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Do not recommend this school to anyone. Owners only care about you at orientation, they tell you how great it is until you give them all your money-Then things change. While I was there I did not receive the support that would have been nice considering this is a very accelerated program; almost impossible to manage if you have a job, family, children etc.
They make it sound flexible and convenient and it is NOT. DO yourself a favor and no not go to this school you will regret it. Biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. Too bad I learned the hard way 28k later and no license, having to restart at another school since NOTHING transfered out!
they do not have a career center
It is only a nursing school, so everything is about my major.
Review Ambria College of Nursing
small library, no athletics. They do have a nice student resource center
The online sources and tools we use is very inconsistent. Its a back and forth process between two websites. There is not really a clear understanding of which site to utilize more.
There is the new RN/BSN program at our school that a lot of people have talked about going into after LPN.
Flexibility with this school isn't so great. There are limited spaces in facilities on certain days when I needed it. Sometimes they ended up being full so I had to pick days that were very inconvenient for me.
Since we are going through the struggle together, all students get a long very well. We are a very diverse school, coming from all different backgrounds. Some of us don't even work in the healthcare field. But we always find something in common.
Financial aid at this school is the best. They will do anything and everything to help you cover costs. All you really have to do is work with them, submit your paperwork and they do the rest. If you're ever missing something they will immediately come find you to work things out. The money I pay for this school, however, I feel is not utilized well. The labs are not open to the students freely to practice skills, computer labs are not always open as well. There are a lot of things that need attention to make better for the students. The hidden tuition costs get ridiculous sometimes. Especially the student service fee every semester.
The professors are wonderful, especially the clinical instructors. They are willing to help you learn, minimize your anxiety and expand your knowledge. The class registration is a hassle, there a lot of requirements that need to be done before registering for classes. Clinical sites and days are very limited and inflexible.
The workload is a lot, it is an accelerated program. It is difficult, but it can be done with a lot of time and dedication. Teachers are always willing to meet with you to discuss difficulties and weaknesses, and also willing to accommodate changes that impact the classroom in a more positive way. Clinical sites are good because you get to do a lot of hands on work, and we are well respected to the facilities we go to for clinical.
There are study rooms to study in. They are quiet and a good place to study. The computer labs are not always available, and the books in the library are not the books used in the current classes at Ambria. Also, they have this weird rule about not printing out too many pages, even though we are paying a "student service fee" every semester. The school does try its best to get the students involved in certain activities.
The employees do their best to recruit students. The teachers are well educated and want you to succeed. Especially the clinical instructors. They challenge us and try to bring out our full potential whether it be on the floor or in the classroom. Management of the school, however, is a different story.
It's not the best school if you have a strict work schedule. Management isn't the best, mainly because the interests of the students are put last. Also, they change the schedule last minute. Financial aid is very willing to help in all ways to cover tuition, however, there are a lot of fees that are ridiculous. Resources, such as a library and computer lab isn't always available. I suggest you have a flexible work schedule and a lot of extra money and patience if you consider going to this school.
We do have a current job network at our school
The financial aide office staff are great and very helpful. One staff member in particular really helps us alot and she tries to help us find outside resources to help in our tution repayments. For example , scholarships and other educational sites for assistance for school.
on campus we do have resource labs and a tutoring center
Review Ambria College of Nursing
Majority of the time the computer labs are available and programs are on line
I have had some great experiences and some real nightmares at my school. I have had some great instructors and have had a positive experience being in their classes. I learned alot and can not wait to utilize my skills that I have learned from my peers in the nursing field.
Hard! Nursing is very hard and will take up a lot of your time to study and so good.
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