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Anoka-Ramsey Community College Reviews

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I love this school!
The location is great, the campus is very beautiful and clean. The only thing is, I think the staff is not the best. Some of the staff are definitely not very qualified professors.
Great college with great teachers! Over all experience has been positive and affordable. Lots to do within the campus. Even has a work out area!
I am currently a freshmen there, and am also a senior in high school. I take concurrent enrollment classes, and will be able to start off as a sophomore in college when I become a college student full time. The curriculums are challenging, the teachers are always open to meeting and going over subjects individually, and I have learned so much more from each course than simply the material taught in the class.
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I attended Anoka Ramsey for my 2 year degree. They offer many degree options at an extremely affordable rate. They have 2 great locations for people who live in the norther suburbs. They also have many options for working or full time students to take classes online or in the evening.
I really enjoy Anoka-Ramsey. Smaller campus, beautiful campus. Professors, advisors have always been helpful. Tuition is awesome! I would recommend AR to people.
I started off college, very disoriented. I wasn't sure if I was doing everything correctly and in general I felt lost. But when I got to know the students and staff, I felt like this place was going to be the best first time college experience.
its a great option to start your college career because its so cheap and there are a lot of options of where to go when you're finished.
Overall I think its a great school, its close to home for some, and the professors strive to help everyone succeed, and its affordable. A few things that are kinda of a down fall is how everyone just minds their own business in a way we all just come and go. I feel like you can make friends but that will only last for a semester because the odds are seeing that person again in slim. Having a school close to home and affordable is really nice and I am able to work at the same time.
I really liked going to Anoka Ramsey Community College. All of the professors are really nice and they seem like they want what’s best for you and help you long to get the best grade possible. All of the students there are mostly in the same situation of getting their generals done and it’s a very relaxed environment. The drive there wasn’t too long and there were multiple ways to get there which made it really convenient. Anoka- Ramsey also has the lowest tuition in the state of Minnesota so you don’t pay as much as other community colleges which is nice.
Overall the experience has been very good. Only reason I'm docking off a star is due to a teacher postponing due dates for the first 3 weeks of class due to textbooks for the class not yet arriving in the bookstore. Once they did arrive three weeks late he gave the entire class three days to complete all assignments due. I had to drop the course due to not having enough time (as I have to work full time while in college to be able to afford to live so there was no time) to complete assignments and still had to pay for the course...
I have had a wonderful overall experience at Anoka-Ramsey Community College so far. The environment is very friendly & inviting, there are a crazy amount of groups or clubs to participate in, and the students-- the population-- are great. There are a multitude of different routes to pursue in terms of degree / certificate options, as well as courses in general. Resources are available for just about every aspect of your schooling, & I've never heard of someone having a poor experience with any of them.
I personally think this school has an exceptional staff. All of the professors I have had so far have been amazing. They go above & beyond what is expected of them as an educator.
I highly recommend Anoka-Ramsey to anyone & everyone!
Anoka Ramsey Community College is an excellent place to get general education as well as some bachelor's degrees.
I liked that Anoka-Ramsey Community College allowed people with adverse differences to have a chance through the great facilities they provide. The college exempts pure professionalism. I've never seen a more helpful college than this one. They care for the student, person, and individual.
If you want an affordable and smaller college to attend, this one is for you. All of my classes have averaged around 20 - 30 students. All of my teachers are very helpful and want you to succeed. The campus offers tutors if you need help with any of the classes you are taking. There are also many different clubs to join in all sorts of interests.
As an art student within this school its been a very pleasant experience. All of the faculty are exceptional in their field and extremely easy to get along and work with.
I really love the professors at this school, and their commitment to students. The tuition is very very cheap as well!
The professors are very kind and helpful. You meet a lot of New people and they have many clubs and activities to join!
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The teachers are for the most part very good at what they do. They are always open to sit down and talk one on one unlike some larger community colleges.
The professors are very caring and want you to pass. Others student's are so welcoming and helpful So many resources and someone's always willing to help if you need it.
Classes were available after working hours and online. Instructors were always helpful. Campus was clean and inviting.
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