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A liberal arts college, as in ultra liberal arts... over the top, off the cliff liberal. Good professors with some exceptions, better than most but there are always a couple of "unique" profs. Do your due diligence. Overall housing is good and getting better. They are addressing the previous lack of sciences to some degree. Food is passable. Town is ok. Diversity is near nil. If you are ultra liberal left and/or a minority, your in. If not, you are a racist homophobic scumbag (by definition). That is their version of "diversity". Athletics are competitive and well supported. Tuition is absurdly high. It's "good" but for what you pay it comes up very short and you better fit into their structure of what is politically correct.
Terrible, small snobby, school. Faculty is not as supportive and nurturing as they want you to believe. If you're a minority or nontraditional student don't expect support. They're just checking boxes by accepting you. Once you get there you're on your own to sink or swim. They work hard to make it seem like a paradise though. They try to minimize bad press so they can get good applications. Too small for it's own good. It's like living in a fish bowl. Very cliquish. If you weren't one of the popular ones in high school navigating this social minefield will be the biggest challenge of your life. Everyone thinks they're gods gift to humanity. Academics are okay but nothing special. Education ultimately is what you make of it. You might think you're awesome for going here but in real life no one knows wtf Amherst is and no one cares. Visit, ask questions, do your research and try not to be taken in by the rankings alone. I had a good life before I ever knew the name Amherst.
Our tour guide was well trained. He waited for someone to leave the dorms to have them tell the group what the best thing was about Amherst. The Dean was very intelligent and knowledgeable and gave a great information session presentation to the group. It is a small liberal arts college which is academically based and hard to get into. A mini Harvard that was scaled down. A shuttle transports you to the other 5 colleges connected with Amherst (University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Smith College, Mount-Holyoke College and Hampshire College). If accepted into any one of these colleges, you can attend classes, sports, activities at any of these colleges if they offer something that you are interested in. A nice feature to have offered because all of a sudden there is a larger area of interest, sports and activities to choose from. Making it almost impossible not to have something that you are looking for or interested in which can happen at small schools with limited choices.
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The small environment allows you to meet a lot of people on campus and build close relationships with your professors.
Amherst was a beautiful campus and an amazing experience! I met so many people who I consider my best friends to this day! Would recommend!
Amherst truly is an amazing school in a beautiful location. The professors are top notch and the student body is extremely friendly and open.
I visited them in July. I liked their campus, especially the outside community. This is my top choice college and I really would love to go here!
Everyone is so nice. The campus is beautiful. The food has its good days. The classes are rewarding and professors are caring. Many extracurriculars to choose from. Great environment.
Generous financial aid, diverse student body, excellent career/internship support services, and friendly professors!
I have loved my time at Amherst. Professors go above and beyond to help their students, something that happens because of the small size of the school. Most classes don't have TAs, which means office hours and review sessions are held directly with the professors. Upper-level classes can have fewer than 30 people, which I have found to be a great environment for challenging yourself and growing academically. As a liberal arts college, Amherst also teaches you HOW to think, rather than just what to think. The school is also very helpful with outside opportunities. The alumni network is incredibly supportive, especially for mentoring or networking. I was able to receive funding from the school for my unpaid summer internship, and they also provide research funds for many students. Since there are no graduate students at Amherst, all lab, research, and work opportunities with professors can start early on in your academic career.
I graduated in 1986 so I am sure the campus has changed dramatically. When I went there, it wasn't as diverse as it is now nor was it as progressive. However, overall, the experience was excellent and I would recommend this school to anyone I know.
Small School, for sure. Everyone knows each other's business, but if you are ok with that, the academics are truly unparalleled. The professors are all incredibly intelligent and helpful, and they really pushed me to think through a problem with all its complexity, without the pressures of simplification that often characterize modern issues. My classmates were all amazing, which was intimidating at first, but which I also grew to appreciate and hopefully grow from. The administration tries its best, but at times, students feel they aren't heard and the administration feels it is coddling students. Definitely more work to be done (in and outside the college) on understanding and making space for identities, but Amherst's diversity really pushes everyone to make that space (successfully at times and unsuccessfully at times.)
I love Amherst. It’s definitely small and rural, so you have to be prepared to find most of your social life on campus itself. But if you’re ready for that, the academics are great, professors are helpful, people are wonderful, and campus is beautiful! The financial aid packages are amazing, because Amherst intentionally makes the hard part gaining admission—not paying!
I fell in love with Amherst the minute I saw it. Located on a hill in an idyllic New England town, it embodies all the qualities I think are important in a college.
I enjoyed my time here, but the social scene is changing and the school is becoming much more strict. I think the reason I was able to enjoy my time here is because I experienced the "old Amherst" in my early years. I have a brother who is an incoming freshman and I told him not to attend Amherst. People are becoming more and more unhappy at Amherst.
The small class sizes allowed me to work closely with professors. The athletic department supported my development as a student-athlete and leader on campus and in the community.
I've grown intellectually more than I could have imagined during my time at Amherst. The student body is amazing from top to bottom, which allows classes to move at a very fast pace. Much material is covered, very quickly, each semester. Plenty to do on campus, in town and in the surrounding area, the Pioneer Valley is beautiful.
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The academics at Amherst rival any college in the country. The professors are all tops in their field, and also make themselves available at any time. This is really an important thing. The student body has the same "on paper diversity" as most colleges, but everyone here is highly academically accomplished, including the athletes. It is not, however, an outwardly "competitive" place. That's not the culture here. People are friendly and there are parties and social engagements almost all Fridays and Saturdays, but from Sunday through Thursday people study and work hard. Sports events (football, basketball, etc) are surprisingly well attended and fun events. Very hard school to get into, esp. if you are not a recruited athlete.
Absolutely amazing school, life-changing experience. Met so many diverse, hard-working, passionate, interesting, intellectual people there. Got tons of opportunities--went abroad, and did lots of internships on Amherst's dime. Financial aid was amazing. Campus is jaw-droppingly beautiful with the leafy quads and the Holyoke range on the horizon. Town is super cute and charming. Most of my friends ended up at top grad schools and jobs around the country and abroad.
As a senior looking back I can say I could not have made a better choice. Like everyone here I had many great colleges to choose from. My experience here has been phenomenal. One bonus for those entering after this year is all major construction will be done, including the fantastic new $300 million science center.
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