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What I like about Andrews University is that applying for the DPT program was easy, and they were very good with communication. When I visited the DPT program for a tour I could tell that the teachers really care about how you do, and push you to do your best, and help you if you are struggling. When I watched a lab in session, I was able to talk to the students and get a feel for how it would be and it seems great!
I will be going to Andrews University this August for their DPT program. Therefore, I cannot say anything about their learning experience because I have no experienced it yet. But for my college that I attended which is Oakwood University, the online learning experience was not bad. Teachers were accessible and I understood everything clearly
Andrews University was a wonderful school to attend. They had many great programs, kind students, and helpful teachers. The cafeteria was always stocked with farm to table plant-based foods. The vegetarian and vegan options were endless. The campus was beautiful and well kept as well as safe. They have many majors for both undergrad and graduate school which makes transferring easy. If religion is important to you than you'll have access to many different styles of worship opportunities as well. Overall, I'd recommend the university.
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I did not take any online courses at this time so I'm unable to offer any input. I had a few friends take online courses who found the process painless and convenient. I believe during Covid 19 the programs are mainly online at this time to keep the students safe.
It’s the best college out of all the other SDA institutions & it’s rather clean. I feel like I really appreciate the diversity in this campus - I think it’s what makes Andrews University the college that it is now. Pretty great academics, pretty okay sports. Health & wellness are pushed and that’s a plus for me. The campus is small so there really isn’t too much to say about it. Overall, pretty safe for the most part.
Online experience hasn’t been too bad with Andrews. I suppose it’s the same everywhere else- there’s not much to say about it. Professors get back to you pretty frequently, I feel like they’re pretty on top of that. However, if I had to choose between online and in person classes, I’d recommend in person.
I really enjoyed Andrews because it gave me a different experience than i had before. Most of the professors are willing to help give you inspiration to do better.
I have absolutely loved my experience at Andrews so far.
It might be because my high school experience was not too great but, compared to how much they fund for your education and how much you can get out from this school - it's simply amazing and a grateful experience for me.

Many people find the cold weather and "barren" (Berrien springs so its barren.. you get it? hehe) environment, and I agree! But I love winter so cold weather was fine. Not having enough places to go to around campus is a problem, and you probably need a car for transportation.

But that was the only "problem" I had while going to this school.
Oh, and if you live in Lamson (girls dorm), you might hate the dorm since the rooms are so small and old, but so far, I love it because the dorm LIFE is good!

So if you are planning to come here, I hope you can also have a great experience too XD (DoN't expect party tho since that ain't gon happen here)
I went here as a dual-enrolled high school student for four years. I appreciated the vast resources and professors willing to work with us but did not like how many college freshmen were unmotivated and seemed very uninterested in their work.
I have had a great experience so far. Not only am I being challenged academically, my spiritual life is also being challenged and balanced. This a school that's teaching me to balance my life in a way that brings happiness by collaborating and letting myself being lead by my creator ( God ).
I like that it's easy to connect to professors and that there is a friendly environment. I wish they were a bit more open minded in some areas.
Awful experience. Unprofessional staff and completely unreasonable and unresponsible teachers. I wish that the spirituality of this college was at least kept up like southern and other adventist colleges that I visited. My conclusion of this place is that it is completely dissapointing to how one of our adventist institutions have fallen so far down a ditch where both spirituality and academics are poop. I hope that they read this and understand that this is coming from a place of love and respect for past leaderships, and would hope that change would occur.
I felt so far from everything and felt the culture on school didn't do much to make a difference. Social anxiety is a big thing on campus.
I Love my school. I've found Andrews to be a good christian school. faculty and staff are always ready to help in everything that is needed. They also have good installations for STEM programs. Andrews is also very diverse, so you can easily be friends with people all around the world. I recommend Andrews University to everyone who wants to find a place that certainly feels like home. The only thing that I would change or improve is the athletics. We are not very good in them, but that is something that I think needs to be done better.
Appreciate the summer classes they offer. Good, affordable online classes during for the summer session.
There is a sense of community at Andrews University. The faculty ratio to students provide a close knit and I had a good experience. Love the diversity on the campus and academics. The University is located in a small town but its close by other cities.
I attended Andrews University for undergrad and graduate school. It is not a bad school at all, but is also nothing special. Unless you are specifically a Seventh-Day Adventist or something similar, I don't recommend going here. There is a huge focus on religion. You will be able to find like minded students here no matter what college experience you want, but unless you are into having a religious college experience, your social life might be a bit limited.

Overall my academic experience was fine. It prepared me enough to do my job. Andrews is probably one of the best SDA schools, but really just a run of the mill liberal arts college when compared to other schools.
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It was an uplifting spiritual experience. Professors are dedicated to teaching students and the small class numbers help make more time for the professors to spend time with students. The campus is really pretty and well maintained. There is no party scene as it is a religious institution however, student life puts on many fun events.
So far my experience at Andrews University has been enjoyable. This school represents everything I stand for when it comes to my religion and it is very diverse. Being at Andrews University has shown me what kind of person I want to be. I have made many friends and learned about a lot of things I didn't know before. Being at Andrews University, I have realized that I am a very independent person who can stand being away from home. I have been able to explore myself at this school and grow as an individual.
Andrews University is a great place of college! There is so much diversity and you can meet so many people from everywhere in the world! The campus is great and it's huge! The professors are really nice and willing to help you if you are confused about something in class. Overall, my experience has been great!
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