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You have to learn to teach yourself a lot depending on the way your teacher manages their class. Be in contact with your teacher as soon as you have a question whether it's about your grade, assignment, etc.
When I transferred from a 4 year to AACC I was able to plan out my idea for what classes I wanted to take there and later transfer back to a 4 yr university.
It was terrible! Professors hardly communicated with us and took weeks to grade but still aissgned all the work and assignments despite being in the midst of a world pandemic.
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Overall great academics but terrible with assistance in class schedules. The campus is relatively large and the professors just depend on your luck!
AACC is such an amazing school, where everyone does everything they can to support you and your goals!
When we had to transfer online due to Covid-19, AACC made the change easy for us students. Though it was a learning experience, everyone did their best to make sure all students were comfortable.
Very Understanding and willing to help. Good environment, good professors. A nice, cheap alternative or start before a four-year
Great college. Flexible. Cheap classes. Good campus, good professors. A nice, cheap alternative or start before a four-year
The online world at AACC is excellent. I'm not very good with technology, but they make it insanely easy to take classes online.
It is a beautiful campus with amazing professors. I went there for some college classes while still in high school and it was an amazing transition. Although, I would like to see more safety precautions and the parking is absolutely terrible. They must get a bigger parking lot.
I was really satisfied with my time at AACC. I was able to join the ECAP program to earn college credits as a high school student. The campus is very inclusive and there are many amenities to meet the needs of students from all different backgrounds. I only wish that the campus life was more prominent at the school as it is hard to get involved sometimes. Joining a club on campus definitely helped for me.
The online learning environment at AACC is a harsh change for students who are used to in person classes. While the format of the online classes made it difficult to keep track of assignments, professors were very gracious and helpful given the current circumstance.
A great start into how colleges are, in regards to grading, classes, and general education. There's a health room and bookstore on campus. There is a Chick-Fil-A and Subway on opposite sides of the campus. Several career options.
Online classes are easy to adjust to when you have the right teachers to introduce you to the courses. Books are often given to you by the teachers. Easy to submit assignments.
It's easy to do classwork online in the comfort of your home. They also offer online classes for that reason too.
It's close to home and it's a community college that would help you transfer to a university in two years.
I was very pleased with my college experience at this college. At first I was very nervous about starting my college career but the professors at this school made this transition easy. I would recommend this school to anyone. I am glad that I graduated with my associates from this school.
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While taking an online class I enjoyed interacting with my professors and peers. Online classes are easy to keep up with because you are able to manage your time wisely and do the work on your own time. Although you have to teach yourself in online classes I enjoy them because I can manage my time between my campus classes.
I came to this college for the culinary program. This college is only about money I got a c in one class one year they suspended my financial aid and say I have to pay for 6 or 12 credits before I’m eligible again. They make you take all these Unnecessary classes to get some money off you I transfer to an actual culinary school in Baltimore city and it’s they let you focus more on your degree then the Other classes and it’s way cheaper.
Anne Arundel Community College contains incredible professors. They always have ample knowledge of the subject they are teaching which is a characteristic of all professors; however, what sets them apart is the joy found in teaching their students.
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