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Overall, I'm in love AU and everything about it here. This place is great with a dynamic school climate, featuring well-acknowledged and helpful professors, superb location and plentiful of job and internship opportunities for students to find. You'll be able to pursue what you want and not what others feel you should do, and it's fairly easy to switch majors as you're accepted to all of the schools (The earlier the better). They're remodeling dorms: my dorm was recently renovated and the lounge area is a great place to bond and enjoy time with your floormates. Finally, the students here are really cool, and I'm comfortable with being myself and not putting up a facade. This is a great place to be. If you're on the cusp of deciding between here or GW/GU, you're not going to find a school that's a community. Both schools are known for feeling being elitist, but AU is more about working together and creating an inclusive environment for all.
Dually an academically rigorous and a well connected school, American University sets students up for success. Located in the picturesque Spring Valley neighborhood, American’s campus is an arboretum boasting gardens and many different species of foliage.
American University is situated in Northwest DC, a more peaceful, residential area of the Capital. Though it allows for separation from the busyness of downtown, it is conveniently near metro stops that can get you to the Capitol building quickly. AND AU offers FREE metro (busses and trains) to all students!!!! Along with fantastic academic programs (I'm a business major, but I've got to give it up for the School of International Service), American University is a great, competitive school to attend.
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All in all I would have to say American is a pretty good university. It looks great on paper, professors are established or have connections so their are plenty of internship oppurtunities. I mean come on its the DC area. Campus looks nice and its generally pretty safe. Not a whole lot of diversity but the amount of POC students is increasing yearly from what I've seen. Student life is pretty large, we have clubs for almost everything. Athletics teams are lacking though, not in quantity but quality.
Besides the food (the Terrace Dining Room is terrible), this is a great place and I love being here.
I was poor before I went to American University and I am still poor after graduating from American University. Graduating from this school did not do anything to improve my standard of living. I am actually worse off from graduating from this school because now I have student loans to pay and I have never had one good job since graduating from this school. And everyone I know who graduated from this school does not have a good job either.
AU is an overall good school, especially for those who want a more intimate college experience. The academics are pretty good, as is the location. Diversity, equality, and sustainability are very important here. On the negative side, campus food mostly sucks (besides Subway and Einstein Bagels). There's also not a lot of school spirit, if you're into that.
I spent two weeks here over the summer and I absolutely loved it. I took a course called Broadcast Journalism and learned a lot. This is my first choice college.
This is a university that places academics before anything else, which is exactly what a higher education institute should do. The professors are genuinely interested in the subject matter he or she teaches, which translates into course material that will help prepare students for real-world, professional experience.
I love my teachers and courses but the administration is not very effective - the student body is constantly let down by them
Good school, especially for politics or international studies. The school is a good fit for students who want to study abroad or intern.
AU has been great but the administration is terrible. There were three racist incidents at the school in one year and nothing was done. The administration does not care about minorities on campus.
This school provides so much information via email, orientations, phone calls, etc. and they are very straightforward about their expectations. Inclusiveness and equality for all, no matter what you identify as regarding sexuality, race, and more, are valued here at American University from day 1.
It has been an amazing experience thus far and has truly given me the chance to express myself as an individual in society and in the community. There is always something to do on-campus, especially on the quad when it is sunny. Even if there is rain, there is plenty to do indoors. The on-campus feel and the ability to go off campus whenever wanted is very nice. The closeness to the city is perfect but still far enough to feel like a suburban campus.
For Chinese students here, the name of this university makes my relatives, friends regard it as a diploma mill.
AU is a good school for anyone interested in political science, government, and international relations, however, I would not recommend it as much for other majors. The location of the school (Washington DC) as well as its alumni network ensures that students have some great internship opportunities around the city (think tanks, politicians, NGOs, etc.). Campus is small but safe and the quad is a great place to hang out in spring and summer.
I've been moving towards going into politics my whole life and this University has me excited about it. The classes are interesting, the Professors are professionals in their fields and the Student life is thriving. Great school and I'm glad to be here.
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American University has a strong commitment to social justice, evidenced by its students' frequent rallies and discussions. There is a commitment to increase diversity. LGBT students feel at home. Beautiful campus and great professors and great internship opportunities.
While AU has a great reputation in the D.C. area and beyond, grad students are distinctly overlooked. The faculty is outstanding.
This University lacks the pride and culture that you would see at most state schools. On top of this, the school boasts about their diversity and inclusion but there is very little diversity on campus. There is some racial diversity; however, there is little to no economic diversity. I often feel out of place amongst my upper-middle-class peers. While there are many opportunities on campus, the academics are mediocre. I rarely feel challenged by the work that I am given and most of the professors are very lenient. Even though I am not a fan of American University, I love the surrounding area of D.C. And it is nice that unlimited metro access is included in our tuition. I suggest saving your money and going to a state school like UMD. It provides the college experience, with proximity to D.C., and limitless opportunities to succeed. I have already applied to transfer.
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