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My experience was ok, I didn’t do much but if I did my experience would have been different. Great school, good environment, good people.
I liked how small and comfortable the campus feels; it is not too big but big enough to feel like a college. Also, the people are extremely amicable; people are usually happy or smiling all the time. The classes are not too difficult but are definitely challenging; it is important to keep up with work and classes, and the professors are always helpful.
My experience at Angelo State has been amazing. Students and staff have been nothing but kind and sweet towards everyone they encounter with on a daily basis.
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Really great college and friendly environment. The campus is alright and the dorms are also decent. I have made some good friends and also I have become friends with almost all my professors.
Angelo State has a big campus feel even though it isn't huge. It's in a decent size city that has everything I need, but it isn't so big that it's overwhelming. It's safe and fun at the same time. I liked my professors and felt like they cared about my success.
It is a great school in a small town that is full of friendly people. Professors and community members are very invested with the students in the school. The only potential disadvantage is that the school is relatively small in size as a result, the amount of networking one could do is limited.
I love Angelo State University. The professors truly care about their students. There are various resources that are helpful for students.
REALLY WANT TO GO HAVE HEARD GREAT THINGS FROM STUDENTS WHO GO THERE AND FROM FAMILY MEMBERS, GREAT BAND AND FOOTBALL TEAM ENJOYED THE SMALL CLASSES, and enjoy hopefully being able to go to enjoy new things and new experiences with others and other people
Angelo State University has a very diverse array of clubs and organizations, where anyone can find their niche.
I love this university and I'm proud to be a part of the Ram Fam. This school has professors that are very friendly and the care about your success here. The Ram Fam is like nothing else. It is made up of people from all different backgrounds that share a common identity - Angelo State Ram.
I love that even before I was officially a tident at Angelo State, the students and faculty had already made me feel like I belonged there. When I was touring the campus as a highschool student, students and professors alike offered their guidance to help me find a certain building and after they finished, said “welcome to ASU!”. I have never had an experience like that at any other college or university. I have never had a class larger than 150 students, so it was very easy finding my fit in my university. I am now a junior here at ASU, and since I am starting to take more classes specifically related to my degree, I have become fond of visiting my professors during their office hours, whether it be for advising, tutoring, or just talking. I love how even from senior year of highschool to now, three years into the university, the faculty and students have not changed in their welcoming, friendly ways, and I hope to be same when it comes to the times of frequent campus visits.
It is a great environment with many opportunities academically and socially. A very open and fun experience for a small town college!
I really liked that Angelo State was small enough to go from class to class, but the town was too small. There were no new things to try, but the school itself was enjoyable.
It’s my third day here and I’ve uet to have any problems and the people are friendly and approachable this is all great for a freshman
Boring boring boring. The only thing worth my time was Rambelle Rugby. Classes were decent professors were alright. I can’t really say anything bad about the academics themselves that was alright but living on campus in San Angelo is like living in a box. There’s nothing to do and nowhere to go. I’m from San Antonio so if small town boring nothing to do is your scene than go ahead. Couldn’t even throw a party without cops getting called at 11pm for noise complaint. Wasn’t even loud. Parties were lame. Extra curriculars were lame. Student life was lame. Cafeteria food was lame. Better plan on buying food at Chick-fil-A on campus. Not diverse at all. Lots of southern ignorance if you catch my drift. All in all rugby was cool, the most expensive dorms were nice. That’s it. Not exactly a bang for your buck.
The professors are excellent they go above and beyond for those that are responsible and communicate effectively with them.
Angelo State is a pretty great place to be. Its small-school feel is often overshadowed by the amount of big city opportunities provided to the students. Many people complain about the food choices in San Angelo but there are so many all over the city that are easy to get to. One thing I do not recommend to others is coming here and joining a fraternity. They're mediocre at best but their egos reflect that of a top tier organization. It's quite cringey and the same goes for the sororities. Overall, ASU is a pretty great school
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Angelo State University has provided me with an excellent academic experience. I feel very prepared for my future careers, and well connected with professors and prominent members of the community.
I love Angelo State University! It is honestly my home away from home. When I arrived at Angelo State, I have to admit, I was nervous. I had just graduated from high school and didn't know if I would be able to survive on my own. Angelo State made it easier for me. The staff and students are very nice and really make you feel like a part of the Ram Fam as soon as you arrive. I am really glad I chose to attend this school and I plan to stay here the next three years.
I am duel credit student with Angelo State and they have treated me in a very professional way. All the students that are attending Angelo State only give me positive feedback about the atmosphere and people.
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