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I commuted to and from American University as a grad student, so I cannot speak to the dorm experience or the undergrad experience. But I can say that the graduate school of psychology was an appropriately rigorous program that prepared me for pursuing my doctorate. It's a small campus located in the city of Washington, D.C., so it's perfect if you enjoy the urban atmosphere. It's quite expensive to rent a place in the area though, so if you already live in range to commute, you should do so.
As a rising sophomore at American, I can say that the first year I spent there was absolutely miserable. I spent my first semester in the Mentorship Program, which basically was a second coming of high school. I was stuck abroad with only 23 other students. Upon returning in the spring, I could not make any friends as everyone is an elitist pig. If you don't party hard enough at expensive clubs or do enough drugs, they won't waste their time on you. Despite sharing the same political beliefs and wanting the same change as every other student that attends the university, they discriminate against you and negate your feelings based on skin color. It's an extremely toxic environment. The only thing American has going for it is its interesting classes and professors.
It is the university of my dreams. First, because of the nice people I've met, and secondly, the great professors.
I loved all subjects I learned there, which have taught me beyond the reading materials.
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I attended American University for two years and I was ultimately very disappointed. The financial aid office was never very helpful to me or many other students for that matter; I had a lot of trouble navigating my student accounts because there were many charges that weren't or "couldn't" be explained. The dorms were fine, the food could have been much better, and the academics were pretty challenging (which is great) considering the schools ranking. I think that they really need to better train the financial aid staff and make some serious food changes.
I went here for nslc and this university made the experience all the more memorable and better. The dorms are good quality and the staff are amazing this university is beautiful and a great location.
I enjoy the fact that I was able to take major classes as a first year to understand whether my major was the right fit for me, and it was! I am fully satisfied with the International Studies program and with the School of International Service. However, some of my professors could have definitely been more engaging and others were simply not worth AU's high price tag. Dorms are lacking in sanitation. Tenleytown, AU's location, is subpar as it is uneventful in comparison to the location of George Washington University or Georgetown.
Being in DC, you are in the epicenter of policy and international development. American University has some of the top professors in the field who are working as well as teaching, so they have great expertise to pass on.
I like the overall academic offering. They have great professors who are challenging and professionals in their field. Food diversity could be better.
My experience in the School of Education has been wonderful. It's hands-on and supportive. I've been able to go into classrooms and assist students during my first semester! They helped narrow down what I want to do in education! Housing on campus could be better and cleaner. Currently, AU is under a lot of construction so the campus isn't as pretty as it usually is due to all of the work being done.
I am new to American University's Masters of Science in Finance program. So far I have felt a great amount of administrative support from the university's student advising team and career services team. There's no doubt in my mind, I am in for a great experience.
It is a great place to go to school, even though it is rather expensive. They will give you hands-on skills that you need to pursue a career in government, NGO, media, etc. Also the location is very good, with lots of opportunities to intern
Overall, American University is a solid private university. Most of the professors in the College of Arts and Sciences are excellent and really want the students to succeed. Other aspects of the school, like the financial aid department, are terrible to deal with and don't seem like they care much about graduate students.
American University is in a great location; in D.C, but outside the busy downtown part, and has its own suburban campus. Cons include liberally biased professors, poor dining options, but that's about it.
Overall a great experience working with this University so far. AU was my top choice (choosing AU was a no brainer) but I am currently working on an appeal for financial aid.
American University is a very good but it’s not the right fit for everyone. The student body at American is desirable as the students are nicer and more sophisticated than the average college student. The academics are very good as the professors I’ve had have been passionate and knowledgeable of their material.

On another hand, there are flaws in the school. The dining hall is very hot or miss and it’s cold for a little more than half of the school year. One may have trouble fitting in if they care about school spirit since there is none. Joining a fraternity or sorority is a must if you’re interested in partying as it’s hard to get into parties otherwise due to the small frat houses.
The education is great, professors really invest in students education and want to help them understand and succeed inside and outside the classroom. Faculty are always creating opportunity for students to become involved and make connections to get internships and jobs. There is never a shortage of connections.
American University was able to give me a great financial aid package, and I was exposed to countless jobs in DC!
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Academically, I've loved AU. My classes are challenging, professors are accessible and class size is small. AU has a wealth of academic resources. However the living situation is far from ideal. The freshman halls are frequently infested with mice, rats, cockroaches, etc. One of the showers even started spouting sewage and it took AU more than 24 hours to respond. The food is fine, if you aren't a picky eater- I have lots of dietary restrictions so its nearly impossible to eat on campus without getting sick.
The academics are decent but the social aspects of the school are awful. For instance, there is barely a party scene unless you are interested in frats. The people can be a little self-righteous and preachy. They are very active social justice warriors and will call you out if they don't like something you said.
The Professors are excellent and the classes are quite interesting. The close proximity to Government buildings allows for easy access to internships and other opportunities. The food on campus is awful and the overall service is very lackluster.
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