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The environment of the campus is great. I love the calmness of my surrounding. I also love how diverse the campus is with the different cultures present. What can change is to have more of a guidance of students (mentoring)
Andrews University is full of the students from all around the world. I can communicate with other friends from all over the world and learn about diversity. Also because of the religion, everyone is so kind and nice. The professors are so passionate and everyone do their best in doing their duties.
Some really good opportunities in the j.n Andrews honors program. The school campus is very pretty and probably the best Adventist school for nearly all majors. Also, people here are very friendly and job opportunities from the school of business are very nice indeed!
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I am really enjoying the Animal Science program courses, but I have encountered a strong anti-Catholic attitude from the professors in my other courses (and my husband is Catholic). It’s been really upsetting, honestly, and I am highly disappointed by this divisive attitude from so-called Christians.
I love that it has that large-campus feel but without having 20,000+ students, so you get to know a lot of people and still maintain a interaction with them. The sports teams are great and there are many events and activities for students.
What a disaster of a college. Deluded faculty teaching severely deluded students. Good luck getting a job with that AU degree. And get used to hearing the rest of your life (i.e., when you tell people you went to AU): "Never heard of it." Don't get near this place - or the Adventist church!
A perk of going to Andrews is that it’s a small university, making your relationships with both your peers and professors more personal ones.
Professors are knowledgeable, excel in their field, and genuinely want to see you do well and are willing to go the extra mile to help you in whatever way possible.
Berrien Springs definitely isn’t an ideal location, especially if you don’t have a car, but the campus is beautiful. Food is good for a while until you get sick of it and want options other than gazebo or cafeteria fare.
Andrews University is proud of its’ diverse student body. There are several clubs devoted to learning about other cultures, and several opportunities for students to showcase their cultures such as the international food fair that comes around every year.
tl;dr: Andrews may be small and far removed from actual civilization, but it has heart.
Andrews has a beautiful campus (after all, it is nationally designated arboretum) and great professors, who care about the needs of the students. The cafeteria food is excellent as well.
Small class sizes, personal attention, delicious and amazing food in the cafe and gazebo. Good scheduling good professors
Andrews University is located out in the suburbs where there is not much noise and pollution from traffic. It is one of the top most diverse university in the country, boasting students from nooks and crannies of the world. It has a great academic program along with helpful teachers for any questions a student may have. The food is different everyday, providing a wide range of nutrition for students with vegan and even gluten-free options. Overall, it is a great place to go to, though it is not much of a party scene unless you're looking for it.
Hated the snow, love the people. The most diverse school in America. Great art program for photography and film. Very close to Chicago which is nice. Wish we had more restaurants to choose from though.
Their Academic performance is Excellent, they care for students, foreign students like to go there because they feel there as home.
Their dorms and housings are safe and secure Andrews University is a Christian institution so they train their students how to serve God and mankind not only the academic but them to live an ethical life.
What I liked about Andrews University was how small the student body was. This allowed me to be able to get to know my peers a lot easier as well as allowing students to really be able to connect with their professors/staff at Andrews.
To me Andrews has a very beautiful campus with a wide variety of trees on campus. The professors here are all very good teachers and are excellent teachers.
I liked how the professors pray for you if you have prayer requests and how the learning environment has a Christain worldview.
This school created for the glory of God.
I want this school can be:
1. Improving their Spritual
2. Showing about Jesus lived
3. Finding soul for Jesus
The environment is great, it is relaxing and focused, they care about their students. the administration follows up with each and every student.
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Basically save your money!!!! This school is not worth it at all unless you want to do theology. Berrien Springs is the worst possible place to live. It is super cold in the winter and there is never anything to do.
Overall, the classes are small enough so that your professors know who you are. They also go the extra mile to help you inside and outside of class. Even faculty who aren't your teachers or advisors or even in your department. They really care. There are lots of different majors, so they also have lots of different study tours, mission trips and social events. There are lots of opportunities to develop morally, and exposure to topics of gender, race, and society. The cafeteria is much improved, in both food and setting. The grounds are actually an arboretum. It feels like you are in a garden during the spring. Despite challenges that arrive, the administration takes time to listen to the students needs and wants. The administration takes time to walk with and among the students.
Andrews University is the flagship university for the Seventh Day Adventist Church, according to most sources. Therefore, it is automatically implied that there is a heavy emphasis on adherence to the fundamental beliefs of the SDA Church. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you wish to establish your career in the church. The Christian bias is evident at this university, and although they accept people of any background, it is rather uncomfortable for those people to make themselves at home. In terms of education, the student body here can be described as more spiritually rather than academically inclined.
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