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Very diverse campus, you will meet many different people. Has a nice atmosphere and decent class sizes (you will not be overwhelmed if you come from a small high school or town).
I love attending Angelo State University. The town is just the perfect size for me and it is just a friendly environment to live.
Angelo State University is a nice 4 year university where you meet many people that can turn into lifelong friendships.
Review Angelo State University
Angelo is a great university to start off at. It is an affordable institution with diversity and excellent professors. They are patient and push you to do your best. The campus is clean and easy to navigate as well ,I would recommend this university to anyone.
The small state school has exceptional campus facilities with a concise and systematic lay out making it very easy to move around campus. From my personal experience, the faculty hired represent the standards of a state university.
ASU is a pretty good school. The teachers here really care for you and actually want to see you succeed, not to just fail their class.
I loved the diversity with Angelo State University. I loved the size of the campus and the food was not all that bad. The dorms were decent to live in, although it was like living in a hotel room.
The campus size is perfect. It's one of the things I love most about ASU. Small enough to schedule classes back to back, but large enough to have some breathing room.
I absolutely love this college. It has been a lot of fun in my first year. The people are awesome and the town is pretty nice too! I would definitely recommend going here. It is very affordable as well.
Amazing staff on campus and very a friendly community. School is also very affordable. I will definitely be recommending this school to my high school friends.
What I lover about this school is that they areally like your family. They teachers try their best to ensure that you do well in your classes and are very willing to help you. The facilities are great here and the school is also very beautiful and not to big.
I attended True Blue Friday at Angelo State and I am hooked! The campus is small and the atmosphere is that of one big family. The staff really seem to care and the guidance provided is outstanding.
Angelo has been my home away from home. The social environment here is wonderful and very helpful. Academics are typical college level, but most professors (depending on major) are nice.
I like Angelo State University because its campus size is not too big and it’s not too small. I think Angelo State has a great size campus. The professors are so nice and helpful as well as fellow students. Overall everyone is so helpful. I chose ASU because my goal is to become a nurse and ASU offers a great nursing program. Angelo is not too far away from home and I like that I can go back to visit whenever I can. Although Angelo is not my home I consider it a second home to me. The dorms are very nice and comfortable.
What I like about Angelo Stateis how close everything on campus is! Coming from a small town I was super nervous about the transition but, ASU was the best choice for me! I love it here and the professors are so helpful!
I chose Angelo State because of the close knit community, great academics, and beautiful campus! I am due to graduate in December and will he sad to leave, but proud to be a Ram!
ASU is a fun campus that has some great professors. There are all types of people, and if you look long and hard enough, you'll be able to find people that you connect with,
Review Angelo State University
I transferred from California to Texas blind. Meaning I did not come visit Texas or Angelo State before I made the choice to come here. However, it has been one of the best decisions I have made. From my dorm, meal plan, food, classes, and the people here. You get an unlimited meal plan for the same price or close to the same price as any other meal plan at another school. The options of food are endless and delicious and change everyday. The dorms are awesome and have enough space with a private bathroom. The facilities here are my favorite. The CHP is our gym and has every possible machine plus any thing else needed to workout (also an indoor running track). My classes are awesome and when you get to you major there are literally 12 people in your class and sometimes less! The teachers have been amazing so far along with the people here. They are so nice and inviting.
ASU is a small university and thats what I like about it. The class sizes are small and the professors are very easy to talk to. I am glad that I picked ASU for my first year of college.
About to start my second semester of college at ASU and I couldn't be more excited! In the first semester I was a little nervous about College since I had never been before.Angelo State University made me feel at home.All of the professors were nice and they encouraged you to go to their office hours to talk to them about your homework. They have a math lab if you struggle in Math there are tutors to help you.They also have a writing center to help you write better by suggesting what to write and how to fix your paper to your professors liking.We have Chick Fil A, Subway, Starbucks, A barbecue place that is the bomb, a wrap and soup place and a place called Revolution Noodle.Not to mention we also have a place called On The Go where you can pick up a snack if you are in a hurry to get to class and we have the Cafe for more dining.Overall Angelo State University is a great school,plus it is cheap! I would highly recommend coming here!
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