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Everyone is so kind and it is absolutely wonderful to be able to visit the school. My mom is an alum, and I get a personalized view of the school and so many cool stories. I love the community there, it is a wonderful place to be.
Anderson was a very average school when I went there. Safe campus and good housing, but in my experience, most of the students were very closed off. Many of the student's parents were alumni and all knew each other from birth, so many of them already had friends attending there before they stepped on campus, so they were not open to making new friends. The town is awful, barely anything exciting to do there. Most people go home on the weekends, so it's a ghost town on Saturday/Sunday. Foods almost always awful. Sports are not important on campus, except to the athletes themselves. Academics are very average. Too many classes to choose from with very little professor diversity. Working there is great however. If you're planning on attending Anderson, look into getting a job on campus. Great people work in the offices.
I am currently a freshman and there is so much love on this campus for students. The professors really do everything they can to ensure we succeed.
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Everyone is so friendly and the campus is so clean. The staff are great and are always willing to help you in any way.
Anderson University is a very nice college. It is a great learning environment for students of all ages. The professors and counselors are very helpful!
The Professors are wonderful and highly qualified to teach and mentor. The online program is high quality, best of the best. Their student services are well covered.
The environment at Anderson University reflects their Christian beliefs. The faculty and staff are welcoming and ensure to remember you and make you feel comfortable. The dorm rooms may not be the best but they work well for students. The layout on campus is not optimal because certain facilities are far away from students making it difficult to access.
I love Anderson University. It is a great place to go to school and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
Honestly, the people are the best thing about Anderson University. The professors, staff, administrators, and fellow students truly want you to be on campus. You are constantly offered encouragement, support, and prayers. There are so many opportunities to grow, whether it be academically, physically, mentally, or spirituallly.
I love Anderson University because not only do you get an amazing well-rounded scholarship, but you get a chance to really grow as a person and in your faith. Anderson have given me so many opportunities to grow in my faith and as a person, to one day be the teacher I always dreamed of being. My favorite thing about Anderson is the community you build here and the safe, fun, loving, beautiful campus.
I loved my experience at AU! The professors are both extremely intelligent and compassionate. The campus is beautiful in the fall, and I enjoyed my time living in Morrison Hall. It is definitely a place where you find lifelong friends and mentors.
I really appreciate the community. There are so many good people, and almost everyone is happy to be met. The faculty, staff, and students are lively and friendly.
There are also many ways to get good food or entertainment. The town of Anderson is small, but it has everything you need. If you need anything that is not in Anderson, travel just an hour to Indianapolis.
The campus was beautiful, very nice and well kept. Very friendly staff, everyone was eager to provide assistance and attempted to answer all of my questions, made me feel very welcome. However the signs on campus were a little confusing and it was a slight struggle to find the welcome center.
Anderson University is a home away from home! Classes are amazing and always full of discussion. There is always something to do on campus. The community supports you. The food is delicious. Campus security is always driving around so you always feel safe.
Anderson University is my home. The first time I stepped on to campus I knew that was the college for me. The Christian community is amazing. You grow in every way possible- mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. AU offers it all and has amazing staff and professors that greet you less as a student and more as a friend.
Anderson University has a wonderful community of people. I love how the atmosphere fells at AU. The only thing I would like to see change is the dorm rules to become a little more flexible.
I love AU and it has become my home. The professors are great and I am learning so much from them. I feel when I graduate, I will be prepared for my future career and will be a well-rounded and educated member of society.
Review Anderson University - Indiana
I really feel like I have had a lot of growth throughout my time at Anderson thus far. Although it was hard to start out on my own at first the welcoming and kind community and atmosphere quickly changed that.
I chose AU for the Education program and enjoyed my time through my courses. There isn't a lot in the area to do but there are close by things if you don't mind a drive to Indianapolis. The professors did a great job teaching their classes but the overall department was not great about having information for after graduation finances or the next step processes.
I love AU! It has a great community of students and faculty. All the professors want to help all their students succeed! I absolutely love being a part of this school. They have many different majors and minors, and if they don't offer what you want, they will help you find a way to get there! All of the faculty members are so motivated to help their students, and you can tell they all love what they do. The athletics programs are pretty great too! The coaches are invested in their athletes and want to help them achieve their best!