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Wouldn't wish this "school " on my enemy. Professors play favorites with athletics and foreign students. Don't really care to help students. Tuition is 28,000 a year and you don't get what you pay for at all. Food is repetitive and very small portions when there is even food ready. Don't try going in between classes because you'll probably risk going hungry or being late for waiting on food. If you go to the restroom doing class you are marked absent. The nearest Walmart is over 35 mins away, nothing to do unless you wanna go to Albany which is 45 mins away. However there are a few AWESOME professors Mr. Roberts, Mrs. Hohn, and Ms. Craft, and the student life team. If you want to be in high school I suggest you just stay in high school.
Like i said before, I feel like i'm back in High school
I'm two placement classes, and i might be here for another year.. -_- thanks ANdrew for making me feel dumb.
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Basically you're in the 13th grade...
Great small town feel, close knit, wonderful teacher/student ratio, good learning environment and very helpful professors
Touring the school made it feel like home
My School Is The Best Even Though It's A 2 Hour Drive From My Town, It's A 2 Hour Drive Worth. My School Helps Their Students By Preparing Them For The Real World & Preparing Them For 4 Years Schools, But The Main Purpose I Like My School Is Because They Have The Best Focus For Kids With Learning Disabilities Like Myself That's What Makes My School So Unique.
Seriously, it's bad. Don't come here if you want to enjoy your college years.

Go to Southern University, or Walla Walla University, or even Pacific Union College.
Never really took an online course there
There is not a huge diversity at my school
Its worth the tuition I paid
Don't have a lot of job prospects
I have a lot of opportunities
I have great teachers here and they help me understand things on when I need help
I've had a good time my freshman year
Andrew is a very unique school mostly because of its diverse community.
The employers recruiting on campus have great quality in their work.
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There are a variety of courses, but you have to watch who you get.
Andrew college has a pretty well career center and a good alumni network.
The workload can be stressful at times, but some teachers will help you.
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