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Seemed to transition okay to online learning considering it being so all of a sudden but didn't manage it that well
Overall the campus is nice, tucked away private. Safe to walk at night. Dorms aren't that nice and the food isn't that good but as for learning I can't complain much. The professors seem to care about the students and are very helpful as long as they put in the effort to get help.
Very engaging and still a friendly community online. The environment that was on campus was brought directly to online to help smooth out the transition to online learning.
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It was a great experience and I would recommend to other people as well. There are many good aspects that the school has to make the on campus experience an enjoyable one.
Mostly just paper assignments were assigned and submitted through an online portal. As long as you did it on time and put a little effort you did well
You get out what you put in academically. Socially it’s like high school everyone try’s to know you business and you have your click groups.
When Anna Maria transitioned to online learning this spring semester, not only did my professors email me, but my advisors did as well. My advisors wanted to make sure that students were not overwhelmed with the workload online because even though we were home, they did not want us sitting in front of the computer screen for the entire day. My professors set up weekly zoom meetings that were personal but still academically focused. They wanted to make sure that we were handling their workload without being stressed with the situations in the world.
Anna Maria College is a small private school in Paxton, Massachusetts. The small tight-knit community is welcoming and feels like home. All of the professors want you to achieve your goals and are always willing to provide advice in the career path you are choosing. My advisors are amazing and consistently reach out throughout the course of the semester to "check-in" and make sure I am trying my best in all my classes. My professors are challenging, yet understanding of the workload of other classes. The Student Success Center is by far my favorite place on campus because there are tutors who have taken the classes you are struggling in and they are willing to help you.
The online experience is not like being on campus. It is still being worked out in the school. It has a fair bit to go. But the professors are learning quickly and working with students. Anna Maria is a very communal school and online learning doesn't aid that factor.
Anna Maria College is a very communal college with professors part of that community. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who won't help you if you are struggling with a subject, whether it is in the student success center or another one of your peers. The professors also are helpful, most try to make accommodations for students and work with them to make the best learning environment they can.
Decent online undergraduate education in Fire Science. All of the professors were knowledgable because the worked in the field, however this meant they weren't all the best at being professors.
If you want to become depressed and anxiety ridden come to Anna Maria. Awful school and most of the nursing professors are rude and non supportive. I really from the bottom of my heart urge you to not go to this school. I will regret my decision to attend this school for the rest of my life, but I transferred and am so much happier. The main problem is that this school wants you to fail and actually sets you up to fail! Studying 14 chapters for one nursing test is insane. Don’t come here!!!! There are way better schools out there that actually care about you holistically. At Anna Maria I felt like I was just a number.
So far, my experience at Anna Maria College has been very positive. I have learned so much in just my first semester, and the atmosphere of the school community is very welcoming and safe. I look forward to completing the rest of my four years at this school.
Anna Maria is a very small school which is why I love it. The classes are small and the campus is easy to navigate.
I am a college student at Anna Maria College. I am in my junior year and I’ve played football since freshman year. I have had a good experience living on campus as well.
The small classroom sizes make it easier for the teachers to interact with us. The professors are good with communicating and making sure you have everything you need to succeed.
Anna Maria College is a wonderful school. The teachers are very understanding, and cater towards their students. All of the professors go out of their way, to help any student who is in need of help. If you are struggling in a class, most professors would be glad to help. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is particularly interested in studying music therapy. The music therapy program is intensive, but prepares you well when you go into your clinical practicum placements.
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Anna Maria College is a great community of learning and practice. A community with great faculty and staff support, and student relationships. The academics go beyond lectures, with great integration of real life practice – which overall will prepare a student to be equipped with relevant knowledge and experience to fit in 21st century work force.
There could better school transportation, cleaning system, and food services. The transportation that they provide doesn't even show up on the weekend to take people to malls and the one day in the week that it comes for the mall is later in the day and never shows up as well. The shuttle only comes for taking people to the train station.
very small school, not much to do on campus. good if you have a good group go friends. dorms are kind of gross saint Anns is very nice but you'll only get in if junior or senior. classes are really easy or wicked hard.
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