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This school has so much to offer and is currently going through a transformation and bringing in more opportunities for its students. AVC now also offers two campuses the main being in Lancaster and the satellite school in Palmdale. The school has multiple majors available and the staff teaching the classes are phenomenal. The class sizes are small which give students more one-on-one interaction with the teacher. The growth and the development of the student is definitely felt by the staff on campus.
My overall experience with Antelope Valley College has been very good. The student and professors have all been nice. The first day I struggled to find my way and the professors were kind enough to guide me to my classes. One time I got lost and a kind student went out of his way to help me. I was very thankful for that because I would have been super lost.
I like that you meet new students there there uniquely helpful. And I would like to see the school to offer better tutoring and better help in the OSD office. And over all. That's pretty much it.
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Antelope Valley College is a wonderful place to kick-start your academic journey. Being that it is a 2 year institution for most programs, you save a great deal of money while enjoying a more intimate classroom setting. With smaller classes, you tend to learn on a deeper level and have greater access to professors that are more approachable and available than at a 4 year university. There are also many programs and extra curricular activities to get involved in covering a slue of differing interests. This college is going through a renovation to better meet the immediate community.
Antelope Valley College continues to have a bad reputation because it is a community college. However, if the student is devoted to their studies and looks beyond the scope, opportunities knock everyday. The professors want to see the students succeed and some even go out of their way to assist in seeing you prosper. The stigma of not being exposed to a variety of opportunities is false at AVC. If you want internships, transfer advice, or even peer review, AVC provides all of that. From job experiences to rational professors, AVC works with you as long as the student vocalizes and is in search to experience all that is offered.
There are lots of great professors, but there are also quite a few bad professors. The campus has some new buildings mixed with older ones that either need to be repaired/updated or should be replaced with a newer building. The library is pretty big and there's lots of resources inside if you need help. The Learning Center is a great place to go for tutoring.
Antelope Valley College is a really good junior college to attend. It is small and really easy to get around. Classes are all walking distance, and the campus is really nice to walk around! My experience with the teachers were excellent. There are a lot of classes, so it is really easy to fit school into your schedule. Counselors really listen to you and they try to help you out as best as they possible can. The atmosphere is great, and the food is not bad. There are a lot of clubs and activities to do around the campus. It is not too expensive either! I definitely recommend the school and I'm very glad I attended!
Antelope Valley College would thrive more by weeding out students that do not care to be on the campus. It hurts the environment of the campus and makes it feel less secure and welcoming as professors grow weary of many people who simply do not wish to be there. Thus, many professors in turn do not provide the most quality teaching as they once had.
I've has experiences with amazing teachers who want you to succeed and will mentor you as you continue on with your education.
It's an okay school a good community college but if you wish to pursue an education in something very specific it is hard doing at AVC, but they offer an overall good education.
AVC is a very small but nice college overall. The College is good in terms of learning, many teachers a quite good and give you everything that you need. The thing I would like changed is if it were taken care of better, there are new buildings being built at the moment but it covers so much of the campus that you need to find entirely different routes to get around. But there are many events which gets people to be social.
AVC is a fantastic school with so much to offer. The faculty is helpful and the school has so many diverse students enrolled which adds to the quality of education you receive. I have loved my time at AVC and would recommend this school to anyone and everyone.
What I like about Antelope Valley College is that it is close to home and it's and it's a good option for starting off with college.
The things that I like of AVC is the diversity in the campus, student life, programs, safety. and campus food.
It is not easy to build a relationship with your professor. They often want nothing to do with you and the campus is not social at all.
Antelope Valley College is underrated. People tend to look down on the institution because of the location or because its location. Although the students tend to be negative, the instructors and resources are very helpful. I feel as though my perspective on the college has definitely become more positive in comparison from when I had first arrived. The instructors may be very inspirational, and the resources available to students make a difference in the academics.
Antelope Valley College is a great community college if you ask me. They offer a lot of help to their students. They have a lot of benefits as well. I have been going there for three semesters now. The food they have on campus is good as well. They have a Subway on campus, and they also have a cafeteria that serves different kinds of food if you do not like Subway. The campus and the area around the college are safe and have security guards driving and walking around campus.
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I like how good some teachers are and how they actually care about their job. However some buildings are old and aren't in the best condition but they are fixing that.
Overall a very great offer for students in the area. Professors here have always attempted to help my classmates and I in advancing to an even greater future! However, one thing that does bother me is the atmosphere of some of the students being present- they are goofy.
Antelope valley college is a great community college to get your future started. I love how they have programs like BOG and Job Placement. They help a lot especially when you feel lost in the world. The downside here is that information students need is not given we have to seek. Like the BOG program.. not every student knows about it and end up paying a lot of money to attend this college. Or like the free Microsoft Office for students. I learned about these programs because other students mention them in class. It’s frustrating when you spend a lot of money (especially if you’re not doing so good on money) then later find out you wouldn’t have if you new about these programs.
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