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Anderson was a very great experience for me when I was there. I would like to see maybe a little more diversity with people who have different view points and life experiences.
Anderson University provided me a first-class education because the professors cared about your success.
Anderson University provides a quality education and excellent teacher and staff support. If you are interested in a small school where you become close with classmates and professors, AU could be a great fit.
Review Anderson University - South Carolina
I like that the professors are invested in helping the students succeed in the academics and are easy to approach. However, the campus is very small and most of the buildings, especially the dorms are in a need of renovation. Mold and cockroaches are what you can expect living in the dorms.
My experience at Anderson University so far has been great. The faculty is extremely caring and considerate of all students. Each faculty member strives to make students feel connected with them and are eager to help them succeed. There are many different organization opportunities around the campus so there is always something to do or an invitation floating around. The dining hall and other food sources around campus are amazing! Anderson University feels like home for me and I couldn't have made a better college decision.
I am totally in love with Anderson University. It's a great university who really cares for its students.
Anderson University is a place where you can be you. Coming to AU I have made amazing friends who love the Lord just as much as I do! Here at Anderson University community is key! People are friendly, so don't worry about knowing anyone when you come because by the end of your first week here you'll know the whole campus.
I love the experience I have there! The staff is super friendly and I also feel really connected to them. I love the student activities they have on campus and the fact that they give us so many of them. Athletics on campus are also very fun to go to and cheer on our school.
Anderson University was my home away from home. I was a resident of Virginia when I decided to attend Anderson. I thought going to a school 8 hours away would be difficult, but I found that the faculty at Anderson University was extremely welcoming and truly wanted you to be comfortable. I spent all four years at AU, and I loved every minute of it.
This is the kind of school that caters to one type of student- if you're a crafty, Christian majoring in Education, Nursing or Interior Design- you'll be very happy here. If not, then you will not be. The big issues with the school I have and why I would not recommend going here is firstly, administration is laughable. Registration for classes is idiotic- all students in the entire university log onto the same site at the exact same time in a desperate bid to register for classes before the server inevitably crashes. I also tried to get help for a certain scheduling issue and not once did the school help me fix the problem, even after I called repeatedly. This biggest issue with the school is that, other than ministries, there is NOTHING to get involved in. Club choices are anemic and Student Activities is unhelpful and hostile towards anyone who wants to make a new club. In conclusion, come here for the three good majors or if you're religious. If not, look elsewhere.
You get what you pay for, you are not just "some student" there are professors there to push you, who care about you in more ways then academically. I am blessed to be attending this university
Anderson University is a beautiful school nestled in the small town of Anderson, South Carolina. The university is quaint and small, but just big enough. For its smaller size you feel as though you will know everyone by name, and you will see faces you know, but you will also see new faces everyday.
Anderson University is a great school. The faculty is all so friendly. Everyone is like a family here. I love it!
I am a sophomore here at AU and I love it here. But I will say that if you are not a Christian you will not like it here. I am but the people that came here that are nonbelievers transferred after the first semester. Most of the professors are very helpful and nice. The large majority of the students are all very nice and friendly.
Anderson University is an amazing college with a beautiful campus and amazing staff. The professors are incredible and desire to help you learn and grow in your faith. They are great to be around. I actually look forward to having class, even at 8am every day. All of the professors have the highest degree in their field of study and some still work in the field of their study so students continually have up to date information about their major.
I am currently in my second year at AU and I still love it just as much as I did from the very first day. Being at AU has changed my life spiritually, mentally, and has shaped me as a person. Being in college is hard enough but fortunately here at AU, there is a christian environment that is loving toward all students. I believe I go to a college that is focused on the well-being of their students and wants to see them strive not just academically, but spiritually as well. I cannot wait to see what my future here at AU holds but I know that whatever may lie ahead will develop me in my major and into the adult I am meant to be.
The security on campus is great. I never just see them standing around. They are always busy and working.
Review Anderson University - South Carolina
The accounting and criminal justice program is very respectable.
The on campus living experience was not that great. It was crowded in rooms and not very clean.
The athletic at my school take the back seat to a lot of liberal arts and other things on campus. Our facilities are ok, but we would use some upgrades. Our students do not always get involved.
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