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the valley is a amazon place to get to know your fellow students. the coaches make sure you are on track with your studies.
I loved the fact that the teachers will work with you if you need more ono on one. I am enjoying the football team.
Every faculty, professor or dorm personnel that we have worked with has gone above and beyond in helping us with any need. My daughter is a sophomore and has had the opportunity to join many groups and the participate on a school tennis team. Her professors and counselor have worked one on one with her to customize her degrees and what classes she needs to achieve them. AU has been an all around positive experience.
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AU does a good job providing online learning. It’s just that the in-person classes and great professors are superior.
I’m a coming into this school year as a freshman. The way Anderson has handled the Covid situation puts me at ease. They really put their students’ and faculty’s safety first! I’m really excited to be continuing my education at AU.
Because I am a freshman, I have not taken any online courses with AU. However, knowing the professors, I am sure that that they are well thought out!
My online experience with Anderson was good, my professors helped everyone adjust to school and being able to help us understand everything even without being in class and being able to have that hands on experience
What I like about Anderson is that the community is great, professors are always willing to help and there are many resources on campus that come in handy and it’s a very peaceful campus.
Due to COVID-19 sending everyone home during the middle of a semester, it put all of the professors and students to the test on how to properly go about moving completely online. Every step of the way, professors were encouraging, understanding, gracious, and checking in to see not just how we were doing academically but emotionally as well. They truly care about their students and how they are growing through new challenges. Regarding the academics, learning online was as smooth as it could have been with the short time that we were given to go online. Everything was easily accessible and professors made a point to send reminders out on due dates and upcoming assignments.
I love AU because they practice what they preach. When you first visit the school, you meet so many people who tell you that the professors and students there really take the time to personally get to know you and are passionate about seeing you succeed. Within a week of being on campus and not knowing anyone, the school became a second home for me. I cannot imagine choosing a different university; they have pushed me beyond what I thought I could ever be capable of and they have provided me with experiences that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It sounds like a fairytale school and I won't lie, there are hard days. Its college, of course there are hard days. But when you are surrounded by people - who were once strangers - that now feel like family, the hard days don't seem so bad. I love AU and will talk them up to any and all who are interested in attending a university. They have helped me find myself and who I want to become. They are simply just the best.
classes moved to online and I preferred in person courses but they did well with online classes as well
The professors and support staff were wonderful during the transition to distance learning and throughout the year! I have loved my experience here so far!
Online classes were so different compared to their in person classes during the whole coronavirus. While a lot of the professors were understanding and did as much as they could to help students, it was a lot harder for me personally to actually learn and retain any information.
Something I really love about Anderson University is that because the campus is pretty small, most of the professors are really caring and do as much as they can to help you out.
The students are pretty friendly too and it can be pretty easy to make some good friends by joining groups or clubs.
It was a great school to start off my college career with. It is small and close community. I would recommend this college to others looking for an environment like AU.
Anderson University is a small, private school located in Anderson, Indiana. Since it is so small, you are able to easily go to classes and find your way around. It would be much harder at a school like Indiana University or Purdue University. The people at Anderson are also so loving and they deeply care about you. They want to see you succeed and will do everything they can to ensure this. The professor also have a deep connection with their students. They want that relationship.
I highly enjoy the embracing community that Anderson University has to offer. I'd love to see student opinions taken into consideration more but other than that the college is friendly and diverse.
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Teachers are amazing! Campus is small and classes are easy to locate. Coffee is just as good as Starbucks, if you don’t know what you want they have a mystery box to choose from! Only downfall is classrooms are a little outdated. Besides that great school to attend!!
Anderson University has great teachers in my field of study (music education). The downsides of Anderson University is the required chapel service attendance every Tuesday and Thursday. The dorm life is not amazing. and the food is never cooked properly. Being a freshman I have seen my personal professors care for me but as far as the school as a whole I do not see that.
overall my experience has been okay I love the community the professors are also great the only thing that I have trouble with is the business aspect of it I feel like they don't do a lot to help their students to succeed
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