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    Anthem College - Milwaukee Reviews

    27 reviews
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    I have just started my journey with Anthem College, however, they have made me feel like a student and not a number. They are always there to support you and help you with any problem you may face. They have always been exceptionally quick with responding to any phone call or email I send, which can be a necessity in some situations. So while my time with Anthem has only just begun, I have had only wonderful experiences and look forward to finishing my education with them.
    I really liked how I was encourage to join this college and all the opportunities I were to get from joining. I feel like they are really trying to help me out with understanding financial aid and how to pay off college; they are quite serious about personal financial responsibility. I am confident that I can achieve my Associate in Massage Therapy, and paying off college as well since they are so straightforward.
    • College Junior
    • Sep 8 2013
    • Value
    As far as flexibility with scheduling classes goes, Anthem is great. They have a portion of day classes as well as a portion of night classes. However, most of my credits do not transfer over due to how they set the program up. I did not have many credits done for this program so all in all it did not greatly impact my experience.