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The online experience at Ancilla has been great! The platform is easy to use. The teachers are accessible when help is needed. Emphasis is placed on interacting with other students, even though you aren't meeting face to face.
I have really enjoyed my time at Ancilla College! The teachers are helpful, the atmosphere is welcoming, and I have learned a lot!
Smoothly running system, I’m happy with it. No issues that I experienced. I like in person learning, but it was ok for the time being.
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Classes have not begun yet, but all the staff has been extremely helpful and responsive setting up my enrollment and schedule.
Ancilla College was one of the best college experiences I think I could ever have. The instructors are nice, always willing to help, an available through email, text, and office hours. I was able to get my Associate's Degree with no issues, though on occasion the college struggles with students who have educational disabilities keeping up with other students. Help is always available though.
This college to me seemed more of a scene for someone who likes to stay in their room and likes to be reserved. There is not much to do around there and it is a very small school. It seemed to be more like high school but with more rules. I would like to see a lot of things change, but I do know that it most likely won't happen. I believe that the quality of that school could improve in many ways and some rules could be lifted as majority of students are adults. Instead of getting treated like children, they could help mold us into the adults we are becoming.
I am a sophomore finishing one degree and getting another. My time at Ancilla has been great. The professors are experienced and dedicated to their students. They also have very impressive resumes. I have enjoyed my time here and am sad to be moving on soon.
My experience at Ancilla was good because of the people i’ve Met and relationships i’ve Made. The teachers are very helpful and nice.
There a very small class sizes and there bowling program is excellent. I would like to see them move up to a 4 year college. Because they are a very nice college and I would keep going there for four years.
What I like about Ancilla is that you are able to communicate with your professors a lot better because the class is very small. There is not a lot of distractions so you are able to focus more on your homework and get things done. The athletics here are very good and all the coaches will hold you accountable
My first year at Ancilla College was amazing. I really enjoy coming in and ready to learn. The professors are very nice and will help me in anything.
I love how diverse this school is. I love how caring and compassionate the teachers are. I also love how excited they be about your education and want you to succeed. This school is definitely a hidden gem. This school definitely my top 5
I'd like to see staff knowledgeable in what they're doing and organized! My whole degree was messed up because they don't know what they're doing!!
A small junior college that runs on the idea patience and love. Ancilla is a great place to start you academic career and start on your path to a better you.
I like the small size but not the way athletes receive special treatment. Due to the small size the teachers are able to spend the time necessary to make sure you completely understand the subject and provides a feeling of genuine care for the students.
I would like them to stop cutting programs that students are interested in. Other then that the courses are pretty average.
I went to Ancilla in the fall and I highly suggest no one going here unless it’s your last option there’s nothing to do in the surrounding area and everything about the school is messed up starting with the financial aid staff no one tells you anything and it’s really disappointing not having people care about your needs. I suggest going to a different junior college save money. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY AT ANCILLA. -A former student
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Ancilla campus is gorgeous and laid out well. The dorms are close to the classrooms. The campus sits just outside of town which is really nice.
I liked the small class room sizes, and the one on one help that was available because of that . I would change the food .
This school is a just a waste of time unless you have nowhere else to go and nothing else to do. This college has a lot of things that need fixing but there is no saving it. To all people thinking about coming here DON'T..
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