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There's always a lot of students working on campus and they accept pretty much anyone. However they are really expensive.
Anderson University was the most energetic and friendly campus I have visited. The students overall attitude was happy and intentional, it was very easy to see that the students love their college. The school is the perfect size, not being too small or too big. The class sizes sounded perfect, averaging about 28 per class. I would like to see even more people join this college!
I do not currently attend Anderson University, but I would like to. My guidance counselor attended and suggested this school to me. She said it was a great school and a great opportunity for me. I am planning to do a tour of the campus soon.
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Anderson has been an amazing experience. It is so easy to get connected and there is always things to do. The classes are small and the faculty is absolutely amazing. I actually have fun here. This is a place I never want to leave. There is not much that I dislike. Infact there is practically nothing wrong with. My experience here.
The professors in the education department want each and every student to succeed. Their office doors are always open and students are welcomed to come in and talk about school, life, or just hang out. Relationships at Anderson University matter. Something that Anderson can improve on is for the whole college to be as welcoming as the individual departments. This includes in Financial Aid to Anderson Central.
I choose Anderson because of the size, social, and christian community. I like that Anderson was on the smaller side because I did not want to feel like I was fighting for the professors attention and I could easily ask questions in a smaller environment. All of the people that I have met are very easy to approach and they are more than happy to answer any of the questions that you may have while in college. I love that I can talk to my advisors and professors about my spiritual life because the are all believers. When I go to them for advise the can give me some from a spiritual standpoint and thats what I need in a college.
Anderson university is an amazing school. The faculty and staff often go out of their way to make sure you are able to achieve great things. Especially in the honours college, the professors are more than willing to work with you one on one, building relationships, and helping you understand the material. Anderson is such a great community that does its best to point students back to God at every turn. As their motto states they give us “knowledge for the journey”.
This school, specifically the psychology department, went above and beyond. The students were able to create a strong relationship with their professors in this department because of the class sizes. Along with strong relationships built, the professors taught in a style that made learning fun and easy. This department also made me feel very prepared for Graduate school because of the information they taught us and how hard they were on us.
I absolutely love Anderson! The campus is beautiful, and the professors are great at their job and they care about you as a person. The students are very friendly, and the food in the Cafeteria is pretty good too! We also have great events!
Anderson University’s academics are excellent. All of the classes are challenging and engaging, and I have not had a professor I did not like thus far. However, it would be a great improvement if Anderson University would work harder on welcoming a more diverse student body, including people of many races and backgrounds. Another area in which Anderson could improve is making certain none of the science teachers are teaching their students evolution, as this is a Christian university.
I love Anderson. The community and friendships that you find there are irreplaceable and like none other.
Anderson University is a great school, full is hardworking students. My sister graduated from Anderson 3 years ago and now she teaches full time at an elementary school. Teachers in the Education department are incredible and want to their students succeed. Academics are tough, but the teachers strive to help their students achieve their goals.
Anderson's campus is beautiful and the faculty cares about the student's wellbeing and safety. The worse part about Anderson is their food, meat is often undercooked and there are rarely healthy options. Anderson does not even include some of the healthier options at Chick-Fil-A, such as the cool wraps and fruit cups, in their meal plans. This does not make any sense and could be such an easy fix. The students deserve to have healthy and SAFE food options at all time for no extra cost with their meal plans.
Anderson is a great school that has a lot of opportunities! Professors are amazing, care about the students, and are very invested in the students.
I loved how peaceful the campus was. It is an easy place to make home for 4 years. The nursing school facility is very clean and pretty, and Anderson University's staff is very pleasant. My only concern is the condition of the dorm. They are older and not very up-to-date.
The campus is beautiful and a short drive to many different activities. I think we could use more housing for students.
Anderson University has such a beautiful campus and atmosphere. There are so many people that love the Lord. There are so many ways to be involved and feel like you are a part of a family here on campus. The ministries, faculty and staff are all very good and make you feel like you belong and are where you need to be.
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The atmosphere at Anderson is incredible. It truly lives up to its name as a Christian University. God is the bases of everything.
I love the Christian Environment! I feel like this university really strengthens your faith and makes you feel welcome. Small and close-knit.
I am going to be a freshman at Anderson University in South Carolina in the fall of 2019. It is a very nice school and I highly recommended it.
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