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    62 reviews
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    Overall, the communication within the college is good, I think that the instructional lectures could use some improvement. I also think that we should go back to physical textbooks!
    • College Junior
    • Oct 17 2013
    • Campus
    I've come across few issues with Anthem Institute personally. Majority of the instructors are absolutely wonderful and show general care and compassion for their students. What makes this school so unique is how well planned the online website is and how easily accessible everything is for the student. I would most definitely choose my school because dropping the issue of tuition amounts, the school itself has helped me a lot for my future career as a paralegal.
    I was originally terrified of online courses and though these courses are a little much to handle per week and per month I am managing. Traditional classrooms give the availability for physical help from an instructor but also give the student availability for distraction. Distraction is quite possible for online classes, for instance I do my school work from home so many a times have I experienced being interrupted.