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Graduate programs do not allow graduate students with full time jobs a lot of flexibility. A lot of classes are offered before 5pm so the classes after 5pm are always full and students are put on the waitlist. The school should enforce more opportunities to include more online classes
It has an extensive amount of internships and study abroad opportunities. There are also a lot of sources on campus to help you out, but the food options could be improve.
- Great professors
- Quality education (especially for International Studies)
- Near downtown DC (but takes longer than you'd think to get downtown)
- Most freshman dorms are nice, recently redone
- Political (I guess for some that could be a con, but I really like that about AU)
- People are nice
- Very safe environment

- Takes almost an hour to get to downtown DC using public transportation
- AU only cares about students on the surface
- VERY Stressful school, TONS of work
- Not much of a sense of community
- Bad food services
- Not a lot of student events sponsored by AU, not much to do on campus
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I absolutely love AU. My classes are interesting and the work is manageable. The professors are chill, passionate and very approachable. The extracurricular opportunities are beyond amazing. I love theater, and have discovered endless performance opportunities. One is not restricted to one subject here; it is the ideal school for a Renaissance woman. AU is not a notorious party school but people do go out and there is a nice social scene. I have become part of multiple friend groups in just my first semester of freshman year. The dorms are not fantastic but they are acceptable, and there is a great sense of community in the residence halls. The campus is beautiful, and we have almost unlimited access to an international city. I truly feel I belong at AU and I couldn't be happier.
I really love AU. All of my classes are 18-25 people, there are barely any annoying gen ed requirements and I can mostly take what I want and explore my major. I was surprised at the party scene, it's much better than expected. There's plenty of frat parties, but also 18+ clubs downtown that are free some nights (or cheaper for girls). I was skeptical about clubs at first but they're way nicer than frat houses and you get tired of those after a while. The dorm culture is amazing, every floor has such a bond and people know each other and have really positive communities. The actual quality of the dorms is not good tho, that's why AU doesn't have a fifth star. For the price tag I hoped they'd be nicer. However, upperclassmen housing is super nice. AU has a beautiful campus, everyone is motivated and outgoing, food is meh but hey it's college. Happy with my choice.
I like the area it's in and all of the opportunities that the school provides for its different programs and majors. One thing I wish the school did improve on is the quality and the variety of the food because a lot of students have trouble finding something they like or something that fits their dietary needs.
American University has an excellent network of internships in and around the Washington, D.C. area.
AU has really amazing classes and professors. The campus is also beautiful and it is in a very very nice part of DC. The food is lacking in diversity and its not particularly great, the dorms are not great but definitely not terrible, and the party scene isn't crazy but definitely alive.
American has excellent academics for sure, however the campus culture and spirit is really sad. The social scene is very restricted and if you aren't in a sorority or fraternity it is hard to be in the social scene.
I love the environment on campus as well as the city of D.C. itself. There is a lot of history and a niche for any student that passes through its halls.
The food is extremely subpar. However, the classes are challenging and the professors are engaging. AU is located in a beautiful section of North West Washington, DC. The social scene is diverse, and there are things for everyone.
American University has all the elements of a great urban university. Great people, professors, and students all right in the middle of the Washington DC.
American has far too many lefties, but other than that is a stellar university. The access to D.C. coupled with the courses make a powerful and unique experience.
Lots of degrees and courses to choose from. Great location in downtown DC and easy access the metro and public transportation. One thing I would change is promoting a sense of school spirit and chances to get to know other students. It can get very lonely on campus.
It was the only well known school in the area that did not require a GMAT. It offers an online program for people living around the area, such as myself.
Best university ever! The professors are beyond incredible people, the people are great, and the programs are challenging yet incredibly enticing. Changed my life forever and I'm so grateful.
American University has such a beautiful campus, amazing programs, polite staff, and an environment that strives to help its students succeed.
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In my experience, enrolling in AU has a wonder experience. they prepare you for real work experiences and network is great
I commuted to and from American University as a grad student, so I cannot speak to the dorm experience or the undergrad experience. But I can say that the graduate school of psychology was an appropriately rigorous program that prepared me for pursuing my doctorate. It's a small campus located in the city of Washington, D.C., so it's perfect if you enjoy the urban atmosphere. It's quite expensive to rent a place in the area though, so if you already live in range to commute, you should do so.
As a rising sophomore at American, I can say that the first year I spent there was absolutely miserable. I spent my first semester in the Mentorship Program, which basically was a second coming of high school. I was stuck abroad with only 23 other students. Upon returning in the spring, I could not make any friends as everyone is an elitist pig. If you don't party hard enough at expensive clubs or do enough drugs, they won't waste their time on you. Despite sharing the same political beliefs and wanting the same change as every other student that attends the university, they discriminate against you and negate your feelings based on skin color. It's an extremely toxic environment. The only thing American has going for it is its interesting classes and professors.
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