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I love American University. The campus during my tour was beautiful, and the schools looked wonderful. The class options for my intended major (political science) have excellent professors, and interesting course topics. In addition, they are located in the heart of political science, Washington DC. Overall, American University is my number one, and I hope to get in!!
Good school, lots of international students, quality differs a bit depending on major and desired career path. The school has seen lots of construction over the recent years, expanding the available dorms. A little out of the way from the main areas of DC, but these are accessible by bus and metro. There are always plenty of internship opportunities downtown.
Academics are great, campus is cool (aside from all the construction, I guess), and the location is pretty ideal. But the party/social scene is pretty ass especially if you're a guy. Close to nothing happens at AU, you almost always have to go to GW or Georgetown.
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This university is one of the best universities I’ve came across . The campus is beautiful and it’s close enough to the city and it’s just gives me a sense of fresh air .
The Department of Performing Arts is a great space if you are willing to try new things. The program is growing, but the technical theatre and arts administration programs no longer exist, making it challenging for the Department to fulfill their needs in those fields and making it challenging for those passionate in the arts but not performance to thrive in their fields.
Everyone here is very nice, and there’s always something here for everyone. You make friends on the first day and once you leave you always can’t wait to come back.
A very prestigious university, provides fantastic resources and easy access to the national mall for those seeking a history or government degree. However this does turn out to be pricier than most.
I really enjoyed my time at AU. The school administration was very helpful and supportive. The professors were great. I wish there was more diversity amongst the students (I was one of very few non-White students), but the school itself was great.
I love going to school at AU, but it is a school that takes a while to love. The academics are great and the professors are unbeatable, but the social aspect leaves room for improvement.
American University makes it difficult for a social or social and driven student to thrive. The overall worst two things were limited and poor quality food options and the uneventful/boring campus. While the number of complaints I have with the school is much more than the number of things I love about the school, facing extreme change and difficulties provided me a learning experience like no other. Although, this same learning experience can be found somewhere else with a higher quality of living and lifestyle.
Good school. Expensive, but academics and research are great. I am an IR major, so I am in SIS, and the professors there are top-notch. University also has a $12000 scholarship for high GPA that helps diffuse the cost.
I like the professors, but the school administration is horrible. Will not recommend this school to anyone.
A school filled with students and administration who pretend to be woke but are lowkey racist and elitist. But because of this, the people of color communities ESPECIALLY the black community are so strong as a result. And the opportunities we can obtain from this degree are unmatched.
So far, I’ve loved my time at American. I’ve met some amazing people from all across the United States.
I came to AU for the beautiful campus and location in DC, but upon arriving I was excited to find the level of political involvement and awareness among the student population.
The dorms and the meal plans are terrible. Other than that, the campus is beautiful although small. There are limited food options on campus and there is too much construction. Professors are good and the student body is good.
Being just outside the major hussle-and-bussle of city life while being mere minutes from it, American University is in one of the most perfect locations.
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I like american university because you are able to explore yourself and find your niche within the school. You can be in both greek life while also being focused on academics.
I am going into my sophmore year. I had an awesome freshman year academically and socially. I look forward to this year coming. However, I could really use some help with the tuition/scholarship. I will not be able to go back in August if I can't get any help.

Please advise...

thank you

Jordan Keys
American is an outstanding academic school with some really engaging professors, especially for international relations, public affairs, communications and business. However, I was disappointed by the exclusive social scene and terrible food on campus. I was able to find some great friends, but if you're not into Greek life, you'll probably find it pretty boring. Getting to downtown DC is not as quick and easy as they say, and the surrounding area isn't much but a quiet suburb. School spirit is really weak, not to mention diversity. Not sure it's worth the $65k price tag if you think you want to work outside of government or nonprofit fields. But if you do, then it's a good investment.
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