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The party scene is nonexistent. Furthermore the "athlete/student divide" is ridiculous. Administration sides heavily against athletes. Professors are wonderful here though. The town is a small college town not a ton to do in
Overall a good experience. Pros: academics, nice campus, lots of resources. Cons: very rural, preppy, some dorms are old, food is ok.
Alumni relations are so close, so eager to help students. Jobs and internships can definitely be found through the alumni network and the Career Center tries so hard to connect them.
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I would not be where I am not without these brilliant professors. They work as hard as the students, even harder, and do so much for the students. They make Amherst the fantastic place it is.
I feel very safe on campus -- no matter what time of day or night. The police are very kind and understanding; they really try to understand the students and any issues they come upon. Cannot comment upon health -- I haven't used the health center, but I've heard disappointing things.
I decided to not go through room draw - I went for a theme house, specifically the Russian floor in Porter House. It was great -- huge, spacious rooms, a bit away from the center of campus, very close to town. Walls were a bit thin, I got used to sleeping in earphones because of floormates walking around at night. Very great place, otherwise.
I don't play a sport at school and don't really talk to athletes on campus, so I can't say much. People do attend some games, but not often since student-athletes and rest of the campus don't really talk to each other. Teams are tight and don't really expend energy to communicate with people not on the teams; non-athletes usually find friends on their own. The only large event where the whole school congregates is out Homecoming game. And even then, it's not for the sports, but for the atmosphere.
Amherst is an active, inspiring, curious place. The people all want so much more from life and are willing to do all to achieve that. Very active minds. Conversations can go in a billion different directions and it makes life at the college so interesting.
Amherst is a quiet place in general and there's not a lot going on that could harm me.
The professors are very enthusiastic and very qualified.
People in the New England area know Amherst and hold it in high esteem.
The freshmen dorms are great. The renovated dorms are better than the old ones. It's a mix of old and new.
We have a great football team and there's a lot of emphasis and health and well-being.
Everybody here is super enthusiastic and so bright.
Amherst has made a huge effort in the last decade or so to create a more diverse campus, and it's done a great job. Isolated incidents of intolerance are condemned by the whole student body and administration. Amherst is a place where you can meet and be friends with many kinds of people.
Alcohol is widely consumed. Weed is used by some students regularly and many students occasionally. Other drugs are used by a small amount of students and are generally not seen by the general population and will probably not be offered to you, although, on such a small campus, you can find them if you're trying.
I feel very safe on campus, and I definitely feel that the AC Police are there to protect students, not punish them. The campus health center, however, I have found generally unhelpful and inconvenient. They have unreasonable hours for serving a student population that is in class during the day (they close for a full hour during lunch and close for the day at 4:30 pm). The process for getting a prescription there is so convoluted and difficult that I've just started getting mine at the CVS in town.
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There's a huge variety of courses, and there's always more courses that I want to take than I can fit into my schedule. There's no gen-ed requirements, so you're pretty much always taking classes that you're really interested in. Professors are passionate and always happy to talk with you. Most classes are challenging, but you can get an A if you put the effort in.
The alumni network is very strong and many students utilize it to help find internships and post-graduation jobs. Pretty much everyone I know who has graduated has had a job, grad school or some other plan lined up by the end of the year.
The physical condition of most dorms is great. They're well maintained, clean, and usually spacious. The furthest dorms from campus are still only about a 10 minute walk through a safe area. Furthermore, dorm RCs are, at least in my experience, helpful when you need them, but not too nosy or heavy handed. Generally, if you don't regularly make a mess, cause dorm damage, or disturb your hall mates, they will give you a pass on most things. Room draw can be a stressful process, especially if you have a big group, but the college seems to be doing all it can to streamline it and make it as fair as possible. I do think that many of the dorms are lacking in amenities, especially upperclassmen dorms. It seems a little basic to put things like water fountains and vending machines in all dorms. Some of the common rooms are also under furnished and not containing many incentives for students to gather there. Something like a ping pong table or foosball would definitely turn many common rooms into more of a social space rather than a place for one or two people to quietly study. Also, several dorms don't have elevators, so if you suffer an injury during the school year, good luck? Finally, the social atmosphere in dorms can be very hit or miss. Some freshman dorms (particularly when the whole building is sub-free) form close bonds and stay friends throughout their time at Amherst. Others (Pratt) seem to have trouble forming a community.
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