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So far here at Angelo State University i have enjoyed my experience. This is my first year and I was nervous, I went to my first class and it wasn't bad my professor was very nice and made sure that we understood what we were going to be doing for the semester. All my other professors were the same way, they are very nice and make sure that you have and understand everything. I am now comfortable here at ASU, all the staff are friendly. The students are friendly and I love that you can go to centers like the writing center or the math lab and you can go and check you work or if you are having trouble the people there will help you better understand how to work the problem out. I love coming to ASU because i know that if I need help I can always go to my professors or to the writing center to get help, and that I will always be safe here on campus.
I like Angelo State University because it has a good price range and I hear that their tennis program is new but also growing pretty fast
I like how involved the faculty and students are among one another, and how festive the entire campus Is when it comes too cheering on the school. I wouldn't change a thing on this campus, other than parking.
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I believe Angelo State University is a lovely college that treats everyone as one and the same -family per say-. Teachers looked out for you, the extra mile was taken when it came with your opinion, one on one help was there from tutors and so on. However the location of the college wasn't in my favor. The college is located in the middle of nowhere which made it difficult for me to get certain things that were needed. For example: My phone broke while there and I was without a phone at college for nearly three months because the nearest Apple store was three hours away. I found that with my time there quite a few creeps lurked on campus and had me fearing for my safety at times also. But Angelo State overall will be an ideal college that I would love it was in a different location.
Angelo State University is a great college because you have the opportunity to personally know your professors. They are also very nice and understanding and are willing to give chances for the betterment of our education. Learning is a great experience and I am always excited to come back the following semester. The community and all the groups in Angelo State are friendly and inviting too. Great people looking for great experiences to share with others. Security here is super quick and seems like they never lack, which makes everyone feel safe. If there were one thing that I would change about Angelo State, it would be to spread out the word even more. Here at Angelo State you get an excellent education for a great price and they offer you aid to help you out financially. It is a great college and I would definitely recommend it to all of my friends.
I loved the class sizes and student to teacher ratios. The campus itself is also very nice with a great workout facility and a variety of nice dorms. I found Angelo State affordable and a good quality education.
The environment is very warming there is nice individuals everywhere. The staff helps greatly with all issues.
The best thing about Angelo State University is its overall affordability. They are an elite higher education establishment that is available to anyone willing to apply. The university goes above and beyond by offering the CARR scholarship to any student who takes an ACT or SAT, and based on their reported score they'll be offered a scholarship. That alone is enough to make any student contemplating a public university to at least apply. The location in San Angelo, TX is great as well. It is a historic metro-area in beautiful West Texas with plenty of activities to keep any college student busy during the week and on weekends. Angelo State is growing as well they have recently broke 10,000 students enrolled which is a major accomplishment for any NCAA Division II school. Overall, I can't recommend Angelo State University to anyone and everyone because they make everyone feel like someone!
Angelo State University is an amazing university to attend. Not only do they offer amazing scholarships, but they're overall tuition isn't expensive to begin with! Tuition range from $10,000-$15,000, way less than other competitive colleges. The university's acceptance rate is 75%.
Angelo State has been overall a very welcoming college to me during my time. They were very helpful during orientation and throughout the entire process of me having to figure out what to do once i was accepted.
Angelo is a great school and I love it. If you wanna have a great opportunity to get a full one on one education with your teachers Angelo is the place it’s a small town where you’ll get to know a lot of people.
Angelo State University has a terrific way of preparing its students for the real world. The class sizes are not too large but big enough to provide great opportunity to meet people with similar goals.
What I love about ASU is that the campus isn't to close from home but its far enough away for me to have the best fresh start to pursue my career
There are challenging and unchallenging classes but more classes are challenging than not. The dorms are nice and modern. There are a lot of help with financial hardship. The thing that you should know is that you pay for a lot of services so make sure you make use of them!
Classes were small and professors were very helpful—there doors were always open. The park-like atmosphere of the campus made it easy to make friends and stay active.
Angelo State University is an awesome school. Here at ASU, we attend classes in state of the art facilities. The professors I've had so far have been phenomenal teachers. I give ASU a 10/10 rating!
I believe it is a great university. The staff is very welcoming and will always be there for you. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and succeed.
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I have been to ASU numerous times and have been fascinated by what I saw. I can't wait to go to college there because I know that I will have a lot of fun and that I will make a lot of new friends. I want to make sure that I get the experience of a lifetime.
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The university is beautiful! It has a strong sense of community to where you never have to feel like you are alone or left out. Even if you like to be on your own more, you will always have someone to lean on whether it be you r classmates or the faculty and staff. The city is amazing as well. It is not too big or too small. It has just the right amount of entertainment that a college student might like to do. While west Texas climate might not be all that great, San Angelo is located in a great part of the state to where you are not too far from anything!