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I loved this college , they were all always so helpful. Great professors who taught me well. A close and United college.
I have had a pretty good experience here at AVC. So far all of the teachers i have had have been a pleasure, the were there to help me and the other students when ever they could. If there are any bad teachers, I haven't heard of them.
There is always something going on on campus for all different social groups. Academic wise, you will be busy but hey! that's what we're signing up for right?
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Before graduating high school and planning to attend AVC I heard many negative remarks regarding staff and getting the classes you need and or want. This is now my second year or third full semester at AVC and I have had a really great experience. I have gotten in every class that I needed and have had some amazing professors. This college is what you make it to be, and if you are a hard worker you will make it a good experience. I had the opportunity to work at the Antelope Valley College bookstore, and the staff is more than happy to assist with your needs. Go with a hard working respectful attitude and you will not be disappointed.
Antelope Valley College is a great community college to attend. The staff at the school is amazing and extremely helpful. The teachers there want their students to learn and succeed and they offer a ton of resources to help their students thrive. I have learned so much attending AVC. The school has allowed me to grow as a student and adult. One thing I would like to see a change in is hopefully a small food court. I spend so much time on campus and subway is the only source of food that is near all my classes.
I took two courses over the summer at Antelope Valley College and to be quit frank it was a very enriching experience. However considering that it was a community college I could say that the educational sphere and environment their was average.
The professors will go above and beyond to help you achieve your degree. The student workers and staff members are extremely helpful in enriching your college life at AVC and provide workshops to all students who are new and are unsure how to set up financial aid, select classes and more! The honor program run by John Vento is amazing, they ensure high education with the best professors and smaller classes to allow more time with struggling students. The honors program is a must to join when going to AVC as graduating with 6 honor classes can increase your chances of getting into universities such as UCLA and other participating schools.
The staff and students are very courteous and helpful towards everyone. I just wish there were more morning and once a week classes.
This is my first year at antelope valley college. I am currently registered in the nursing program and I could not be any happier. The health and science building is so beautiful and state of the art. The staff in the main office are efficient and very nice as well. They answer all my questions and are so willing to help.
I am a new and proud student at Antelope Valley College. I just finished my first math class over summer and it was a great experience; the students in my class were kind and my teacher was caring and passionate about helping us. The campus is clean, staff is helpful, and there are a lot of resources offered at the school. I take night classes and I always feel safe walking around campus. I'm really looking forward to spending the next two years receiving an education at Antelope Valley and I'm excited to meet new people, join the honors program, and form new bonds.
AVC is a good classic community college experience at a VERY low price! I've learned a lot here and have really loved all my teachers.
It is a very good community college to go to, especially if you don't know exactly what it is you want to do. The parking there does suck though. You can never find parking so make sure you get there 30 min before you're scheduled time or you will be late for class.
It's pretty okay for a community college. Not the cutest campus. Reminds me of a high school, not so much a college. I'd love to see more food franchises on the campus though.
Antelope Valley College I believe is for those that need a cheaper route to transfer to other colleges. The only thing that I can say positive about this institution is that it is a college and that you can get a degree. The staff is extremely divided and in-cohesive. Some staff members will give an answer to an question and directly after another would contradict and disrespect the first employee and the answer that was given. They make transferring to other colleges extremely complicated because they want students to graduate there to increase in money. This was told to me from a staff member herself. Applying for classes are always complicated, sometimes even with priority registration. They do not put a lot of effort in the propelling of students but in my opinion the stagnation of them.
This is a very good college to start at. Many professors care about their students grade and help them in every way they can.
Antelope Valley College is a good place to study and learn a lot from. It is not as big as many other colleges but I enjoy this place a lot. It is a community college and many people think that it is a bad place to attend for school but This college is honestly a good place to aim for what you want. They offer degrees of many sorts and is such a great environment to be in.
I love the this institution because the have so many resources. I have a learning disability and they have services to help me with that. The job placement center is awesome in helping students find work.
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The Antelope Valley College (AVC) is a small community college in Lancaster city that fosters communities of students seeking to develop their academic skills and grow to become successful people.
My general experience at the college has been great. Though not all or most of the professors are extremely dedicated and supporting. Willing to support you and mentor you as well develop good relationships with their students, many of AVC's will make learning materials easy and enjoyable. The campus is small but clean and safe, and the administration works to develop and nurture students through different programs and financial aid opportunities.
AVC is a great college to start your education at and develop your critical thinking and skills.
Antelope Valley College is an amazing college. With an amazing RN program. It has a lot of helpful programs. The campus is great and easy to get around. The academics are amazing lots of majors. Not much of a party scene. Campus food is pretty good. The professors are great they go out of their way to help you out and actually pass their class.
I am a current student attending Avc, i am enjoying my overall experience as a student, i am 26 years old but have decided to pursue a career in psychology education, i am fascinated with today's youth and also from personal experiences, i know how vital good positive mentorship is, in especially young adolescents as well as all individuals in society. The professors i have had the pleasure of meeting have all been very pleasant and very informative of there knowledge in the specific field of interests. i am truly enjoying my overall student experience which is even surprising to myself. AVC is a great college , and i am very pleased with my choice to enroll for a chance to fufill my career dreams and goals.
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