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Anoka Ramsey is a great school for students who want to receive an affordable, but hands-on, quality education. The faculty really care about student success and are passionate about teaching. The atmosphere at Anoka Ramsey is a very positive one, and makes learning enjoyable.
Went to Anoka-Ramsey Community College Cambridge Campus for PSEO in the 2017-2018 school year. The professors I had were passionate about what they were teaching. I took an online class the following year and didn't like it as much. I missed the professors and the excitement they brought to the class.
ARCC is an amazing school with incredible teachers and staff who are truly there to help you succeed. They offer research opportunities to students and mentorship so that they are great job or transfer student applicants. There's also great extracurricular activities available to students to boost your resume or transfer application.
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The teachers are very passionate and love what they do and are very devoted to helping their students. There are lots of clubs and activities so everyone can find their place. There are lots of counselors and they're really good at focusing just on you and helping you.
Anoka Ramsey is an affordable community college that gets the job done. However, student activities and events seem to be lacking. There was a fall party outside where burgers were surved and that was about the only activity widely known and enjoyed by students and staff. I would enjoy seeing more planned activities at the campus.
My experience with anoka ramsey community college so far has been somewhat good. I enjoy the affordable tuition and the opportunity to transfer to other colleges. I would like to see a change in student and school communication. I spent years being misinformed about policies regarding academics and financial aid due to lack of knowledge from student workers.
lots of poorly motivated students im sure this is the case with any cc but I have been happy with the majority of my professors. Cost is the lowest in the state overall happy with it for a community college.
I enjoyed the classes I took at ARCC. The online courses are easy to follow, and I was able to learn a lot with self directed study.
I thought it was nice and the people there were nice. I‘d recommend it to my siblings. Many people say hi to me there and everyone is super polite. I like working there a lot
I feel like the staff here are invested in my future. The tutoring programs are great and you can always find someone to answer questions.
The cambridge campus is full of numerous resources for students to use to their advantage while attending this school for their studies.
The teacher's and staff are wonderful and they just want to see me succeed! My teacher's are very helpful and always ready to answer my questions, and the class size is small so they actually remember your name.
I love this school. Lowest tuition in the state of Minnesota. This school is a great first step in starting your post-high school education. They have small sized classes and you can be more one on one interaction with peers and professors.
Anoka community college is very affordable and the professors are very helpful. I would like to see more involvement with school activities later in the afternoon all the activities are in the morning.
Well my first year is starting and I can already tell I’m going to have a good time the students and teachers seem really nice and the environment is amazing.
I liked how almost everything on the campus is connected, so that you do not have to run through the blistering Minnesota cold to get from class to class. Every professor that I have had has offered their help to help guide students to their potential degree. They give plenty of course work to keep the students busy and prepare them for the University's they seek to attend. There are plenty of activities or clubs to join if desired. There are signs up everywhere to help aid those who are bullied or sexually assaulted. That way students can feel safe and contact sed persons if those actions occurred. The wellness center is very nice, plenty of space to maintain a healthy active lifestyle. My only complaint is that the basketball gyms are not always open for use, sometimes the gym will be open but all the hoops are raised so that I cannot practice my shot.
Beond the great price, the exceptional teaching ability of the faculty is
the best aspect of Anoka-Ramsey Community College. To have these professionals in the respective elds be so engaged with is stupendous.
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I have only had one semester at Anoka-Ramsey, however I could not be more happy with this college. All of the professor's are knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and are open to questions. My only complaint is the lack of options for food in the cafe. And for this being as small of a community college as it is, I completely understand why that is.
There's always a place for you in ARCC. Their scholarships are genuine, coming from an international student, you've gotta believe me
As a student worker I have thoroughly enjoyed my time being involved with the college and the faculty/staff that run the operation. I have found everyone to be very helpful and supportive in your growth and opportunities that come available.
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