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I took some classes online while at Andrew. It was a heavy load of work, but the instructors were always helpful and answered every email as fast as possible.
I loved how involved I could be in such a small school. There were so many clubs and organizations that I had enjoyed while going to Andrew College. The small size of the classes and connections with professors helped me to better my academics. I graduated highschool with a GPA of 2.67, and graduated Andrew College with honors and a GPA of 3.5! I also made friends quite easily by being at a small school and joining clubs.
what I like about Andrew college is that its a small campus and that everyone knows each other. Its not a huge college where you have to walk a far distant. All the classrooms are almost next to one another.
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The things I liked about Andrew College are that they are diverse. I love the class sizes and that you will get one-on-one time with your professor. They make sure you understand the material that is being taught. They have convenient office hours that will in their email or their door.
I enjoy going here, the people are friendly. Teachers work with you on making sure you're understanding the work for your degree. I play soccer and I enjoy meeting new players and playing other colleges. It gives me a chance to grow and better myself. Hopefully I have an opportunity to further my education and soccer after this year. I graduate in May 2019
When i went here, the local police department was over run by a street gang that is located on Andrew street. You are told day one, not to drive or walk down it.
You have to go to Dothan or Albany for the nearest stores, 45 minutes to an hour. The nearest McDonalds is 30 minutes away. I know this because the cafateria food is so horrible I has to sneak in hot plates and so on to survive. They are almost never open for breakfast on time. Was over 35 minutes late opening.
There is no student tribunal and you will be fined for everything if you are not listed as a favorite child. I was punished once because I knew of someone sitting on a roof and not doing anything about it.
Athletics. The XC coach quit as i was coming in. They replaced him with a soccer goalie. Literally a person who never actually runs who then married a student, which is fine, but since we are fined for every little thing, youd think it would have been an issue.
Andrew College sucks! The student life is boring, the location is in the middle of a "bad neighborhood" with the nearest Wal-Mart being 30 minutes away, and the overall quality is bad. There is mold in every dorm room, the bathrooms are tiny, the A/C units don't work properly, and the food is the worst of it! I basically lived off of bread, which was hard. They always had pizza and some veggies and mystery meat that was disgusting. They never change out the bread in the bread box, so it got moldy. The pizza smells like weed and is usually stale. And the dishes rarely come out clean. The former dean would fine students any chance she got, and spend the school's debit card on her and her kids, all the while student activities consisted of coloring and painting with cheap materials. The professors are okay, but some are harsh and don't explain things well and give impossible deadlines. The only positive thing that came from this college for me is the handful of friends I made.
I would say Andrew College is a good school to start at. The campus is small, and the classroom is small also. Because of small classes, the professors get to know you on a personal level. Sometimes that can be great but not all the time. And because the campus is small, it's easy to become friends with EVERYONE or develop bad relationships with peers. Things that I would like to see change is the food and the dorms. The city of Cuthbert isn't the best location. There's is nothing to do, and safety is HORRIBLE
This is a fairly decent school;however, it is not worth the tuition total. The professors here are outstanding. Because the classroom ratio is smal, the professors engage is personal educational development for the students after the lectures are over.
It has been a great experience and I would like there to be more food options and better housing. I would like to there to be more student activities to do around school.
I loved visiting and how small the schools is. It allows the students to get true one on one time with the professors.
This School offers a lot of programs to study.Also, it has a high level of academic support to help succeed. The college has a tons of organization/clubs to join in.
Andrew College is a nice start to the entire college experience. The dormitory's were not clean. My roommate and I constantly stayed sick from the black mold in our A.C. unit and out bathroom. There were only two choices for food. Many times with my schedule I was unable to eat lunch in the cafeteria because it only stayed open 1-2 hours at a time. Something my parents were paying a good price for. The office staff were almost impossible to get ahold of. Countless times I asked to speak with Financial Aid because they had lost almost $2,000 worth of scholarships I had brought with me and the constant threatening emails about paying my tuition. They eventually found them laying on a desk in a vacant office for anyone to have gotten. Needless to say my freshman year experience was a disaster and I was so happy to be able to transfer. I DO NOT recommend this school!
Wouldn't wish this "school " on my enemy. Professors play favorites with athletics and foreign students. Don't really care to help students. Tuition is 28,000 a year and you don't get what you pay for at all. Food is repetitive and very small portions when there is even food ready. Don't try going in between classes because you'll probably risk going hungry or being late for waiting on food. If you go to the restroom doing class you are marked absent. The nearest Walmart is over 35 mins away, nothing to do unless you wanna go to Albany which is 45 mins away. However there are a few AWESOME professors Mr. Roberts, Mrs. Hohn, and Ms. Craft, and the student life team. If you want to be in high school I suggest you just stay in high school.
Like i said before, I feel like i'm back in High school
I'm two placement classes, and i might be here for another year.. -_- thanks ANdrew for making me feel dumb.
Basically you're in the 13th grade...
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Great small town feel, close knit, wonderful teacher/student ratio, good learning environment and very helpful professors
Touring the school made it feel like home
My School Is The Best Even Though It's A 2 Hour Drive From My Town, It's A 2 Hour Drive Worth. My School Helps Their Students By Preparing Them For The Real World & Preparing Them For 4 Years Schools, But The Main Purpose I Like My School Is Because They Have The Best Focus For Kids With Learning Disabilities Like Myself That's What Makes My School So Unique.
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