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I would like them to stop cutting programs that students are interested in. Other then that the courses are pretty average.
I went to Ancilla in the fall and I highly suggest no one going here unless it’s your last option there’s nothing to do in the surrounding area and everything about the school is messed up starting with the financial aid staff no one tells you anything and it’s really disappointing not having people care about your needs. I suggest going to a different junior college save money. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY AT ANCILLA. -A former student
Ancilla campus is gorgeous and laid out well. The dorms are close to the classrooms. The campus sits just outside of town which is really nice.
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I liked the small class room sizes, and the one on one help that was available because of that . I would change the food .
This school is a just a waste of time unless you have nowhere else to go and nothing else to do. This college has a lot of things that need fixing but there is no saving it. To all people thinking about coming here DON'T..
Ancilla College is a very good school to attend. The professors are wonderful there and very caring when it comes to your education. The staff are so welcoming and it is overall just a really great environment to be in.
It was actually very nice experience attending Ancilla College. I met a lot of great people, met a lot of different people from different places in the world. What I liked about it that it was a small college and everybody was close to each other. Academic wise it was really good professors helped me a lot, writing lab helped me with homework when I needed it. I really enjoyed my 2 years there it was a great experience.
You can schedule your classes to how you like so it is very flexible. Credits transfer to basically any school in the state of Indiana.
I only have to take quizzes online but my roommate has an online class and he seems to enjoy it.
It's a two year school but you can transfer your credits to another school and the staff continues to support you even after you transfer or go into the workforce.
I like the small class setting because it makes things easier to learn and you get more of a one on one approach with your instructor.
Students can basically go for any degree but most go for nursing. The school allows online classes and internships. The campus is nice and clean and the dorms are brand new.
The instructors are nice and know what there doing, I just am the average student and don't like homework.
So far school has been great and everyone helps each other out. Dorms and athletic facility's are nice. Definitely coming back next semester.
Since I am a nursing major it takes a lot of time and work to be able to know every little detail for even the smallest detail can make the biggest decisions.
Everywhere you go there is help for anything, and teacher take extra time outside of the work day to help you if needed.
The school is great. Everyone that is here teachers, students, and staff are all very friendly and helpful. It's a very small school so you see someone you know every time you walk around. The classes are small in numbers so it's easy to learn and get one-on-one time with the professors.
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A very relaxed and professional setting. The faculty and sisters are very helpful to answer questions and give advice on how to become more involved or further your education. AP classes did not originally transfer into Ancilla, but the counselor are working closely with me to try and get those credits accepted and applied to my transcript.
I am more of a paper and pencil worker, but the school offers labs and tutoring for assistance at students convenience
Ancilla continues to work with alumni if they ever need assistance in the future.
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