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    5865 Shelby Oaks Circle Suite 100
    Memphis, TN 38134
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    Anthem Career College - Memphis Reviews

    13 reviews
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    I feel that the staff has gotten better wher they have a main person .team leader in each class room. And the process to get into the school only took about 3 days.However, I did what I had to make the process move and with there help I was able to move into the process more. You ony do what you want and you give 100% then they will do there part in helping things more forward in the process stage. Here at this school I will get the skills and hands on to be successful in my career you only move and push what you want in life. I met a lady there that been with this school for 28 years must be doing something right for her being there that long.
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    I think the staff at this school is really for the students. The classroom are big and the skills you learn are right at the school and you learn so much there to able to too use in the real world. This is a small college and really looking forward in everything they offer me.
    • Nov 14 2012
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    I am in health care and my class is very much what Iam looking for. I am get the hands on and skills needed to become what I want in the medical field. I feel I will have the skills and career when I gradute in one year.