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Because of the recent pandemic we were forced to go online. Something that everyone dreaded became something easy and yes not the same as in person, but it still was a great experience. I was in choir and because of online we had to virtual choir. It was Anderson’s first. But they did everything to make it fun and unique. Everyone still participated and we were able to make history for the school. Not only that class but all classes online were easy to follow and all professors were understanding.
Anderson university is a wonderful school. The atmosphere is probably my favorite thing. Everyone is so kind and generous. It’s a place with only happy thoughts, and its almost impossible not to be surrounded by friends and people who love you. Not only is it fun and nice but the classes are not too complex and because the classes are smaller its easier to focus and talk with professors. It has only brought me joy and happiness and I cant wait to continue the rest of my years here. Anderson has stolen my heart.
The environment at AU is very warm and welcoming. Everyone that I have met there has been very nice, and everyone makes an effort to be friendly. The professors are great about working with you, and helping you get your assignments done. The professors are all very good teachers. All of the staff is great, and they are all very friendly.
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I took one hybrid class second semester, so half of that class was online. Due to the Coronavirus, everything was online for everyone the second half of second semester. That was very interesting, but AU did a great job of adjusting and helping their students adjust to moving all learning online.
Online classes are very demanding. Many require several hours of work in addition to the recommended amount of time the professors give. Typically they ar seven week classes. I personally enjoyed most of my online classes however it is easy to fall behind so communication is key to succeeding.
I have not loved my entire journey with Anderson University. I am an Adult Studies student and some of my courses were not the best for a single parent. However I have enjoyer my experience and many of my classes and professors. I highly recommend it.
Anderson is wonderful university where everyone is friendly and welcoming. No matter where you are on campus, there is always someone to give you a friendly smile or say "hello." The professors work hard to create solid relationships with the students to ensure that they learn the most they can throughout every class.
The same care and investment that goes on within the classroom is also present online. Students are able to reach out to their professors and receive responses and aid quickly. The online portion of the classes are well organized and easy to navigate through.
I had to take some hybrid classes (online work with regular class meetings) and a couple online classes. I much prefer physical class meetings because things are much simpler. Online definitely provides scheduling flexibility, but I think you learn more from an in class experience with a professor who is a good lecturer.
I went to Anderson because I liked the people, and the Christian atmosphere seemed comfortable to me and similar to what I was used to growing up in a small private Christian school.
I found a lot of friends right away at school. There are plenty of attractive people for dating, of which I did my fair share, and overall the staff is good.
Academically I had a mixed experience. A lot of the professors are passionate and great instructors. But there are also a fair amount of professors that either suck at teaching or I just generally disliked.
I would rate the school average because the program that I was in, Graphic Design, was overall a pretty negative experience. There are a few great professors in the program, but there are several that I had a very bad experience with and I know a lot of other students did as well. The design program has to have nearly a 40% drop rate, and I wish I would have switched programs or even gone to another school. Keep in mind that program matters a lot!
I personally loved how welcoming each student at Anderson University was. It does not matter who you are or where you come from. Everyone is treated like family.
The only time I took classes online was when the pandemic started to become a serious problem and we were sent home. All of my classes for my spring semester were switched to online learning. It was not too bad of an experience. The only challenge was having art classes online. It is way harder to improve in art without meeting in-person.
The people I’ve met and become friends with here at Anderson have been amazing. The professors are also very intentional and care about their students. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because a lot people that come here live less than and hour and a half away so they will go home every weekend. This can make it hard for people who don’t live as close to have friends to do stuff with on the weekends.
Anderson University is a private christian college that includes everyone. It is a small school where students can have close relationships with their professors. Everyone is kind and including. This school is amazing!!
The size of the campus is perfect for me. I’ve made some great friends. The nursing major has been a great opportunity for learning and the simulation lab is excellent!! I’ve had a lot of opportunities in my major. The professors are always available and helpful!! I love being at AU and the opportunity I have!!
It is a small campus so it is easy to find your classes. the classes are small, no more than 35 students, and the teachers learn every students name. If you are out of state that is ok, there is usually something to do on campus or around campus. There are many opportunities for you to get involved in ministries, clubs/organizations, and activities.
I love the atmosphere they have on campus. Everyone is always so happy and is always ready to help you in any way if you need it. The teachers I've seen so far are really sweet and nice to the students. Everyone there wants you to succeed and do well during college, outside of college and in the future.
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I am a sophomore at Anderson University, and just in that short time I cannot imagine myself going to college anywhere else. The atmosphere is incredibly welcoming, with caring professors who truly want to see their students succeed. Small class sizes encourage student-professor relationships and small campus size encourages relationships with the many people you pass each day. Anderson University feels like a home away from home.
The professors are great and the campus makes sure there are a lot of things to participate in other than academics.
I loved the environment. There's this sense of hospitality and pure love. You feel very welcomed and everyone treats you like you belong.
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