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Andover Newton Theological School Reviews

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The buildings are older but are kept up well. The commuter dorm rooms are a great asset.
This is a Christian school. Honor and obedience are expected.
I had a great admissions experience. At the end of the interview I felt that I had become friends with the staff. Several times I called the office about things and I always got a cheerful response and the calling of my name.
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I love the book learning. I would be happy with fewer papers to write, but graduate school is like that. Everyone is willing to help you keep up and do a good jobs. The profs really care about you and call everyone by name.
This school really prides itself on it's stance and reaching out to the diverse populations
we don't have athletics at this school unless you count the occasional afternoon walk.
Graduate school is tough all over. The profs are very well educated and experienced. The curriculum is typical of other seminaries. There are special programs offered to help you make the most of your educational ezperience.
Top notch theology is taught here. Registration is on-line which prevents standing in long lines. The book store is on line and you can't scan through the books. I don't like that. Most people here are preparing to go into some kind of Christian ministry. They know that studying hard is the only way to get there. The library is well stocked and well used.
It looks like an old ivy league campus. Warm and inviting. The property is well kept up.
You are family even if you don't know anyone.
I was very please at how the school handled my level of poverty.
This is a great school. It is very diverse but very loving and accepting
No problems on this campus
they are all very religious
lots of different kinds of places
several good places that offer a variety of cuisines.
Urban, but Safe – The campus and Newton feel safe, but use common sense.
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Limited, but Enough – Parking is usually not a problem @ ANTS. Just$25 gets you a perking permit, and as the school has only about 300 students on campus at any time, the 400 or so parking places are usually readily available.
Good Food, Reasonable Prices – Most people have an aversion to "School Cafeteria" food, but I am here to say it isn't so at ANTS! Food is tasty and there is a different variety then you may be used to at this school. Most of the time it is comfort food , but there is a style for all at almost every meal. There is something for veggens, gluten free, meat eaters, fresh salads, and the ever present soups. All are tasty even though a little pepper may be needed.
Everything Is Beautiful – The campus is beautiful, there are always activities going on. The student center and lounges provide places for students to study or hold events, the art studio is great, the library is beautiful and full of information. The chapel is absolutely amazing.
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