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I love the Christian Environment! I feel like this university really strengthens your faith and makes you feel welcome. Small and close-knit.
I am going to be a freshman at Anderson University in South Carolina in the fall of 2019. It is a very nice school and I highly recommended it.
I only had about 2 great teachers. For a Christian school they are anything but Christian and more interested in getting money than their students. When the going gets rough for their students they 'turn' the other cheek.
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Anderson is a good community school with lots of fantastic people and great professors. However their are a lot of rules regarding visitors and times to be back at the school. There is no specific time set but they shut and lock the gates at "12:00" am but I have found they close earlier leaving you with nowhere to park. There is also some very odd attendance policies, which may cause interference with anyone who has any medical illnesses. The dorm rooms have inconvenient layouts making it difficult to set up beds and have room for desks, also Some of the suites share a bathroom between 5-6 girls. One shower, one toilet and two Mirrors making it difficult to get ready in the morning. Some of the dorm rooms have no air conditioning making the south Carolina heat difficult. Keep in mind this is also a Christian school who has traditional values. I would not recommend to someone who is looking for a school with less religious background.
I am an interior design major at Anderson, and while it is a prety good school, there are some less than satisfactory aspects of the major and the school overall. Anderson does not designate much funding to go towards the school of interior design. The majority of funding goes to the most praised majors: nursing, education, business and Christian ministries, which are great, but leaves design students with a very large supply bill and a very small section of a building to work in. There are some really great things about Anderson though, the campus is small but beautiful, so it is very easy to navigate. There are many options for housing, and there are always events going on around campus, (grocery bingo is the best.) It is definitely not a party school, but it's not the typical private Christian college either. I was drawn to it because the people are authentic, there is no crazy dress code, and Jesus is still a huge part of the campus life.
I have loved every minute of being at Anderson University. Their small, but welcoming community, beautiful campus, encouraging staff and professors, and rigorous academics are what makes Anderson a great school to attend.
My time at Anderson University, so far, has been nothing short of a positive experience. The friendly Christian environment accepted me right away, inviting me to many clubs and events. Being a transfer student and having commuted as well as living on campus, Anderson has provided a comfortable envirment to learn and grow in my studies as well as in my relationship with Jesus Christ.
The campus is wonderful, but it can definitely feel small at times, especially if you don’t have a car. However, the smallness has helped me make a lot of friends, and I’m able to see people I know several times a day.
AU is a great school. They offer small class sizes and most of the professors are really awesome and try to help whenever possible. The university does however, have a lot of rules students must follow to graduate/not have a letter sent home to parents.
Andeson University is an unapologetically Chrisitan university. While that is said, there is something for everyone. The campus is continuing to grow and change.
I love my specific theatre department and the campus is beautiful! However I feel that there is not a lot of diversity on campus. The theatre department is amazing and I feel at home there. I love my college and the friends I've made. I feel that my major specific classes are very helpful, but the gen ed classes sometimes feel boring and unnecessary.
I love the small, yet amazing atmosphere at Anderson University. I feel like I have a good relationship with my professors because they take the time to actually get to know me.
I love the Christian environment that doesn't compromise faith and academics; the university excels in both! Definitely needs more parking though.
The most amazing school. All staff and faculty are extremely passionate about students and their learning. As a university they do all they can to ensure the happiness and growth of their student body.
Anderson University is a great academic college. I love going to school there because the professors are extremely knowledgeable and they challenge you with each assignment. The school itself is family orientated and is a wonderful college experience. I would recommend this university!
Anderson University is an amazing college that I have got to be apart of for two years now. The community is outstanding and is my home away from home. I would highly recommend Anderson University to anyone looking for a great school that cares beyond the classroom.
I like the atmosphere of AU. The Christian atmosphere is very welcoming. The professors are always willing to help and provided students with the best advice they can offer. As a commuter student who lives 30 minutes away, it is difficult to find a place on campus in a social aspect because many of the events are very much geared towards residential students.
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Anderson is a great school with incredible academics, however though, the school is best served for those who put their academics above everything else. The food and housing are decent but the party scene is nonexistent and frowned upon by the university.
I am a student at Anderson University and I love how friendly the faculty, staff and students are. The love for Jesus is evident, especially among the faculty. The only improvement I could suggest is better campus safety. It often takes awhile for them to come pick students up.
I love the environment and campus is beautiful. Great academics and all together a good school. I love that it has its own church on campus and the professors are all friendly.
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