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I love AACC! The staff is super helpful and kind and there are so many nice people who attend as well. The campus is nice and has a lot but is still small enough to walk everywhere you need to go.
Honestly a pretty easy school, the only thing is its far distances among 3 different campuses and not having certain classes at certain schools.
The teachers have always been super helpful and understanding. There are endless resources for students as well. Lastly, the counselors are friendly and accommodate to your needs.
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Being one of the highest rated community colleges in the nation, they deserve to be called so after attending the college from 2017-2019. There are many opportunities for students academically and professionally. The facilities are beautiful and very well kept, and faculty and staff work to ensure that students have everything they need to be successful while attending AACC and after they've graduated. They have a wide range of majors and courses, and are expanding their vocational training to fit the needs in the area. President Dawn and everyone else who works to uplift the students are transparent in their work and constantly out do themselves every year. Finally, there are many scholarships available to student, most that cover most-to-all of the tuition.
The school provides many classes on a variety of subjects. The counselors take great care of their students by getting to know them and their goals. I have two more years at Anne Arundel Community College and I am looking forward to becoming an alumni
My experience at Anne Arundel Community College was very necessary. It prepared me for the 4 year that I was transferring to and really had great things. The teachers I took varied on expertise and workload. Many were very great and gave good notes. Others were not and lacked in teaching skills. Overall. It was an experience I’m glad I took.
you can get lost here very easily. Buildings are in walking distance but you have to hustle or you will be late. Food options are horrible.
Anne Arundel Community College is an amazing school set on a beautiful campus with gorgeous scenery. Everyone I've met at the college is very friendly and nice and the professors are very insightful, knowledgeable, and easy to approach. The campus relatively small and everything is within 5-15 minutes walking distance. The food is pretty good and there lots of options to choose from.
I am a transferred student so I am not familiar with the school. I know that it is convenient for me. I have not had any classes at the college. I am coming from Grand Canyon University with a 4.0 GPA. I was in the Early Education program.
The people are okay, not very helpful honestly. The advisors are average, they don't explain things thoroughly. The environment is stressful, and rush you out. The professors are decent, some are really nice and helpful. However, some are super harsh and can be passive aggressive. The school needs some happier employees. Overall, it's rated the better school where I live and convenient.
The professors are great and they care about the students. The only problems are their advisors. They don't give you enough information own how to transfer to different colleges or what classes you should be taking.
The community college as a whole has made me feel welcome as a non-traditional student. Their usage of CANVAS helps me keep up with homework and everyone on campus, including professors, have been friendly and helpful. I've met quite a few friends through the college's GSA, which I am also on the board for.
Good classroom environment. Good resources. Good teachers. I'm a part of one of the religious clubs, which has probably been the best part of my experience at AACC
I cannot emphasize enough how much this school has done for me. I came into community college without a path or motivation and in two years I have been able to find a major that I am immensely passionate about. I could not have done it without the resources available at this college. I have not had a single bad professor and there are numerous career, transfer, and academic resources for all students.
AACC is a good, but not great community college. Traffic getting in and out during peak hours is dreadful. Most teachers genuinely care about their students and want them to succeed. However, some teachers and advisers are just there to collect a check without putting anywhere close to the same care and time as others.
For the money, it is a great college. Transfer opportunities are great, however I find it very necessary to make sure you do your research on the professors you are selecting, as it definitely makes a difference in the outcome of the class. I imagine this is with most colleges however.
A great education comparable to a 4 year institution, beyond worth the money. The staff is great and the facilities are great, truly a great institution.
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Great choice if you want to improve on poor grades from high school or save money before transferring. Most of the staff just want you to succeed, will be lenient and helpful. Tons of clubs and opportunities. Hated going to school in high school but I’ve really enjoyed my classes here
This community college is cheap and I earn my necessary credits easier once I commit to a university when I transition. The professors are kind and lenient. The environment is very manageable and the students I've met here have great character and drive from somewhere they're just starting out cheaper than those already in university. Only makes us more hungry.
There are great resources for students and lots of classes and opportunities for a community college.
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