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the counselors are not helpful, but the overall school is amazing. They offer many diverse classes with very insightful teachers.
I love this college. I highly recommend it for the first 2 yrs of school because they do all they can to prepare you for University expectations. I started at an Angelina in 2008, and then transferred to Lamar where I earned Bachelors in Arts and Science. All of my classes transferred and I was prepared for all of my upper class coursework. When I decided I wanted to pursue Nursing as a career path, I went back to Angelina. I'm very happy with there program, and I'm confident with the transferability should I choose to advance my studies.
I like that its close to home and not in a big city area and a small campus to make it easy to navigate. something i would like to see change are the teachers. not all but only a few. constant complaints from students about one teacher needs to be addressed.
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Angelina College staff and professors are the friendliest people you will ever meet. Everyone that works there, there goal is to help you.
I liked the staff, everybody there was super into making me as comfortable/prepared as I could be while I attended school there, since I am from Dallas.
Very informative and helpful staff. Everything on the website is easy to follow and applying was a breeze. It's a wonderful place to get started on an education. For a 2 year degree, transfers, or work course completion it's a great facility.
Teachers are extremely dedicated no matter the field. Campus is small but close to whatever you need from town.
I have had an amazing experience with Angelina College. At AC the Teachers and staff are always available to help any ac student.
Angelina is a great starter school for those who don't want to or have to attend a university. They have decent programs but it would be nice to have other new programs available like dental assistant, and anesthesiology, just more neat and new programs. The plus side of angelina college would be the walkin distance between classes, affordability, even payment options for those who can't receive financial aid.
Angelina College is such a great start and helps you understand how college works. It prepares you to transfer to a university and save money. They have great professors and amazing academics.
The great thing about going to Angelina College is that it's easy to navigate from classes to class. They have specific building for math, science, engineering, and history. The atmosphere there great and everybody there is friendly. One problem I have is that, there do not have housing for regular students but do have it for athletic students. Another great thing about Angelina College is that tuition is cheap and they have all kinds of programs to help pass your class. Another problem is that they do not have many activities for their students. It gets really boring very quickly.
This is a great place to start! The professors care and the classes are not as hard as a university level college.
Angelina college is a excellent college to attend. There satellite campuses are an extremely helpful asset.
I attended Angelina College for courses and they worked with me to enroll and register for classes. The classes were doable and the professors were great as well. Good area to live in.
Angelina College is a small community college with a great atmosphere and comfortable setting to be in. They have a great faculty who care much about their students and put their priorities toward their success there.
Angelina college is a great school to attend. I'm majoring in nursing and the teachers are great. They will help you with anything you may need. The classes are easy to find as well
Angelina college is a conveniently located, rural junior college that has filled all of my needs in more ways than one. I will admit the facility's policy on loans is a bit of a challenge as far as wondering how to balance paying for school and and deal with life, but it is the most affordable institution in my area. The faculty and staff are personable and want to see you succeed. I wouldn't be embarking on my next step in life, RN licensure, if not for Angelina College.
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Angelina College is a 2 year community college located in Lufkin, Texas. It is a great option for someone wanting to get a 2 year associate's or vocational degree and is more economical compared to other schools in southeast Texas. Most of the basic courses are transferrable should you wish to transfer to a 4 year university. The campus itself is small and it is very easy to find everything you are looking for. I was very satisfied attending this college.
I like how there are satellite campuses in other towns. This feature is very convenient for a lot of people who live somewhere other than Lufkin, and can't drive to the main campus just to take classes.

The advisors and staff are all very helpful. Many of them do their best to help you pick your classes and recommend certain professors.

Like all colleges, before picking your classes, I would advise to you ratemyprofessor. Almost all of the professors are on there and it is a very helpful website when it comes to choosing your classes.
I visited Angelina College on a field trip to see a play. I am very interested in this school because it is close to home and affordable, but it is only a two year school and without dorms.
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