you of your current balance to help assuage any and all future complications. Included in their tuition costs are the materials needed for the course, which is great because we don't have to worry about ordering anything new apart from the uniforms.
It is a great school to go to if you want to skip the experience of a full college exploration. You must be decided though that this is what you want, because the course goes by quickly. If you only want to work quickly and don't aspire to earn a higher degree understand that they give you certain tools, but to expand on them in the work field you will have to expand you education. If not, stick with the level you earned.
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