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Ameritech College of Healthcare Reviews

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Most of the teachers at Ameritech are caring and helpful. They will spend extra time with you to go over material if needed. I feel there could be more lab experience.
I love the fact that they are so vested in each student succeeding, professors reach out personally to each student to help them meet their needs, their office doors are always open and, as far as the nursing program goes, they make sure that each student passes the NCLEX in one try! Great place, accelerated, well worth the cost.
Ameritech has been very helpful in my admission to starting the nursing program. They are an accredited school that also allows the student to continue the bachelors program 100% online.
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I love the idea that this is just purely a nursing school. No extra classes, only the classes you need to become a nurse. The faculty is very helpful and super friendly.
They are very organized and efficient. I appreciate them being flexible with me!! Ever since I started with them and even with little time, they were flexible with meeting with me. They were patient. They were flexible on when it worked for me to come to do the TEAS exam, the finances, the classes, etc. So far, it has been a fantastic experience.
Mostly just wanting to take your money. This is a good route if you want your schooling to be quick.
The staff is amazing there. Everyone I have came across has been helpful and willing to help in anyway that is possible. It can be a stressful time and it makes it easier when you have the staff being so willing to be involved and helpful. It is a very fast course but manageable.
I really liked how kind the academic advisor was when he called to go over everything that I should know about the program. He made me feel very welcome and made sure he answered all of my questions.
I am just starting but eager to start and grow in the healthcare field. I have always wanted to be able to help people who cant help themselves and that want to change their lives.
The staff is so friendly and helpful. They always answer my questions and want me to succeed! Best personalized school I have every been too.
I honestly have few complaints about Ameritech. I love being a student here. It would be nice to have more quiet study areas, and school provided tutors. Other than that, my professors are great and it's an inviting learning environment.
I love Ameritech. The teachers are great. I have had life events that have effected my schooling and they have gone out of their way to make sure that I am able to complete my program and are rooting for my success.
Ameritech is a fairly new school which means class sizes are the perfect size. The smaller the class, the more personal and focused the learning group. The courses are all focused towards specific healthcare careers, so all of the information that is taught is extremely useful. They hold their students to a high standard, which may be intimidating, but will eventually benefit the patients we will take care of. The only downside is the price is slightly high.
I am currently a student at Ameritech. I am going into nursing. I just completed my first semester and as any other nursing program you have to study hard and work hard. The teachers and environment is amazing. The teachers and staff are very friendly and are willing to help you at anytime. They all want you to succeed which is the greatest motivation because everyone is on your side.
I have been so impressed with Ameritech! The campus is new and clean. Everything is bright and well lite. The staff is incredible! Friendly, outgoing, excited and passionate about what they do. I have never experienced such a positive "We're on your side!" vibe from any school I've ever been to. Previous to Ameritech my experience on college campuses was rather negative. I never enjoyed the atmosphere of college before coming here. I will recommend them to everyone!
I love Ameritech because the programs here are so much more understandable than they are at other schools. I tried some other programs and this one suited me the best. It's very interactive, and the teachers try and connect with every student to ensure that they are staying on task and being productive.
The staff is really nice. The courses seem very fast pace. It is a great learning experience. The teachers work hard to make sure that you learn and know the information. You really learn a lot.
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They have been very helpful and encouraging in helping me further my education. They have called and checked in on me and my progress and have made me feel very welcome.
I honestly am so grateful that I chose Ameritech compared to the other schools available. The professors are on a much more personal level than large universities, the class sizes are smaller and the staff is beyond personable.
Admissions was extremely smooth. They make you feel like you are a part of the family and are extremely fast to answer all of your questions.
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