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I love this college because they give plenty of options for people who also work full time! I would like to see more community events!
It is in driving distance from my house, the main campus is well lit and has security on the grounds. The staff are outstanding. The materials for each class vary on funding from the department. During labs, I was able to experience MOST simulations by doing myself, if not, a professor was able to demenstrate.
Anne Arundel Community College is possibly one of the greatest community colleges is Maryland. The campus is beautiful and safe, the professors are fabulous, the academics are positively challenging, and student life is absolutely engaging. One thing that I would change about AACC would be how un-racially diverse the school is. I would like to see a diversity in not only race, but also in culture.
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There are so many resources available that help every person. Teachers help you whenever you need it and the campus is beautiful. School work is challenging and hard but is good for learning and in the long run.
The professors care about their students, they go the extra mile to ensure that students understand concepts taught in class. The College is affordable.
I really enjoyed going to college hear. I took all online classes expect for two to receive by associates degree. The teachers were very nice and helpful and the information provide was informative and well thought out. I liked the structure of my classes and enjoyed the challenges faced in class.
All of the different locations and the flexibility of the classes. I also like all of the resources available to help you achieve your goals.
I love this school. There are so many events to go to or clubs to join. There's always something going on.
The campus was beautiful. I enjoyed walking from class to class because of the beautiful scenery. It is very evident that all the teachers are there because hey want to be and they enjoy teaching the classes.
The atmosphere here is very laid back. The faculty and staff are all there to assist you in every way they can, and there are many resources open to students. Often times professors will be more lenient with due dates than expected, and they are very encouraging and open to you coming and talking to them during office hours. Both English teachers I have had were fantastic, and I am looking forward to taking more classes with one of them in the future.
I really enjoy this college. The professors really help you succeed. There are so many ways to get involved and make friends. A lot of online class options. Parking and traffic can be bad so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to class.
I was always able to get support and helpful information in order to transfer out of AACC. My professors have always gave me helpful feedback on all of my school work and were available for questions.
What I like about my college is that it is a very friendly environment and everyone is out to help you in any way possible to see you succeed. really good teachers and and its a place where you would make friends easily!
It's a pretty good school. Campus is nice and pretty. The professors have been good, so far. I have no complains.
I love AACC because the tuition is affordable, and the campus is easy to navigate due to its smaller size. There are a lot of food options right on campus, and everyone is really friendly. I do wish there was more parking space offered though.
Anne Arundel Community college is a nice place to be.You will get a great academic experiences because most of the courses depend on the real world problem solving labs and the professors are so experienced in their academic education.The the college is smoke free and safe.The college is built from almost all races;Hispanic,white,black American,Asian American... So you can mix with this mixed school community easy.
Sidhatha Sem

All the professors that I have encountered at AACC seem to have a great desire to see their students to succeed. Never will I forget one semester in Bio 101 I realized halfway into the semester that I had an A within the class. I decided to skip three classes and later had failed the upcoming test. Surprisingly my professor noticed me in the hall, and had asked why I haven’t been coming to class. I had no excuses, but never would I have thought a professor who has countless students would bother with an individual. Such a small gesture leads me to realize if someone was willing to give up their time, i shouldn't abuse mine.
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Anne Arundel Community College is a great institution. The teachers are great; they work well with students and do everything in their power to ensure student success. The campus is always kept safe and clean. The overall atmosphere of the school is just great. Faculty and staff work together to create a positive, progressing campus.
My daughter attended this school for dual enrollment as a homeschooled student. I was very impressed with the smooth registration process and the array of options offered. Her instructors were helpful and the school grounds are clean.
The grounds are kept very well.The campus PD is very good and is accredited by IACLEA which is something that area Community Colleges typically do not have. Some of the campus PD officers are sworn AACo Certified Police Officers with arrest authority.There are patrols around campus fairly often, and there are call stations around. Help is usually easy to get if you need it.Academically, most classes that I have taken have been made very well and usually have a in-depth curriculum. Many of the professors are very well versed in their subject areas. This is especially true with regard to the computer science department. Most of the teachers know their topics and if asked a question that they cannot answer, they will usually make a point to find out within the next few class periods for the student.Most of the teachers in CSI department are very good at helping students with issues they may be having understanding course material.
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