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I love AVC because it offers an extremely wide range of classes you can take, and the counselours will continuosly meet with you and answer any and all of the questions you have. The only downside is that the times to take a class are limited.
When I first arrived at Antelope Valley College, it was so that I could take my SAT. I arrived and I was led to the front desk. Everyone there was very helpful and kind. I felt like everyone was very friendly and I loved being in a place that felt like a safe environment. I have been at the college three times now and I have enjoyed my stay every time. It is not hard to get around because everything is labeled and there are signs all around. There are also many kind adults that are there to help you get to your destination around campus. Everywhere you go you receive kind smiles and helpful information. I would not change anything about the campus or the people on campus. The school is simply great, and even though I have not attended the school, I would love to.
Great teachers and classrooms ,good infrastructure for a 2-year school sports life isn’t really big or living
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It is a great campus, always try to put there students ahead and give them the benefits they have to offer
AVC is not a bad place to start after high school. It gives you time to mature mentally and take courses that are usually expensive at universities to a low affordable cost. Help is around every corner in campus when it comes to your studies so do take advantage of that. One thing that I would love AVC to do is probably improve their cafeteria options. The only place that does serve good food is subway but it is so small that it gets cramped and long lines to order. Overall my experience my professors do care about us learning and passing their classes. AVC is a good foundation to start your journey to a higher education.
It's a small campus with nice people. It's a community college and there aren't any dorms or parties like your typical college scene, but it helps when transferring to a four year. The area around it can be very poor and boring,but there are always very frequent things happening on campus. Overall, It's not bad at all when first getting your general education done.
I have been at Antelope Valley College for coming up on 2 years now, and it’s been a great experience. Aside from the fact that it’s a community college, the students, staff, and on campus organizations create a very close environment.
Being there for a semester and a couple weeks into my second semester, the college has been good. I didn't expect anything from a community college, but from what I've seen it's been good. The professors have been good and fellow students were actually wanting to learn unlike my high school years.
Antelope Valley College offers just enough to get the degree that you want. They have a lot of classes to choose from but they do fill up quickly if you don't sign up for them asap. The parking is always a nightmare at the beginning of the semester but usually dies down after the first month or so and there are sheriff's on campus that patrol the campus and parking lot. Their counseling could use some help. I had to figure out a lot of things out on my own or through counselor's at other colleges. Of course there are some professors who truly are passionate about their jobs and they are the ones who make the pursuit in education worth it.
Overall, Antelope Valley Community College is a great one. Being a freshman entering college is like the first day of school all over again. You get lost right? Wrong. I knew where I was going, due to all the signs and directions, which are great by the way. There are times when I don't know and the faculty are amazing! Student workers as well, which shows more good parts on the faculty too. I would strongly recommend attending.
That they always try there best to help you succeed and how caring they are for there students. I absolutely love it but I'm getting close to graduating and need to start planning on transferring to CSU Bakersfield.
I love how much the teachers are willing to work with the students so that they can be successful. Also the students on campus are always extremely helpful and respectful.
My overall experience at Antelope Valley College has been excellent. The classes are good the people are friendly and the campus just looks amazing! One thing I would like to see change though is the size of the Palmdale campus. Having a bigger campus means more class rooms, and more opportunity for a better education!
This is the only college I have ever attended so I have no comparison, but I have been happy with my time here. They offer a decent amount of online classes, though I do not suggest those for most people. That would be my main complaint about this school. The online classes are not very interactive, and unless you are able to put in a lot of your own motivated study time, you do not get the full benefit of an in-person class. Plus, without any face-to--face discussion about the subject with teachers and other students you do not retain as much of the knowledge. I do suggest if you can take honors courses, do. They give you much more bang for your buck.
I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and the professors are very helpful and care a lot about students education.
A great thing about AVC is the community. Everyone is pretty friendly despite classes at 8 am. The campus is big, offers many different courses, and includes a great SOAR program. It even has a cafe with amazing food they make in front of you!
The administration is very persistent with letting the students know what’s going on. The student center is very helpful and is willing to make study sessions based on when an individual student can attend. It’s very student oriented. I would like to have somewhere I can get help with transferring into an engineering program at a CSU. The transfer center is great for getting general admission, but I think it lacks in how to get into specific programs at the campus we aspire to transfer into.
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AVC is a good college, some think because it's a community college that it can't be as beneficial but hat is wrong. AVC offers different programs to help with textbooks, tutoring center, and professors who really do care.
It was ok. It is a good way to transfer to a 4 year university after 2 years. They have great programs for transfers. Many people have been studying here for an eternity.
I loved this college , they were all always so helpful. Great professors who taught me well. A close and United college.
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