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AU is a good school for anyone interested in political science, government, and international relations, however, I would not recommend it as much for other majors. The location of the school (Washington DC) as well as its alumni network ensures that students have some great internship opportunities around the city (think tanks, politicians, NGOs, etc.). Campus is small but safe and the quad is a great place to hang out in spring and summer.
I've been moving towards going into politics my whole life and this University has me excited about it. The classes are interesting, the Professors are professionals in their fields and the Student life is thriving. Great school and I'm glad to be here.
American University has a strong commitment to social justice, evidenced by its students' frequent rallies and discussions. There is a commitment to increase diversity. LGBT students feel at home. Beautiful campus and great professors and great internship opportunities.
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While AU has a great reputation in the D.C. area and beyond, grad students are distinctly overlooked. The faculty is outstanding.
This University lacks the pride and culture that you would see at most state schools. On top of this, the school boasts about their diversity and inclusion but there is very little diversity on campus. There is some racial diversity; however, there is little to no economic diversity. I often feel out of place amongst my upper-middle-class peers. While there are many opportunities on campus, the academics are mediocre. I rarely feel challenged by the work that I am given and most of the professors are very lenient. Even though I am not a fan of American University, I love the surrounding area of D.C. And it is nice that unlimited metro access is included in our tuition. I suggest saving your money and going to a state school like UMD. It provides the college experience, with proximity to D.C., and limitless opportunities to succeed. I have already applied to transfer.
This is a very good University from the perspective as a graduate student, but as diversity goes outside of the graduate program, there is none.
The first time I visited American University I did an "over night". Right off the bat I got along with my host as we walked to her dorm. I was able to meet some of her friends and the students that they were hosting and every single person I met I got along with really well. We went "night monumenting" with all of the other prospective students, some AU ambassadors, and a few of the hosts. I knew that at this school I would be surrounded by people that I clicked with in an environment that pushed me to explore and learn. The next day included a series of tours and seminars, and the more time I spent at American University, the more I knew that I belonged there.
Although the school is in a great location you cannot use the location to make up for what it is lacking. The school lacks quality edible food for students and most of the facilities in the dorms are breaking down. Also the adminstration does not take hate crime seriously when it occurs on campus which generally leads to protest.
It was hard to adjust to American University at first. On the one hand I felt like I was on a small campus, but at the same time there is a huge student body and I knew no one. Participating in Greek Life has really allowed me to find my community at school. One of the best parts of American is the professors. They are all great and really invested in your education. Many of my professors make me feel excited and interested in topics that I otherwise wouldn't be interested in.
The class sizes are small and therefore it is easy to talk with your professors. The campus food could be changed up.
The campus was very nice and clean. Facilities are very well-funded and advanced. This is a very politically active school, and it's very strong on international relations, so you can expect very knowledgeable students who voice their opinions on political matters. That's what I find about this college very interesting. Also, you should feel very safe, as the Department of Homeland Security headquarters are right across the street.
Bit too political since everyone (3/4) of the student body majors in political science or international relations, and the cost of living is expensive, but a good school nonetheless. $50 to join the recreational soccer club, and similar expenses for other sports clubs. Usually attending on campus events put on by students (including plays) costs a minimum of $10. Which is a lot once everything adds up.
The School of International Service and The School of Public Affairs have great programs at American University. Washington, D.C. is the perfect and unique place for students seeking degrees in either of those schools. Students here are pushed to maintain a high GPA, get an internship by the time they graduate, and be politically active on and off campus.
I enjoy the caliber of professors and opportunities that you can gain at American. Being located in DC is a tremendous asset.
AU is a school for students who are passionate about learning and making a difference. It's definitely not perfect, but the wonderful professors make up for the difficulties with administration. I'll always be thankful for my time at AU thanks to the dedicated students and professors making up such a wonderful community.
American is a medium school in a big city. The campus is beautiful and you can forget that you are in a city. The professors are helpful and nice. There are GREAT internship opportunities.
I have enjoyed the time in my MA program at AU's Schoo of International Service. I think there are quality professors and a wide array of degree options and courses. The school definitely takes care of its students.

I think what AU is missing is strong programs like SIS school-wide and a high caliber of students (less-partying).
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So far, I am having a pretty good college experience. The atmosphere at American University is amazing. There are so many students who are dedicated and really passionate about their areas of interests. American also provides excellent resources in helping you to be the most prepared that you can be in order to succeed. However, I wish they had more on campus events to promote more school spirit. And like any school they could improve their food. But overall, I am having a great experience so far!
As a freshman I have found my place at AU. I love the classes offered and I have already made amazing relationships with my professors. The social scene can be better but overall it is has been a great experiences so far.
During my time at American University, I've made some of the best friends I will ever have, and have learned valuable lessons (both academic, and for the "adult" world). The faculty is wonderful, and are always willing to help you and offer advice. On an administrative level, there could be more communication between the students and the upper-level offices, especially about "controversial" events that occur on campus (such as about race and sexual assault). There could also be more of a willingness to accommodate the students and offer support, rather than be stuck in all of the bureaucratic red tape and legalities, as well as offer more financial help students who are financially independent, rather than support the students who come from upper-class families. However, I have learned about myself, and my interests at my time at AU and it is something that will stick with me for the rest of my life.
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