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Their Academic performance is Excellent, they care for students, foreign students like to go there because they feel there as home.
Their dorms and housings are safe and secure Andrews University is a Christian institution so they train their students how to serve God and mankind not only the academic but them to live an ethical life.
What I liked about Andrews University was how small the student body was. This allowed me to be able to get to know my peers a lot easier as well as allowing students to really be able to connect with their professors/staff at Andrews.
To me Andrews has a very beautiful campus with a wide variety of trees on campus. The professors here are all very good teachers and are excellent teachers.
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I liked how the professors pray for you if you have prayer requests and how the learning environment has a Christain worldview.
This school created for the glory of God.
I want this school can be:
1. Improving their Spritual
2. Showing about Jesus lived
3. Finding soul for Jesus
The environment is great, it is relaxing and focused, they care about their students. the administration follows up with each and every student.
Basically save your money!!!! This school is not worth it at all unless you want to do theology. Berrien Springs is the worst possible place to live. It is super cold in the winter and there is never anything to do.
Overall, the classes are small enough so that your professors know who you are. They also go the extra mile to help you inside and outside of class. Even faculty who aren't your teachers or advisors or even in your department. They really care. There are lots of different majors, so they also have lots of different study tours, mission trips and social events. There are lots of opportunities to develop morally, and exposure to topics of gender, race, and society. The cafeteria is much improved, in both food and setting. The grounds are actually an arboretum. It feels like you are in a garden during the spring. Despite challenges that arrive, the administration takes time to listen to the students needs and wants. The administration takes time to walk with and among the students.
Andrews University is the flagship university for the Seventh Day Adventist Church, according to most sources. Therefore, it is automatically implied that there is a heavy emphasis on adherence to the fundamental beliefs of the SDA Church. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you wish to establish your career in the church. The Christian bias is evident at this university, and although they accept people of any background, it is rather uncomfortable for those people to make themselves at home. In terms of education, the student body here can be described as more spiritually rather than academically inclined.
Andrews University is a great university and I've had an amazing experience so far. Apart from it being a bit on the expensive side I would recommend obtaining a degree there.
Andrews is a great colleges to attend if you are looking for a small community where you want to make friendly relationship with others. The school is so diverse, and the students are open and welcome everyone to join them. It is a very safe place too. I've never witnessed any serious crimes in the area. Also everyone is welcome to join sabbath school at PMC every Saturday!
Andrews University was a great school to get an education. You learn a lot and I see the value of my education in the real world.
I have only been to Andrews for a year so far and I absolutely love it here! I have not visited many other colleges before so I am not going to say that this is the best one, however I am going to say that it is a great school. The atmosphere is nice, the campus is beautiful, and there are many things to do on campus. The facilities are all very nice, modern, and clean, and there is almost always something to do on campus. I was actually faced with the opportunity to transfer to another school that would be closer to home, but I just couldn't bring myself to doing it because this school did not compare to Andrews.
Another thing about Andrews is that it is very diverse--that is one of the major things that I enjoy the most. I have many friends from the united states, Brazil, Rwanda, Kenya, China, Russia and many other people. This school is absolutely great!
Being a student at andrews is a great experience overall. I love that there's so much diversity and many of the professors really care and are very invested in the success of their students. As a private university, education a Andrews is costly and I will say that in my experience getting financial assistance is difficult. But as an international student I have to say that the international student department has always been extremely helpful in everything they can.
Classes depend on the professor but are mostly great. The environment is awesome and there's a great spiritual athmosohere.
Andrews University is a predominantly Seventh-Day Adventist institution; it has a large emphasis on spiritual growth, though certainly in concert with academic growth. The professors teach a variety of viewpoints alongside critical thinking skills; they do not tell you what to believe, but let you decide it for yourself. Definitely go through the Honors program! It's amazing.
Excellent staff, student body is decent, and beautiful campus. Like any college Andrews isn't perfect. Andrews expects A LOT from their students, and by a lot I mean excellence if not perfection. It's incredibly stressful and stress level varies depending on degree choice, of course. I could go on for pages on what Andrews needs work on (campus safety is major factor that needs work), but I'll cut short with saying, from my experience, the positives still outweigh the negative.
I feel safe on campus, however, I don't think the subject of sexual assault has even been talked about besides Friday vespers. I would like to see more interest in the subject as I'm sure it's a reality for many people even though we are in a christian environment.
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Applications are always a hassle, but once it's done they take care of everything, so it wasn't so bad
Dorm rooms are small, but if you get a good roommate, life in the dorm will be great. I've only had good experiences with my previous roommates and once I moved off-campus it became a lot more difficult to interact with people on campus and spend time there, but it has its perks.
Basketball gets the most attention, but other sports such as soccer could use more help. The fields are alright, but not in great condition, and their events don't get nearly as promoted as the basketball team's.
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