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    5 reviews
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    Well... we had a BIG change after I enrolled in that another company bought out my school and they quickly got rid of a few key people that were the ones that got me interested in Anthem. On my first visit to Anthem I felt like I was enrolling into a family and I wasnt just another student. I wasnt pressured to enroll and everyone knew my name. We had some student service girls that were AMAZING at keeping moral up, and they were let go. Since they have been gone the "family" atmosphere has become kind of blah and moral is down. The only thing that keeps me going is my instructors and my wonderful classmates!
    My teacher, Ms. Deleon is amazing. She takes time out of her own schedule to come tutor us or explain something I did not understand.
    She makes the class more interesting and she's more involved in our lives and a lot more caring than all the other teacher up there. She's the only one who claim us student as her own and make it out of her own way to lend a hand so I admire her very much as a in coming MA.
    To be honest I think $32,000 for a 2 year associates degree is a bit much!! I did qualify for some grant money. However, after graduation the remaining amount that is to be paid back is going to be difficult when compaired to the amount of money I will be making in the field I chose. Like I stated before financial aid was a nightmare and even though I have poor credit it still would have been nice to be able to get some sort of assistance for cost of living expenses. Or at least give me the oppertunity to have a co-signer on my loan. The Stipend loan that I was offered was a joke and they shouldnt even offer this to students because it just gets their hopes up.
    • College Senior
    • Oct 13 2012
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