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There are always interesting things going on here. The staff is very dedicated to your success. Very glad I came here.
I am only about to start classes in January, so far my experiences have been very pleasant and useful.
Professors are knowledgable. They are funny and humorous. They make class fun. They let you out of class early. They are understanding. Small class sizes. Good diversity.
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I like the smaller class sizes and the support given at Anoka Tech. Being a part time student, working full time, things can become overwhelming, but I have enjoyed being back in school.
I loved going to anoka tech. The school is easy to navigate and my instructor(s) were amazing. They helped me to the best of their ability to teach me all they could.
Had a horrible experience from the start. My first classes were web development and tech fundamentals with teacher Lisa Hubbard. Web development was very demanding with chapters and assignments being thrown at you. Not only that communication with my teacher was of no help at all, she just looked at me like I was stupid for asking for help. Her answers are always to look in the book, now if all I needed was the book what am I paying you for to sit at your desk and shop online instead of helping your students. When it comes to her grading your assignments it takes 2 to 3 weeks. In both of her classes its the same no communication your on your own. I strongly suggest you look elsewhere, do not waste your money here for no education and definitely stay away for Lisa Hubbard's class if you want to succeed in life.
There's always someone to ask if you have questions, everyone is very friendly.
It was easy to follow along and know what was expected of me each week. I had a handle on my coursework throughout the semester and didn't get behind. You have to make sure you are organized though, as the potential to fall back would be very easy since you have to stay accountable since you aren't going into class each week.
There are people that will help you find worthwhile places to begin your job search
The instructors are very helpful and they want you to succeed. They will help you in any reasonable way they can to make sure you learn what you need to.
There are frequently career fairs they hold on campus so you are always exposed to possible job placement opportunities
A lot of workplaces near me have said they will only hire LPN's from Anoka Tech.
It's a small school so you really get to know your classmates and your teachers. It's a good experience and you get more one on one training that you need to successfully complete your program to know what you need to know.
I've been to a lot of schools, and this one is the worst I've been to. Lots of drama, inconsistency, and lack of organization. You really want to make sure you are on top of your own self-education. The positive is that it is the cheapest school in the state.
teachers will work one on one with students to give them the best expereance they can
My part time job is more flexible.
Made friends and met awesome instructors
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Anoka Tech seems to account for all types of students
Anoka Tech really does a good job with getting you set up for college.
The student body is truly diverse in this campus.
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