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I am a freshman at Angelo State University, and I have to say that i absolutely love it here! At first I was not really sure if I was going to like it or not because it is quite smaller compared to other universities. I realise now that I love it because it is a smaller campus. It is easier to connect with your professors in a small classroom. The staff here is really helpful and super nice! Go Rams!!
Since we are in the middle of a pandemic, most classes have been moved online. The teachers make sure everyone gets the materials they need for that class. The professors are really good about grading, tests, etc.
I am currently taking one class online, which is a Human Biology Lab -- But the professor makes sure to make me feel like I am apart of a class by explaining things or answering any questions I have on the subject matter.
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What I honestly love about Angelo state University is how beautiful the campus is, it's a luscious green and full of life which is amazing for the San Angelo Area. I also love how interactive groups and professors are as a whole.
Great School at a great price, great programs, great services, great student activities, great campus, food is questionable at times. The dorms are also great, with no community bathrooms.
Professors are available to help students whenever needed, must stay on top of work to succeed. Overall a good experience.
I transferred to ASU in the fall of 2019. From the beginning I felt welcomed, my professors pushed me and helped me when I felt stuck. My peers as well. The staff helps so much, not just the professors, but the people in admissions, the president and the landscape people. I know I chose the right college finally. And I can say I am happy with my choice, go Rams!
The only time I had taken online classes was due to Covid. My professors were so understanding with the circumstances and helped us in anyway possible. I never felt behind or stressed because I knew I could email them and hear back within the hour about anything that’s a head scratcher. I’m thankful due to this.
Angelo State University has a terrible on campus housing program. The roommate matching service is a joke. I like to keep the room cold and my roommate likes it hot. It’s one simple request that I wanted a roommate who likes it cold. Another problem I had was during the COVID pandemic I stayed on for summer housing and instead of keeping students safe and allowing them to have one or 2 people per room they cram them to full capacity. They do not care about you they only want your money.
I have taken online classes for 2 semesters and to sum it up they are awful. The professors do not post lecture recording or any form of teaching. They expect you to read the whole textbook and teach yourself.
I love Angelo State, its affordable with great programs. Life at ASU is awesome. I wouldn't change a thing about ASU.
I like the pace of the online classes offered at Angelo State. I can pass these classes very well and they're not too difficult but not too easy either.
The professors were all wonderful and were always there to help out any student who would ask. I recall that my first semester I was very nervous and somewhat sad most of the time, and so I went to the University's health clinic and they helped me move on with my college experience.
I very much enjoyed the online classes, they were quick yet informative and made learning at my own pace a very interesting experience rather than it being dull as I expected it would be.
Classes got moved online when covid 19 hit and it was absolutely awful to try and keep up with my classes. I ended up dropping all but one class because I was so overwhelmed. I took an 8 week course and the instructor was just downright unbearable and kind of rude. She also did not notify about any changes, and took forever to post grades
I cannot speak for anyone else at this campus, but in my opinion, Angelo state is not a good school. I felt very uncomfortable in all of my classes. The instructors did not seem very approachable, advising was a nightmare and parking was even more so a nightmare. It is an overwhelmingly large campus for such a small town. Everything is spread out in a very weird way. Faculty and staff are less than willing to help with anything. Be careful where you park or you'll get a ticket even if you're in your assigned area.
I cannot speak from experience of taking online courses at Angelo State University, However I believe that the university would be able to provide exceptional resources and support to their online student community.
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Angelo State University is an amazing university that provides its student with tremendous amounts of resources and support. The atmosphere at the university is very diverse and brings an extraordinary experience to get to know others from different cultures, locations and beliefs.
I would highly recommend Angelo State. From an academic perspective, the professors loved teaching. They truly cared about their students and were readily available to explain course material, write letters of recommendation and serve as mentors for research projects. These professors, paired with the small class sizes, pave the way for an excellent education. Angelo is also ideal for students who are interested in studying abroad. Not only do these opportunities exist, but students can also experience other cultures while still on campus due to the large exchange student population. All of this comes at a reasonable cost. Not only are tuition and fees relatively low, but Angelo offers incredible scholarship opportunities. The Carr Scholarship program, which automatically qualifies students for scholarships based on their SAT/ACT scores, helps to make Angelo State an affordable option for students. From an academic, cultural and financial perspective Angelo is an excellent choice.
I took two classes online during my time at Angelo. The instructors were helpful, the grading timely and the assignments reasonable. The only reason I would rate it as average is because the discussion board posts of my fellow students for these particular courses did not often provide much substance for discussion or meet the standards listed in the course syllabi.
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