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I love this school. Lowest tuition in the state of Minnesota. This school is a great first step in starting your post-high school education. They have small sized classes and you can be more one on one interaction with peers and professors.
Anoka community college is very affordable and the professors are very helpful. I would like to see more involvement with school activities later in the afternoon all the activities are in the morning.
Well my first year is starting and I can already tell I’m going to have a good time the students and teachers seem really nice and the environment is amazing.
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I liked how almost everything on the campus is connected, so that you do not have to run through the blistering Minnesota cold to get from class to class. Every professor that I have had has offered their help to help guide students to their potential degree. They give plenty of course work to keep the students busy and prepare them for the University's they seek to attend. There are plenty of activities or clubs to join if desired. There are signs up everywhere to help aid those who are bullied or sexually assaulted. That way students can feel safe and contact sed persons if those actions occurred. The wellness center is very nice, plenty of space to maintain a healthy active lifestyle. My only complaint is that the basketball gyms are not always open for use, sometimes the gym will be open but all the hoops are raised so that I cannot practice my shot.
Beond the great price, the exceptional teaching ability of the faculty is
the best aspect of Anoka-Ramsey Community College. To have these professionals in the respective elds be so engaged with is stupendous.
I have only had one semester at Anoka-Ramsey, however I could not be more happy with this college. All of the professor's are knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and are open to questions. My only complaint is the lack of options for food in the cafe. And for this being as small of a community college as it is, I completely understand why that is.
There's always a place for you in ARCC. Their scholarships are genuine, coming from an international student, you've gotta believe me
As a student worker I have thoroughly enjoyed my time being involved with the college and the faculty/staff that run the operation. I have found everyone to be very helpful and supportive in your growth and opportunities that come available.
The general atmosphere of the college is one of neatness, friendliness, and accessibility. Every staff member I have interacted with is very helpful and friendly. The campus overlooks the Mississippi River, and the view is beautiful in all seasons. The faculty is dedicated to helping students reach their full potential.
What I like about Anoka Ramsey Community College is that it is a very calm, friendly and safe environment for students, faculty and visitor and I would highly recommend this school.
I attended Asoka Ramsey for two years, online. Classes disappearing out my class schedule, poor online formatting, you pay for a code and a book to classes that are taught by THIRD PARTY WEBSITES. The books you buy are wrapped with the code, so your basically buying your books twice. School billing errors left me with me $500 problem, a hold on my account and a semester break. This school is crooked, BEWARE!
Anoka-Ramsey Community College is a good place to start for your AA degree. It is cheap and a safe environment, there is a great student life atmosphere. A great student to teacher ratio to help you fully grasp the subject that your taking.
I attended ARCC for their nursing program. It was a very difficult program, but we'll worth it. I passed my NCLEX in 75 questions the first time and had a job 2 months after graduation.
Anoka-Ramsey Community College is a great school to extend your education. Its affordable, with a great campus, and great staff to help you along your way. I have been here for just under a year now and I have had nothing but a positive experience. Coming from a family with no college experience, it was very nerve racking to be the first. Yet at Anoka-Ramsey, I had help available every step of the way. They truly make you feel important and want to help.
A lovely college packed to the brim with passionate professors, friendly students, and a variety of different clubs and activities to participate in. The best part of this outstanding college, however, is its bountiful undergraduate research opportunities. Such research includes collecting fecal samples from live captive wolves to be processed for a wolf microbial study spear-headed by Harvard University.
I love this school, everyone is very nice and helpful. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. The classes are great, all that I wish was different is have meet with advisor to keep on track.
Anoka Ramsey does exactly what it is meant for. I took most of my classes online and overall I was pleased with my experience. It helps you get college credit for cheap and it helped me save a lot of money. Overall I had a good experience. I wouldn't say it will give you "the college experience" but it does give you a good education for not a lot of money.
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I go to Cambridge campus and you can definitely tell it's a distant second to the Coon Rapids campus. I wish they had more on-campus course options, both in terms of timeslots and course material.
really good college amazing professors ................................................
it's hard to adapt in the beginning ......................................................................................................................................
Anoka-Ramsey Community College is a wonderful place to begin your post secondary education. The staff is very helpful and friendly. It's almost like attending a mini university.
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