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It is a place to get the education needed to start and transfer credits to other universities and colleges. The professors there are willing to put in the extra work and time with students that show commitment and willingness to work. They are good about being able to help you personally if you need that extra help.
I have done two years of PSEO at ARCC and my experience has been very good. There is a smaller student to professor ratio than at bigger colleges making it easier to be personally connected and in the class to make the learning experience better and more effective. The overall atmosphere of the college is very nice, with many groups to join and many opportunities to get help with homework so you can be successful.
I went to this college as a PSEO student my Senior Year of High School. The in class experience was ok. The on line experience was again average. The teachers were very judge in the on line courses I took.
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Anoka Ramsey even though it's a community college gives a great college experience. Resources are vast and super helpful for students. Staff are always looking to help with any problems you may have. And the president is considerate to the diversity within the school.
There were a lot of great professors there. I like the availability of classes and the fact that for the majority of classes there's an online option. Price wise it's definitely one of the cheapest in the areas, which is nice. But I definitely still believe it's overpriced for what you get. And you have to pay for things such as the gym, and other thing some people may not even use.
A top school in the nation, ARCC is an awesome & affordable college to start or restart your education. Friendly staff in all departments are willing to help & answer questions. Beautiful campus on the river.
Anoka-Ramsey Community college is rather small. The parking lot is horrible. The professors are helpful.
Their online courses are amazing. I am a mother to a 4 month old little boy, and this has allowed me to balance motherhood and my education. Although I am not physically on campus, I am still able to get as much help either online or over the phone. Not to mention how amazing the advisors are! I was able to plan out my classes for the following two years before transferring in one visit. I love this school
Anoka-Ramsey is a great start for college. All types of people attend AR from PSEO (like me) to adult learners. I loved every teacher I had in the two years I was there. The atmosphere is very diverse there. I think the school tries to embrace that a little too much, making the environment feel more like high school. I always felt safe there. They have a patrol that is always circling the parking lot. They have a ton of clubs to join. There is no housing, but that's because its a community college.
I haven't taken any onlince coures.
The only post-grad services for anoka ramsey is the nursing program.
Amazing professors and courses. They will help you pass the class and learn the materials.
Since the school is small, there isn't many job or workstudy programs
The program isn't or much difference of any othe program.
The school is small along with small class sizes. The teachers and staff are amazing and care for your education.
My program has very limited scheduling options. You just need to suck it up & get it done.
Getting a job in the healthcare field is a solid career choice so I'm confident that I'll have no problem finding a job.
Review Anoka-Ramsey Community College
Everyone is very friendly and willing to help. Ask for what you need!
Being in a specific program working toward a new career is the best! Getting into the PTA program is hard and the program is challenging.
A really great school that is very affordable, efficient & no-frills.
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