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My experience wasn't that great. I came in late, I came in the spring semester. So I had trouble making friends since everyone made friends in the fall semester. I spent most of my days trapped inside my room because there was literally nothing to do on campus. But academic wise, I did well. I liked my classes. The professors were overall good but not great. Most of them didn't even know my name but I passed and thats what matters. I had to transfer to another school because my experience with Anna Maria just wasn't great. I didn't like it. The alumni was good to me and resources like tutoring were there and useful. So overall the school was average.
Anna Maria had helped me to solidify what I want to do with my future. Before I came to Anna Maria I had ideas for what I would like to do, by Anna Maria has helped my to solidify that I am supposed to be a cop and serve and protect the communities that I will get the chance to serve. College has been one of my biggest dreams, but there are a lot of side issues with coming to a school like Anna Maria. Stemming from a broken home and just being raised by a single mother, I don't have the financial opportunity to pay for school in big chunks nor pay it in full like some students I know. Scholarships are a big deal to me and my family and help me relieve stress from not only myself, but from my caring mother. Any scholarship counts and any scholarship that I am awarded I have forever been thankful for. Each scholarship gives me the opportunity to stay at a school like Anna Maria.
Anna Maria College is excellent for an education. The classes and workload are manageable. There is a great sense of community on campus and student life works hard to create events for student to enjoy. However, there is a lack of advertising for the events. Only downfall of a small community is that everyone knows everyones business.
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Overall, it is an ok school. There are some classes where I have grown as a student, and there are others where I feel that I haven't learned anything.
Amazing school. the campus is small, but everything here is clean, everyone is kind, its very easy to get involved on campus and its fun to be involved! wide variety of clubs, sports, and activities. great game nights and floor programs whether its with an RA or the office of Residence life! come visit i promise you'll find this place to be great.
Small campus where all students are friendly and roommates are easy to find and get along with. Dorms are some great and new while others are okay and old. Rooms are medium to large, having two, four or six students. The common areas are well kept and useful for relaxing and getting together. The student success center is a plus for every student. All the classes I need extra help in it was easy to find a student tutor and to find study groups for finals and exams. As an athlete we have study groups for each sport and extra time to find help with all subjects.
Professors want you to succeed for the most part
It's okay I just don't think its for me
Police is located on campus
The freshman dorm sucks but St. Anne's is nice
No one attends events but that partly due to the fact we don't win many games
It's a very small school where kids still act as if their in high school.
Usually, you would see people in their own groups. It's usually the same people hanging out with each other! The school had diversity week so everyone could come together. However, not many people attended! We all are our own person with different backgrounds, beliefs, views, and religions. The students are friendly to others. We pretty much do our own things.
Drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana are strictly prohibited and will result in a fine and community service. It's not accepted on campus. People don't really peer pressure anyone. It's college so students are going to do it and have fun regardless. The students are just sneaky about it but there are consequences to face. The RA's and RD's job is to help and protect the students. They often walk around and check the hallways/rooms.
Everything is great. The professors would help the students get internships so they can get a good feel of the field they are in! Everyone has to earn a position in everything. I agree that if a person works hard enough, then that person should be rewarded and the staff agree with this rule. The quality of employers recruiting on campus is a great one in my opinion. The services on campus are outstanding. They offer tutors to those who need extra help! There are a few great places on campus to study. The staff/faculty are very friendly and they do their very best. There are great services there. The food is not that bad. There's a mailroom. The campus police would give any service. Overall, the quality of the school is a good one and I would recommend anybody to enroll at Anna Maria.
The professors I had were very knowledgeable and they would do anything to help their students succeed. I love how much they care for the students. They are passionate about their jobs and would answer any question that is asked.
The Health Services building wants the health records from every student because the staff care and are concern for the students. There's Public Safety on campus. The police officers are always checking the campus making sure it's safe. They're always watching on the cameras and will show up anywhere on campus of there's need of assistance. Sometimes the police officers would open the students' room door because they're locked out. They would help anyone who needs to go to the hospital or who is in danger. It's usually quiet and peaceful at AMC if there's no one making loud noises. AMC is very safe and it's easier to look after because it's small.
Review Anna Maria College
I'm currently live on campus. After my first year, I saw the maids working so hard to keep it clean and nice but people have to make it messy. It's something uncontrollable. I always cleanup after myself. Overall, it was pretty clean and a pleasant environment. The resident life was a great experience. It gave me more leadership skills, more freedom and more independence. It's good to live on campus because you get to see how it's like on campus. You're more close to the people living on campus. The dorm can be decorated in any way. There are no rules besides having respect and to be quiet during quiet hours. There are RA's to help you and to make sure everything is safe. There's public safety on campus which is good to have. It's honestly fun to live on campus because you get to hang out with your friends there and know how it's like to be responsible being away from home. It can be a distraction though. The students want to hang out with other people all the time. Get your work done first. That's the main focus.
Anna Maria is not a party school. We don't get into the Greek Life. At least not many people do. It's a private small school that doesn't have sorority and faternity. Of course there would be a party here and there but they're usually small parties on campus. Sometimes people go some place else to party where there's more people and space. To me, Anna Maria is a peaceful place of there's not a person blasting music or making loud noises.
I finished my first year of college and have gone through so much. I made a lot of friends. Some of them are very understanding and like to be there for me. However, some are not. Some students are less social and make unnecessary comments that could hurt a person's feelings. There's always going to be some type of drama in any place a person would go. During college, I realized that certain opinions shouldn't matter and get in the way of my destination. There are so many great students, professors and staff there. My college is a small community and the relationships among people are closer than any other college. In a way you could say we're just one family. I say that because we all know each other and there's no problem of saying hi. I got a great feel on how the school work is like too. I knew before my freshman year that there was going to be a lot of work, studying and essays to do. I put aside my fear, and done it. I've written so many essays and I've studied so hard throughout one year. I stayed up late to the point where I had to force myself to stay up. I know I'm not the only one. My biggest problem, as well as others, is that I procrastinate. I have to manage my time appropriately which I will next semester because I know how it's like. I was tired all the time and I didn't get enough sleep most of the time. I managed to get every work done on time though but it was through the hard way. The essays didn't help, especially the 4+ pages. I'm already a slow essay writer. I take my time and look over so many times to make sure it doesn't sound bad. It's honestly not that bad if you really set your mind to it. What gets me going is the support I receive from the community and playing soccer. I experienced playing college soccer and it's so much different from High School but I was preparing for it. I knew there was going to be a lot more running and focus. I've grown to love soccer and after playing, I love it even more. It's great and safe place to go!
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