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The small classroom sizes make it easier for the teachers to interact with us. The professors are good with communicating and making sure you have everything you need to succeed.
Anna Maria College is a wonderful school. The teachers are very understanding, and cater towards their students. All of the professors go out of their way, to help any student who is in need of help. If you are struggling in a class, most professors would be glad to help. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is particularly interested in studying music therapy. The music therapy program is intensive, but prepares you well when you go into your clinical practicum placements.
Anna Maria College is a great community of learning and practice. A community with great faculty and staff support, and student relationships. The academics go beyond lectures, with great integration of real life practice – which overall will prepare a student to be equipped with relevant knowledge and experience to fit in 21st century work force.
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There could better school transportation, cleaning system, and food services. The transportation that they provide doesn't even show up on the weekend to take people to malls and the one day in the week that it comes for the mall is later in the day and never shows up as well. The shuttle only comes for taking people to the train station.
very small school, not much to do on campus. good if you have a good group go friends. dorms are kind of gross saint Anns is very nice but you'll only get in if junior or senior. classes are really easy or wicked hard.
The nursing program at this school is horrible. One professor (not naming names) told me to my face when I was really struggling (with a learning disability) that I would never be a great nurse. I worked my butt off, went to extra help, etc. The teachers just do not support you, THEY WANT YOU TO FAIL!!! SO MESSED UP!!! I take responsibility for my learning- but the atmosphere here is just toxic. The tutoring is awful- they have no experience working with students who struggle every day with learning disabilities. I am now at another nursing program and am SO much happier. The NCLEX rate at my new school is awesome, and the professors care and actually treat me like a human. Thank you AMC nursing faculty for teaching me what I do not want to become. I am happy I went to another school, since I would honestly be afraid to become a nurse from your program. I can't wait to be a great nurse from a nursing program that CARES and SUPPORTS me!!!
I am excited to attend Anna Maria College. They make sure to make their incoming students feel welcome, even if it is just by their acceptance letter package. Their teacher to student ratio is very telling by their school demographics.
I absolutely love my school and the diversity within the students and staff. Everyone here will go to the ends of the earth to make sure that your experience and academics are as good as possible.
I love Anna Maria College so very much! It is truly a community where people are friendly and service-oriented. I have felt most comfortable being who I truly am here and I know that others do, as well. Yes, it is a college founded by the catholic Sisters of Saint Anne, but all are welcome here. I have been inspired by the campus ministry director who invites all to be who they are and practice what they believe even at religious-based celebrations. Oh, and the campus grounds are so beautiful and peaceful. I have always felt safe walking around the whole campus, including in the nature that surrounds the campus, even in the night. Be sure to visit the pond near the back in between classes.
I visited Anna Maria as a guest, and someone who is about to graduate high school. I really like how there is availability to develop a relationship with the professors due to the small class sizes. I also enjoy how close everyone usually is and how it is a perfect sized school. This school to me is really different from other state schools. It's not overwhelmingly large and it seems very peaceful.
Anna maria college is a small school, easy to get around and make friends. Making friends is easy and the classes sizes are small, a lot of one on ones with the professors.
I have yet to take a class with this school but the enrolling process has been very easy. They are willing to do whatever they can to make the process as simple as possible for you
This is a very small campus. One good thing about it is everything is in walking distance. So especially with it being in the small town of Worcester in the winter, nothing is more than a 5 minute walk. The food is okay. Professors are great, they are willing to accommodate to your needs which is great. Because of this school being such a small campus, the faculty is willing to get to know everyone on a personal basis. Although, there is a lack of clubs. The sports teams are decent but could be better. This school is also very pricey, so plan on applying for a number of scholarships.
The community , the activities and the type of environment that’s provided . People around you are very kind and supportive
I am a nursing student and I know that nursing school isn't easy, but I also know that professors shouldn't want their students to fail either. When it comes to certain classes such as anatomy and chemistry the school itself knows how much students struggle and have a hard time yet they still do not provide enough help in the student success center. Also, they do not have the same regulations for everyone. There is an older lady I know, she got kicked out of the program because she had failed a class yet another girl failed anatomy and chemistry and is still in the nursing program. They treat each individual differently and tell them different things, which is not fair. There are specific teachers who fail many students every semester yet the school doesn't see it as a problem with the teacher they see it as a problem with the students, when that teacher has humiliated girls in class such as calling a girl fat simply because her lab coat did not fit, she is nowhere near fat.
My experience wasn't that great. I came in late, I came in the spring semester. So I had trouble making friends since everyone made friends in the fall semester. I spent most of my days trapped inside my room because there was literally nothing to do on campus. But academic wise, I did well. I liked my classes. The professors were overall good but not great. Most of them didn't even know my name but I passed and thats what matters. I had to transfer to another school because my experience with Anna Maria just wasn't great. I didn't like it. The alumni was good to me and resources like tutoring were there and useful. So overall the school was average.
Anna Maria had helped me to solidify what I want to do with my future. Before I came to Anna Maria I had ideas for what I would like to do, by Anna Maria has helped my to solidify that I am supposed to be a cop and serve and protect the communities that I will get the chance to serve. College has been one of my biggest dreams, but there are a lot of side issues with coming to a school like Anna Maria. Stemming from a broken home and just being raised by a single mother, I don't have the financial opportunity to pay for school in big chunks nor pay it in full like some students I know. Scholarships are a big deal to me and my family and help me relieve stress from not only myself, but from my caring mother. Any scholarship counts and any scholarship that I am awarded I have forever been thankful for. Each scholarship gives me the opportunity to stay at a school like Anna Maria.
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Anna Maria College is excellent for an education. The classes and workload are manageable. There is a great sense of community on campus and student life works hard to create events for student to enjoy. However, there is a lack of advertising for the events. Only downfall of a small community is that everyone knows everyones business.
Overall, it is an ok school. There are some classes where I have grown as a student, and there are others where I feel that I haven't learned anything.
Amazing school. the campus is small, but everything here is clean, everyone is kind, its very easy to get involved on campus and its fun to be involved! wide variety of clubs, sports, and activities. great game nights and floor programs whether its with an RA or the office of Residence life! come visit i promise you'll find this place to be great.
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