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An amazing school with plenty of guidance to serve you everyday! The college has an "Open Door" policy that restricts professors from hiding in there offices when a student is in need.
Angelo State University constantly has something for students to do and be involved in. Homecoming week, football season, and even spring jam are all just some of the many reasons why I'm glad I chose Angelo State!
Everyone is super friendly & the classes are a decent size! The professors take their job very seriously. There could be more events that were more inclusive of everyone, but overall there is lots of activities to do! There is also a ton of job opportunities on campus, which will work with your school schedule.
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Angelo is where I live and the school has always been pretty active in the community so I've been able to check it out even before getting accepted so I could see what I was getting. Plus I have friends and family who have told me and showed me how great the professors are when it comes to what they do.
What I like about Angelo State University is that there is some much diversity, and the professors and staff are very kind. Honestly, there isn't anything that I'd change about Angelo State University.
Angelo State University (ASU) is committed to student excellence. I joined ASU in the Fall of 2017 as a transfer student from Houston Community College. Since then, I have come to appreciate the quality that ASU possesses. For a student who lived in Houston, one of the big cities in Texas, coming to San Angelo was an eye-opener for me. ASU just opened the Nursing-program new building with so many state-of-the-art facilities to train students to become registered nurses. I feel so honored to be a part of this new development in the school. The instructors are the best and they teach in ways that make you think on your feet, with critical thinking and in line with evidence-based practice.
I loved the atmosphere of the campus. The staff and students on campus were extremely friendly. The campus is very pretty. It has everything I would want in a college campus.
I have enjoyed my time so far at Angelo State, students are nice and very friendly. I feel like I fit in well here, academic wise I feel teachers care and they want us to succeed. I know I will love my next 3 years here!
I visited Angelo State University a couple months ago and I fell in love with it. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming when I stepped on campus. I enjoyed the vibe and the tours that they took us around. The CAF food was pretty good too tbh, considering the price you pay to eat anything you want.
I'm new here but I would love to see more social campus events, they have had a few and I enjoyed myself. I have easily made friends here so I can at least say people are friendly here, with the exception of driving. We are located in west Texas so there is just a lot of plains, nothing really to do here. Regarding the demographics on campus we have a heavy White and Latino population with most of our foreign students being from an Asian country. Dorms are great here, I am in the cheapest dorm yet it has carpet, bathroom, microwave, mini fridge, desks, and air conditioner. The professors are excellent, really nice and helpful.
Angelo State University has provided me with the ability to meet people of different backgrounds and ethnicities. Before coming to Angelo State University, I lived in a town that was not very diverse. However, after enrolling into Angelo State University, I made friends whom I would have never spoken to in High school. At any rate, Angelo State University encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and to meet great people.
Angelo State University is a great school for students looking to benefit themselves, and receive the best education possible.
What I like about Angelo State University is that the education here is challenging. You will learn in classes whether you like them or not. The professors here are passionate about their job and are very helpful towards students. There is also a variety of clubs you can join, and it could be anything that you are interested in. The overall education of the school meets high expectations. Another reason as to why I like Angelo State University is because there are academic scholarships that are based off your GPA. Angelo State University is a good choice to go to if you do not have the finances to go to other colleges. There are some downsides. The university's food is not so great sometimes. The area of San Angelo, Texas is not as interesting and can be very boring. Those are the only two downsides here at Angelo State University. Overall, good education and faculty here.
I love how close knit students are able to be with their professors and other students due to the ratio of student to professor. Angelo State is always having tons of on campus events which helps tremendously when you're looking for something to do or new friends!
My time at Angelo State University has been filled with great teachers, good friends, and hard work. What I like about ASU includes my professors & the minimal proximity of the campus, making keeping in touch with my friends, simple.
I really enjoy how everyone cares about you here. Almost every single professor wants to see you succeed. I do wish that they make more parking spots though.
The experience that I gain from Angelo State University was quite impressive, due to the learning environment and the professor putting effort into their teaching styles. The setting of this particular university seems conjoint with mother nature and the city, while the university itself is actually quite calm and reverse. Civilian life is thoroughly peaceful in the majority of the area even within the university.
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I enjoy the challenging mix of theory and application provided in the physical therapy program. The professors skillfully blend their real life experiences with what research suggests, in accordance with challenging the students to search for their own answers for the most successful intervention.
I enjoyed the overall atmosphere of the University. The security of the campus was rather impressive but my favorite part of the experience had to have been the members of the university staff. They were all very respectful, pleasant, and very helpful.
It is a great, small, university that is growing rapidly. I enjoy the diversity that has been increasing over the years and I don't mind the seven hour drive to get there at all. It's a very calm, lazy college town that gives you a break from school when you need it.
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