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What I enjoy most about Anne Arundel Community College is the variety of classes offered at the campus and the rather professional professors that accompany many of those courses.
AACC is an amazing college. There are plenty of resources for students and they're easy to find. They have everything from writing centers, to tutors that specialize in specific classes. There are also plenty of ways to get involved on campus. There is something for everyone whether you're interested in sports, volunteer work, travel opportunities, or joining a club. However, there are a few things that could be better. "The nest", a website used to update students on campus events, is almost never updated. If you want to know about all of the things AACC has to offer, you'll need to ask around, or look for event boards posted around the campus. That being said, It's a great school in terms of academics, price, level of student involvement, and is extremely safe.
3rd semester on campus. I do most of my learning on the main campus in arnold and have little problems there. Before choosing professors do check the rate my professor as a bad professor will make learning in the class much more difficult. Having good professors have made it easier to pass the classes I am taking.
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I’ve been going to Anne Arundel Community for a while. I love it. The teachers really help you. You are never a lost cause. They try their best to help you from the financial office to the actual professors.
Great school. Good programs and helpful staff. Campus is a little confusing for me though. Going to try on-line classes this year
My experience with AACC has been a great experience because of the professors at the college. They do an amazing job at teaching students and the college provides many resources for students to succeed in their courses.
The advisers are very helpful, campus itself is beautiful and a good size. most of the teachers I've had were wonderful and knew what they were talking about during lectures.
My college experience at Anne Arundel Community College has been excellent. The campus is really nice as well as the staff there. They have always provided me with good information whenever I have questions. The teachers have helped me build confidence in my self. Although I have not finished my first semester yet there I think it is a great learning environment for students that attend there. My class that I am taking right now is about public speaking. It is helping me build more confidence in my self whenever I have to do public speaking. My teacher for the class has helped me build more confidence in my self as well by encouraging me to do public speaking in class even when I do not want to.
Great school! The main downside is that some of the classes are not what you would have thought you signed up for.
I like Anne Arundel Community College because it offers a wide range of courses for all different educational paths. Some things I would like to change are the pace of online courses.
The faculty at this school are very well-qualified. There are a couple of rude professors, but overall the staff here is very courteous and respectful. I have been going here for about a year and a half and I have enjoyed most of it.
I loved the professors and course structures as well as the opportunities for student involvement. The only problem with attending here is that there is extremely tight and limited parking on most days.
After transferring from a 4 year college, AACC has been by far a non-stressful and accessible school. There are a variety of resources that can help all students. The staff truly put an effort in getting to know the student. The only con about this school is that it is solely a commuter school. Majority of the students come to campus, take their classes, and leave ASAP. It is quite difficult too create a mutual friendship with colleagues. However AACC has excellent schedules that are flexible with your hours.
Experienced teachers, serene environment, non racial discrimination, best teaching practices and lots more
I enjoyed going to AACC. I am currently going back to school to get another degree. So far, i have enjoyed coming back to the school and using all it services here and what it has to offer.
Anne Arundel Community College is a great place if you need to return to college or if you need to bring up your GPA. It is also good to get your per-requisite classes out of the way.
Great school! I wish it was a four year college. The advisers are friendly and helpful. The teachers genuinely care about their students, and they work hard to help you reach your goal, be it to graduate from AACC or transfer to a four year university. Even though this is a community college, the students take their education very seriously. There's also a good mix of young students who are fresh out of high school and adult/working students.
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AACC is a great school to start your college career. It the perfect place to get comfortable with transitioning to college life. They offer so many types of classes that really cater to every lifestyle and it fits into many different varieties of lifestyles. Whether you are a full time student or a person who works full time and are trying to further your career by taking a few classes AACC really tries to make it happen with ease and as little stress as possible. I am so glad this school was around the corner for me!
The school is diverse in population, offers many extra curricular activities, and is a great way to figure out how to want go forward with education or career. I would like to see better academic support and a more caring attitude from some of the staff.
I've visited many colleges around the east coast before, however out of all of them, I feel that Anne Arundel community college has demonstrated the most care for their institution and students. If you're a student who has no idea where to turn to for your major, the school will recommend and appoint counselors who will work hard to find the path you desire. My personal favorite experience with AACC are the clubs and student body. With a wide variety of clubs and people to work with, I found my "calling" with the S.O.D.A. club, an organization dedicated to assisting disabled students on campus. Overall AACC has a wide variety of activities and classes students can partake in. However if I were to address a few criticisms, I would reflect on the fact that AACC's online services aren't very user friendly and that when classes are interrupted or rescheduled, I never felt addressed in time and only just barely knew before messing up my schedule.
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