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The teachers and staff members are excellent! They are always willing to be available to help you. I love that all of my classes involve Bible education. My classmates have all been very friendly, encouraging and helpful in classroom forum assignments. I would definitely recommend this school for online Christian students.
My experience at Amridge has been great. The professors I have had are very encouraging and helpful. The academic advisor is responsive and helpful to my email messages and I have had no issues with the financial aid office. As far as an online university is concerned, especially one with so many biblical studies options, Amridge has been an excellent choice for me.
My best experience that I've liked about Amridge University is how great the professors are with helping and moticvatfng the students in achieving their goals. One things that I would change about Amridge University, to have better communication between the students and financial aid staff, students advisor with guiding their students in the right paths.
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I like going there because it seen be filled with profession peoples that and willing to help you all that they can. If I could change something I would it to have more ways to help with finance or if there was a scholarship for the student that does not have any or money. Because if there is no aide left and no scholarship money that you can get when there is nothing, then you are just left out in the cold and will not be able to finish school if you do have any money and no job.
Amridge University is truly incredible when it comes to distance learning! Every professor I've had has been very approachable, respectful, and accommodating. I have enjoyed my experience here better than the on-campus schools I have attended.
Always the best out of the professors. They really work hard and help each student with any problems. They know their materail well. The courses have given me a good background my PhD in Old Testament.
There are no health or safety issues on campus.
Amridge fits my schedule and I didn't have to relocate to continue my graduate work.
There are a variety of restaurants to chose from.
I attend a Christian university and they have strict policies concerning drug use; they really enforce this policy.
I did not encounter any issues with financial aid.
I do not live on campus
Very diverse population as far as sex, race, gender, age, and socioeconomic background.
As I stared previously, Amridge ripped me off of my degree. They got paid and I got nothing but $62,000 in student loans for a degree I cannot get. And I cannot transfer school as I will loose all of my credits but 9. I have 57.23 of the 60 credits I need to get my masters. They denied me a complete education!
Many apartments are available within a few miles of school
This is mainly an online schools so I'm not sure if they even have Greek life available. Check with the school.
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