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I honestly am so grateful that I chose Ameritech compared to the other schools available. The professors are on a much more personal level than large universities, the class sizes are smaller and the staff is beyond personable.
Admissions was extremely smooth. They make you feel like you are a part of the family and are extremely fast to answer all of your questions.
Ameritech has a great nursing program for those who want to get it done in a short time. I would change the amount of time you have to complete your enternce exam.
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I love the heart and soul the College has to offer to its' students. The education is above average and the instructors are the best. The College is student-centered and each student matters. The ratios are amazing and the class sizes are therefore quite small. The college has been around for over 30 years so I think that says a lot in today's society. Our students get jobs and our retention and placement rates are some of the highest in the market. We have great licensing and certification rates. This college deserves your time and attention if you are interested in a healthcare education.
I am a current nursing student. I really like the small class sizes. I am very comfortable approaching the instructors with my thoughts and questions.
I love my class it is so fun, I didnt think going to school again would be so awesome but my instructor has made me think other wise. i love the fact that we are so hands on. We get to inject each other with saline water so we can practice our shots and we do veinipunctures every day I just love it i wouldnt change my mind about coming to Ameritech any day!!
So friendly and helpful. I did not get admitted the first time so they helped me get in a situation where I could later.
Ameritech College gave me a fast track to my RN. They have a high NCLEX pass rate and really strive for everyone to pass. Class sizes are small and the teachers are well educated. Their general ed classes are geared towards nursing, so you are always learning something useful towards your future career. After graduation they helped me with my resume and I found full time work within a month of graduation!
Is a great way to get in and be a nurse quickly. It is pricey but worth it. If you have any college credits or were working toward applying for a nursing program else where.. odds are you can transfer classes saving you time and money. Their attendance policy is very strict due to it's fast pace, keep that in mind before applying. They have a great NCLEX pass rate and will help you prepare a resume, cover letter, reference list and help prepare you for interview questions nearing graduation. I had a great overall experience here
I love going to Ameritech. I am currently in the Nursing program and seriously I couldn't ask for better teachers! I feel like I am important to each advisor and they do their very best to give us hands on experience. It is not a traditional college, it is more of a technical college. It's an accelerated program and I am so grateful for it.
I am blessed enough to have a very free schedule when it comes to work and school. On the other hand I do know students who have children and go to work and school full time. From what I understand, the school is flexible and works with their schedule.
Ameritech offers a RN-BSN online degree once the ASN degree is finished. Both of which of accredited. I have yet decided if I am going to stay at the college I am currently attending or go to a University to finish up. Only time and money will tell what is in store for me in the future.
While my graduate cohort consist of 80+ students, individual classes are reasonable and manageable. There are enough students that interaction during class is possible and few enough that you feel individualized by the professor. I also enjoy that classes are help in reasonable amounts of time. When the classes become too long, my focus and drive decreases. When this happens it is hard for me to listen and understand the material. The professors have also explained how to study, resources and how to take notes in order to be as successful as possible during the class.
Many of my co-workers at the University of Utah hospital graduated from Ameritech. I had always heard of Ameritech but never looked into it until I saw how wonderful their nursing skills were. From my knowledge, nurses who graduated from Ameritech are very sought after in job placements. Graduates can find jobs in any state as well as hospitals and rehab centers. I am very confident that I will have a job lined up before I graduate from the program.
The workload for Ameritech College of Healthcare is very intense. But with this intensity, it is possible to stand out as successful people in the career of our choice. While this program is fast and intense. Faculty and staff are ready at any moment to help with your questions and needs. They are setting us up for success. The staff not only is confident in their classes they are teaching, they also continue working in the field of study.
I have been attending a University for the past 5 years. Ameritech College of Healthcare is by far the best experience I have had yet. The staff is so supportive and ready to help you anytime of the day. They have set us up for success. This school holds each student to the highest respect and expectation. With this, students rise above other students of different schools. I am so blessed and thrilled to be a part of this program.
They are so flexible and really do whatever they can to make sure you succeed.
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From what I hear its an amazing program!
From what ive seen everyone has done very well in getting their dream job.
So far the professors have been amazing and truly care about their students, it makes me want to achieve higher and make them proud.
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