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Angelo State University is a great school because it's not to big or too small. Has just the right feel that a college person should experience. Very nice people and very welcomed here.
I personally like Angelo State University, because they provide a great sense of education and life lessons. Each professor that I have encountered are truly their to help you through classes and also real life circumstances. Also, the campus is very diverse and most of the student body is very social, interactive, and have plenty school pride. Last but not least, Angelo State has a very good track record of graduating students who immediately have a job/career and become successful in the work force.
I love angelo state. The staff and professors care about you and your grades. Would not change a thing.
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I went about a month ago and i really enjoyed the environment with all of the other students. I took a tour of the campus with a friend and he showed me where everything was. The campus is based on a mile long strip that has all of the needed building for learning.
I enjoy Angelo State for the environment, everyone on campus is so friendly. There is never a dull moment, there is always something going on. One of the best experiences of my life.
I love that there are 2 coffee shops on site. The majority of my professors are very helpful and willing to spend time with students if they ask. There are many activities to be a part of. The parking is still satisfactory, but that may change as the school grows.
Angelo State has teachers who try to build a culture of student oriented teaching. They will always meet with you and help you when you need it.
The school is small and you get a good connection with all the people around. The professors get to know you really good because the school is not too big. The only thing they could improve more is the quality of the food.
I cannot speak high enough of this school, it is fantastic. Small enough but yet theres still 10,000 kids here so there is always an oportunity to meet someone new. The professors are incredible and care so much. I am not over exaggerating at all, its well worth 5 stars.
Angelo State is an amazing place to study. The professors are very helpful and know how to do their job well. There are a ton of different student activities to get involved in as well as clubs, intramural sports, etc. The tuition at ASU is fairly cheap to most universities. The housing on campus isn't your typical dorm life, its so much better!
Very diverse campus, you will meet many different people. Has a nice atmosphere and decent class sizes (you will not be overwhelmed if you come from a small high school or town).
I love attending Angelo State University. The town is just the perfect size for me and it is just a friendly environment to live.
Angelo State University is a nice 4 year university where you meet many people that can turn into lifelong friendships.
Angelo is a great university to start off at. It is an affordable institution with diversity and excellent professors. They are patient and push you to do your best. The campus is clean and easy to navigate as well ,I would recommend this university to anyone.
The small state school has exceptional campus facilities with a concise and systematic lay out making it very easy to move around campus. From my personal experience, the faculty hired represent the standards of a state university.
ASU is a pretty good school. The teachers here really care for you and actually want to see you succeed, not to just fail their class.
I loved the diversity with Angelo State University. I loved the size of the campus and the food was not all that bad. The dorms were decent to live in, although it was like living in a hotel room.
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The campus size is perfect. It's one of the things I love most about ASU. Small enough to schedule classes back to back, but large enough to have some breathing room.
I absolutely love this college. It has been a lot of fun in my first year. The people are awesome and the town is pretty nice too! I would definitely recommend going here. It is very affordable as well.
Amazing staff on campus and very a friendly community. School is also very affordable. I will definitely be recommending this school to my high school friends.
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