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Excellent selection of courses and professors are extremely helpful and want to see you succeed. Diverse student body that further promotes a good learning environment. So many options of class times which enabled me to choose between days, nights or weekend options as a student.
The Professors and students are all very nice. I have taken three classes there so far and have been taught very well on each subject. I feel that there is a communal feel between everyone who attends there
Here at Anne Arundel Community college students are saving money, while still receiving a good quality education from professors as if they were attending a four-year university!
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AACC is ranked one of the top community colleges in the nation and I am proud to be attending this school. In the four years that I have been attending AACC, I have only had a problem with one professor. Other than that, my learning experience has been excellent. Although there is no option for housing, the campus is very well labeled, staff are friendly and care about your success, the cafeteria is well-prepped with a wide variety of foods serving any diet, and the school provides endless ways for students to get involved in clubs or organizations helping interaction with the widely diverse student population. I am very glad I chose this school to further my education.
While planning on continuing my academic career at AACC, I have taken a few courses as a high school student there. The food, teachers, all other students and campus was pretty great. The online "myAACC" helps me tremendously with all my class work and outside the classroom homework. I am looking forward to obtaining my associates degree at AACC so I can pursue my career goals of becoming a nurse.
It is a small friendly environment that allows students the opportunity to have one on one contact with professor for the improvement of their academics. The school provides many resources to help you succeed including; study sessions, advisors, and scholarship opportunities.
I love this community college! I've done my degree both on campus and online. I found the campus to be great and the professors very helpful. The same applies for online course, professors actively respond and aid students.
AACC’s staff member are so willing and enthusiasted to help with anything need. Teachers have diversed officice in order to fit in anyone’s schedule.
This school is good for specific needs. The classes are very easy and its easy to raise your GPA. Overall the social aspect of this school is lacking. Students mostly all have jobs and are only at school for academics and not to meet new people. Overall its a great school to start before transferring to a 4 year university.
Academic programs are very good for completing basic/general college course at a lower cost than most universities. Some of the professors may not be up to par.
I'm glad that started attending this community college. It has been very convenient travel and schedule wise, and I believe it has helped me decide in wanting to do in the future. I especially love the main campus, it almost feels like a real university campus!
I think AACC offers a lot of bang for the buck. It serves the needs of the community with both non-credit and credit courses. Easily accessible, lots of sections for classes, accommodating to the working/ adult student.
The facilities are well kept. In addition, most of the professors at AACC are caring, while keeping the student's education as a priority.
My experience with Anne Arundel Community College was very good. Professors seemed to care about their students, they do not just want you to learn the material but also to challenge yourself and apply what you have learned in your everyday life. Most of the staff around the campus are very polite and nice.
It is a very clean campus with a nice environment. Very resourceful too.
The professors did an excellent job giving lectures to their students. I was kept engaged the whole class time.
I love this school. The classes, the environment, the professors, everything is very high quality. I have really enjoyed going to school year for the past two semesters. I love the positive atmosphere and I can’t wait to go back next semester.
I enjoyed my studies at Anne Arundel Community College. I feel that the Professors are engaging and that the student body is kept informed of opportunities and events.
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Professors are always adamant in helping students, learning is fun and easy, class scheduling is easy and available. Food on campus is good and Anne Arundel Community College is a safe envoroment with many resources available to students and their families. This college makes learning comfortable and fun.
I love this college because they give plenty of options for people who also work full time! I would like to see more community events!
It is in driving distance from my house, the main campus is well lit and has security on the grounds. The staff are outstanding. The materials for each class vary on funding from the department. During labs, I was able to experience MOST simulations by doing myself, if not, a professor was able to demenstrate.
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