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I love the this institution because the have so many resources. I have a learning disability and they have services to help me with that. The job placement center is awesome in helping students find work.
The Antelope Valley College (AVC) is a small community college in Lancaster city that fosters communities of students seeking to develop their academic skills and grow to become successful people.
My general experience at the college has been great. Though not all or most of the professors are extremely dedicated and supporting. Willing to support you and mentor you as well develop good relationships with their students, many of AVC's will make learning materials easy and enjoyable. The campus is small but clean and safe, and the administration works to develop and nurture students through different programs and financial aid opportunities.
AVC is a great college to start your education at and develop your critical thinking and skills.
Antelope Valley College is an amazing college. With an amazing RN program. It has a lot of helpful programs. The campus is great and easy to get around. The academics are amazing lots of majors. Not much of a party scene. Campus food is pretty good. The professors are great they go out of their way to help you out and actually pass their class.
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I am a current student attending Avc, i am enjoying my overall experience as a student, i am 26 years old but have decided to pursue a career in psychology education, i am fascinated with today's youth and also from personal experiences, i know how vital good positive mentorship is, in especially young adolescents as well as all individuals in society. The professors i have had the pleasure of meeting have all been very pleasant and very informative of there knowledge in the specific field of interests. i am truly enjoying my overall student experience which is even surprising to myself. AVC is a great college , and i am very pleased with my choice to enroll for a chance to fufill my career dreams and goals.
It a nice college with some rigorous professors who do care about you and want you to succeed. It has many advantages regardless of what anyone says if you want a cheap college come to AVC.
I liked the learning center at AVC, and the professors are just as good as those you would get at any 4 year university.
This college has very small campus where everything is at most a ten minute walk apart from each other. It is a very clean campus with very friendly staff. There are extremely minimal parking issues. It has a library, computer lab, and a learning center for additional support and resources. They are sensitive to students needs and are help us in every way they can to succeed.
Antelope Valley College is a community college located in Lancaster, CA. Although it is in a residential area, local businesses and the freeway are a short drive away. The campus has many different buildings and classrooms with well-qualified instructors. Although initial registration seems to be a little complicated, there are many helpful staff to assist and counselors to guide you. The education received is top quality for low cost and the college has a guaranteed transfer program for those wishing to continue on to University of California or California State University colleges.
As I put a close to my first semester in college, I can say that I was able to get the most out of my community college experience. Although at first I felt as if I missed out on the "full" college experience in terms of being able to live in my own dorm at a 4-year university, being miles away from home, and thus making all of my decisions by myself--in short, being independent--I think I got lucky in that through my first semester of college I was able to learn more about myself and my personal preferences. Attending a campus that's not as expansive as UCLA or Princeton, I felt less distant from my peers because they wouldn't be people who I'd meet once around campus only to never see again. In terms of professors, it's pretty inevitable that there will be the occasional teacher who you won't "click" with and some classes where you won't feel like you're getting the most out of the course. However, as always, if there's a will, there's a way.
I am currently a student here at my local community college. I am the first in my family to attend colleg. At first I was a bit frightened about college since I had no idea how things worked. Not just that, but I believed it was going to be a challenge for me to get through and actually understand how things worked. I've now been here at AVC for 3 full semesters and I've done both summer and winter courses and the professors I've taken classes with have been great! I also have the best counselor one could ask for, Dietra Jackson. She has been with me from day one. The campus also offers lots of help when one seeks for it. I am a student worker at the Job Placement office, I've been provided financial and academic help by EOPS, and I've also been provided financial help with books up to the point were I don't have to buy them, but borrow them by the BOOKS Help program. AVC has offered me lots of help and the experience I've held here so far couldn't have been any better!
I loved both my professors. They were patient , knowledgeable and patient. What I did like was nothing at all. Had a great learning experience.
What I love the most about AVC are the professors. When you find yourself an encouraging and insightful professor, it makes coming to class all the worthwhile. All of the teachers here are very dedicated and will work with you if you seek help.
I liked that you can transfer over to another college after four years. I also liked that they have on campus work for those who need a job.I also liked that the classes will help me prepare for what I need in the future
Antelope Valley College is a pretty good school I attend this school and at the same time I do high school, but the food is good, the classes are good only wish the school had a more stable set of teachers (with good reviews). Safety isn't the best, but no one has been raped nor anything like such, regardless I believe better security is needy. The culture is very diverse, there aren't really parties, and I believe you really have to search for people that have parties because otherwise you won't find anything.
Friendly teachers, friendly environment, dedicated and excellent faculty, large amount of resources for students.
I am a SOAR High School student in dual-enrollment with this college. The only experience I have with this college is taking HD 101 and Physical Conditioning, but I can tell you that the campus is beautiful. There are trees and grass, it's impossible not to relax and simply enjoy the atmosphere around you. The food is good; there's Subway, a cafeteria, and the student store. The cafeteria serves healthy food and cooked food, if you so desire. The student store as a few quick snacks (junk food) that you might get if you're in a rush; however, I would advise you not to eat food from there as an actual meal. The staff is friendly and encouraging. There are transfer workshops, other general workshops, a CSUB extension on campus, and a learning center. In all actuality, there are just so much more to college really than I can list. I would highly recommend attending AVC if you're not ready for a 4-year university; then, from here, you can transfer.
Everything it has been good so far.
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The relationship wit the teachers and everything in regards of school is the best.
The best of the best
The Staff is the best
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