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I was dreading going to a community college. I thought It's going to be minuscule, I'm not going to get a proper college experience. I was very wrong in this assumption. Anoka Ramsey has made me love school again. The professors are engaging and helpful. Campus life is never boring or dull.
As Anoka Ramsey transitioned to online classes. There were some intense growing pains. I believe there still will be with this next semester but the staff is working hard to support the students
I have an amazing experience with online learning. Personally I struggle with lecture halls due to the noises distract me so I feel having the ability to learn in a more efficient way worked well for me specifically.
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I took a summer course for psychology recently and had a very good experience. The teacher communicated very effectively and efficiently. The school appears to be very onboard with communication which is great during these hard times going on with the global pandemic.
I attended ARCC as a full-time PSEO student, and I found it to be a very friendly environment, that for the most part, has understanding and caring professors, who facilitate a safe environment for learning. Because of full-time PSEO, I have managed to earn a 2-year degree at the same time I earned my high school diploma. I intend to continue my education with a bachelor's degree, and I found ARCC to be a great start to my higher education!
Even before it has become popularized due to the global situation, Anoka Ramsey Community College has offered a wide variety of online courses compared to other schools within the Minnesota State system and even other colleges/universities. I took a mix of online and seated courses during my time at ARCC. As an independent learner, I often found the online course experience from ARCC to be exactly what I was looking for with few exceptions. The one thing I would make sure you do is verify professor with rate my professor before enrolling in a given course.
I really like how they point you in the right directions with questions. I also love how I can call my advisor with any concerns and she will help me out immediately.
They explain how to do the stuff online, very well. The answer all questions and point you in the right direction.
Due to the recent events I have done a lot of online classes through them. The online learning page is very easy to understand and maneuver. The professors are good about keeping in contact, and helping students the most they can online. The courses are not too difficult and are good to still learn a lot from.
The academic counselors that they have are so helpful and respond very fast to help with classes and registration. The professors are very involved with their students and care about them. They make sure students are getting the help they need. The school campus is easy and small. There is a lot of students, very diverse as well.
My overall experience at Anoka Ramsey has been so far a wonderful experience. I have been on Anoka Ramsey for over a year now and never have I had a bad experience. All of my courses has been online. Professors are always there to help you whether online or you could go to their office. I had always imagined that being on online student will be difficult and I wouldn’t make it , but actually I am a straight A student and don’t see any difference between seating classes and online classes. I had attened Bard college in seating classes outside the state , so I actually experienced both online and seating and honestly I like online classes. Online classes are always mangable with you schedule especially if you work and have kids it’s hard to manage, but thank god there is online classes that’s Slovene the problem. Overall, I recommend new students to attend Anoka Ramsey Community College, believe me you won’t regret your choice and it will be a wonderful experience.
I have attended Anoka Ramsey for over a year now, and all my classes were online. I never had any trouble, I highly recommend it to everyone, such a beautiful experience and professors always are their to help you.
Many great classes and online classes. I think it's very useful online. You can access this great and affordable college without in-class attendance.
A quiet campus. Not very exciting, so if you're looking for a friendly/outgoing environment ARCC is not ideal.
Extremely affordable.
ARCC was an affordable way to completely my 2-year degree before transferring to university. I originally disliked the idea of attending a community college, but I’m very thankful I did. Now I’ll graduate with less debt than my peers who went directly to university from the beginning.
I took some classes online, and overall it was manageable. Sometimes it took some extra effort to understand concepts, rather than having the professor accessible in person, but it ended up working out! I’d say most of my teachers were clear with their expectations and thorough with teaching through a screen!
they make it easier for us to use, they are always easy to contact if you need help, they are very helpful, instruction wise, they do not rush and they are very patient.
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its pretty chill, great environment, professors are amazing, the campus is always clean and well organized. professors are easy to talk to, the tutoring center is very helpful when it comes to material you couldn't understand
My online learning experience was very good and my teachers was helpful because anything I don’t understand I emailed them right away and they replied immediately so I’m thankful for that.
This is one of the best community college you can attend without any regrets. The staff are very helpful. Since I’ve been attending Anoka Ramsey community college I’ve never had a bad experience with any teacher or had any bad teachers. When I started Anoka my education was an average level. But as times goes by I started learning new things everyday. My English teacher was the best and she taught me so many things that I can’t forget. My advisor is very good at her job. She give me the right advices and give me options on the rightful classes I should be taking for my major. I appreciate all these people at Anoka Ramsey. Those people who help me a lot with financial aid issues, I appreciate them too. I would definitely give Anoka Ramsey an A+ because they deserve it.
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