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The transition from face to face to online was very sudden and it took some time getting used to. Its very different and I felt as if I got more lazy just staying at home most of the time, but I understand it was need to insure the safety of all students and staff
My experience at AVC was good. I liked the professors I had so far. The campus is very well taken care of and clean, I got a chance to meet some good peers to work with.
Aside from the difficulties brought on by this pandemic, I have typically been very pleased with my classes and the professors who taught them. No more than two of my professors present themselves in less than what I would consider a "professional veneer," though there were several technicalities that did persuade me to come to such a conclusion. All in all, I have been, as well as am currently, joyful my educational journey at this college! Go Marauders!!
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There hasn't been one class yet that has failed to instill it's knowledge within me, in one way or another. Even the classes that don't necessarily coincide with my major, Deaf Studies, have been taught in such a way that I can find a link between them. I look forward to furthering my education, though I will be sad to wave goodbye to such a grand institution.
The online experience is very interesting the diversity of how some professors teach has really opened my eyes. As I am starting the year I've realized that some educators don't even want to bother interacting through zoom or video call.
What I liked about AVC is how attentive the staff are. They go out of their way to help and direct any means possible. I love the teachers there although some should have retired a long time ago. Due to quarantine, I haven't really got a feel of the entire campus. Hopefully, for the upcoming year, I experience college to its fullest potential.
There are teacher here who really care about the students and making sure the succeed. Some students can be rude and disrespectful but other than that it is a good school.
I took almost all my classes online except the few they didn't offer. I loved having the opportunity to do it at my own pace.
Converting during Spring 2020 was a mess. Some teachers were on it and had the lecture contents up and some had a hard time. Some teachers were better about it than others.
It was a good experience until COVID-19 hit. I feel like fewer classes have been offered for summer 2020 & fall 2020.
Very easy to understand for others, but it depends on the individuals who are able to learn their subjects through online learning.
Loved this school!! You learn and enhance your skills to better create a professional portfolio for your major.
I began my academic journey at Antelope Valley College (AVC) in Fall 2017. My experiences here has helped me to uncover my passions and interests towards my major: Biological Sciences. I have been involved in several activities and have undertaken various classes that has prepared me not only for the rigor of upper division courses, but also the realities of life itself.
The honor's program at AVC is an amazing resource that has dramatically changed my life for the better. I have always sought to maximize my learning experience in all fields. As such, I’ve enrolled in a variety of honors courses ever since my first college semester, and have continuously done so for three years. Ranging from art, math, chemistry, physics, and beyond, the honor's program has not only made me more academically competitive but has also bestowed me with valuable skills, knowledge, and a burning will to learn more.
The professors at AVC are all very knowledgeable and creative, which has made this transition into an online learning experience predominantly smooth. We maximized our use of Zoom and Canvas, and brought along several other sites to supplement the professors' lectures. For instance, we were shown videos of laboratory procedures for our organic chemistry class, while for physics, we used simulators to effectively complete our labs as we would have normally done. However, although the lectures were conveyed very conveniently, it was a little difficult to get in touch with the professors if we ever had a question about a topic in class.
This college will work for you if you work with them. If you are dedicated, driven and hard working you will succeed here. I will say, professors and administrators are not on your case to get your work done but if you reach out and ask for help, they will be more then willing.
Most teachers here at AVC use online resources regularly. As as AVC student you will adapt to this quickly, as moving online because of a situation like this was smooth and would continue to be smooth
My time at AVC has been a pretty good one. The teachers are good for the most part and do well to make it easy to get a grasp of different subjects. The tutoring center is really helpful. Honestly if that wasn't there on campus I wouldn't have passed some of my classes. The only grip I have is with course textbooks and packets and buy backs. Some of them are cheap but a good portion of them cost any where between 100-150 dollars which is ridiculous. Students shouldn't have to pay these extra high fees for just this one class per semester. My last grip is that after the semester is over and they do buy backs. The amount of money given back is so little that it feels like extortion at times if they change this up and gave more money back say at least 50% instead of 10% I wouldn't have a problem. Despite all that the rest of the school is great and easy for people to transition into.
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Online is okay since we only just start early in the term due to the pandemic. It is okay for theory based classes but hands project classes is really challenging and difficult to do.
Online experience has been easy to understand. Professors are responsive. Especially now since the curriculum is an online platform for everyone. There has been a lot of changes taking place, but they make it easy to follow. There is support here for the students in every area needed.
Been a student for almost 3 1/2 years and for the most part I have had a really good experience. Staff tries to help however they can. There are many opportunities available if you just stay focused and seek them out.
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