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I love how small the classes are overall, and how the professors truly want us to succeed. Being someone who has a learning disability, having small class sizes truly help me feel less overwhelmed. I feel like I can truly talk to my professors about any concern I have about the class.
The staff were super helpful throughout the entire admissions process. They made it so easy to complete and the system for online homework works way better than most I’ve previously worked with!
Very good school. Good small, private Christian university. School is struggling a little bit, however enrollment is higher than ever and degrees are growing and expanding
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AU has been a great university so far. They have small class sizes. The professors want to see you succeed. The majority of the students are nice and willing to help you find what you need or where you need to go.
The college has an amazing campus. The people working there are absolutely amazing and will help you beyond belief! They have amazing athletic programs for basically all sports!
I can say the Professors and faculty at large are caring and very helpful. AU has potential, but needs to take a look at itself. This would be a decent school if tuition was not so expensive. After some time on this old and frankly dirty campus you start to wonder where all the money is going. Aside from that, the attitudes of some of the people on campus really bring down the experience for everyone. The average person stays in their own cliche the majority of the time.
There is a huge emphasis on community. You will feel welcome here the moment you step on campus. Also, Anderson is at a great location and close to Indianapolis. The profs are extremely caring and will know your name.
I liked that everyone was nice and friendly and that the professors always helped when you needed it. The school is way too expensive though. It was a waste of time and money.
Overall, I have an experience from Anderson University that I will never forget. If there is one quality that stands out from the rest, it is the community. As soon as you walk on to campus, people make you feel welcome, and it feels like home. Every professor and staff is passionate about what they do and set fires within their students to achieve. The only problem I've had at AU is the food services, although, the staff are eager to hear students' opinions and fix the problem to benefit everyone. I love my school, and I would never choose anywhere else in the world to pursue my education.
Anderson University (Indiana) is a small liberal arts university located about twenty minutes northeast of Indianapolis. They have an excellent business school, knowledgeable professors who care about their students' success, an up-to-date wellness center, and a fun on-campus community of students.
I love the faculty here at AU. They truly make an effort to get to know the students and help them grow in their faith. I am so thankful to be a student here.
Anderson University is a terrible school. Everything from the food to the dorms, to the campus scenery is terrible, and for the tuition to be $40,000+ it is definitely not worth it. I would not recommend this school to anyone. It is a very unprofessional place of education, and not to mention there have been many break ins on campus, a majority of them have been dorm room break ins and security can't see anything on the cameras so they say. It's just an awful place to be.
Overall, I like AU. But personally, I feel like I need more. After only one semester here, everything is already too familiar and I feel like I’ve been here forever. Which I guess for some people, that’s great and exactly what they want; people are friendly and it’s easy to know everyone, and it’s easy to find your way around just after a week or two. I’d say it’s an average Christian college, but most of the professors are really great and most of the people themselves are as well. The new meal plan this year is terrible. Honestly it’s enough to make me want to transfer schools because it’s that bad. Overall though, I’d say it’s not a bad school. Some people thoroughly love their time here, and some people it’s just not for them. I’m sure it’s all what you make your experience out to be.
I love the campus life they offer alot for is to do. But they need to build new dorms. Take a dorm at a time tear it down and build new . They also need better food.
I am a current freshman at Anderson University and I can safely say that I have fallen in love with the campus. The people here are so welcoming and will reach out to you in any way possible. The staff go above and beyond in making sure they know who you are, as well as being readily available if you need any help. The students here are all friendly and I can guarantee that you'll always see the students with smiling faces.
There is no place I'd rather be than AU. AU feels like home. At AU you are not just a number but a person that is cared for by amazing professors. There are many spiritual formation events you can be apart of. The community on the campus is also great! If you want to get involved, you will love AU! AU is a great university!!
Everyone is so kind and it is absolutely wonderful to be able to visit the school. My mom is an alum, and I get a personalized view of the school and so many cool stories. I love the community there, it is a wonderful place to be.
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Anderson was a very average school when I went there. Safe campus and good housing, but in my experience, most of the students were very closed off. Many of the student's parents were alumni and all knew each other from birth, so many of them already had friends attending there before they stepped on campus, so they were not open to making new friends. The town is awful, barely anything exciting to do there. Most people go home on the weekends, so it's a ghost town on Saturday/Sunday. Foods almost always awful. Sports are not important on campus, except to the athletes themselves. Academics are very average. Too many classes to choose from with very little professor diversity. Working there is great however. If you're planning on attending Anderson, look into getting a job on campus. Great people work in the offices.
I am currently a freshman and there is so much love on this campus for students. The professors really do everything they can to ensure we succeed.
Everyone is so friendly and the campus is so clean. The staff are great and are always willing to help you in any way.
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