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The Professors are excellent and the classes are quite interesting. The close proximity to Government buildings allows for easy access to internships and other opportunities. The food on campus is awful and the overall service is very lackluster.
At the surface, American has a great deal to offer; however, once immersed in the university it rarely satisfies expectations. The overall climate of the campus is toxic, the student body is apathetic, and elitism is a common theme. The school is overpriced; the dorms are subpar for the cost (and some in particular are often infested with rats, bugs, or rodents); the dining hall is wretched, and the other food options are bland and tired; there is little to no school spirit or pride; stress and mental health issues are frequent and widespread throughout campus; and details do not even need to be disclosed as it pertains to racism at the school (read the news reports and articles for yourself). American is a major financial scam and, ultimately, just is not worth the investment...
Professors can be really amazing, particularly if you put in the effort and visit them during office hours. Students are very politically involved regardless of major, although the general opinion on campus is left-leaning. There tends to be to extremes of students, the ultra-rich and the low-income, with very few true middle class students in between, which causes tension on campus. There is also a history of racial incidents on campus. The administration can be very difficult and unhelpful, generally more interested in their own financial benefit than helping both students and professors.
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Overall I would say the eduction factor at this University is very good. I think the professors really stretch you and want you to excel. If you are looking for a very conservative school, this is not a school for you. The students and the staff are very open and accepting of all walks of life; almost to the point that you are living in a bubble, compared to the real world.
Best decision of my life. The student population is not too big and not too small, with hundreds of student organizations or volunteer groups to join. The professors are top notch and genuinely care about your education and future career goals. In addition, the career center is huge and efficient, offering advising on everything from internships and graduate/law school searches to interviewing for jobs at any point in your career. Once an Eagle, always an Eagle!
I absolutely love AU. I was never one of those kids that was excited about going to college-- in fact, I dreaded it right up to the day I left home. I never liked the idea of the typical college experience, with the hordes of students, giant lecture classes, football-obsessed mania, and more interest in partying than academics. From the very first day of orientation, I knew I had picked the right place, and what I had dreaded for so many years became even more enjoyable and enriching than anything I'd experienced before. The best thing about life at AU is definitely the location.
I love my college so much and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. AU has the prettiest little campus in a really nice part of DC. There's a ton of synagogues nearby, which is awesome for me as a Jew and the school has great Academic support. The only problem that I have found at the school is the dining hall (TDR), which is quite honestly awful but I don't think that's worth taking off a star from the overall review. You don't really go to college to get good food. You go because its where you want to be and I love this school. If you want to study politics, don't go anywhere else but AU!
It is my second semester attending American University and I am really enjoying it. For anyone interested in pursuing politics as a major I would highly recommend this university. The big thing I would change about AU would be the food. The dining hall is tiny and there are not many healthy options. For the amount of money we pay as students, I feel as though we deserve to have more quality choices when it comes to food.
I like the locality of the campus, it's pretty small and if you live on campus the school nothing is more than an 8 minute walk from edge to edge. The people and the culture is very welcoming of every religion, nationality, race, gender, ethnicity.
If you're worried you'll be the only conservative Christian at AU, don't be. There's plenty of us and we have different organizations to choose from. I think the academics could be more challenging but the professors are world renown. There are a lot of wealthy students here so there's a bit of privilege going on yet it's a very socially aware student body.
Despite the hyper polarized political campus, there is a surprising amount of opportunities to get out into the real world.
There are a lot of opportunities to get involved with things off and on campus. The teachers that I've had have all been very nice and helpful in class and during office hours.
The classes are amazing here! All of my professors are at the top of their fields, and I really believe that my education has greatly excelled since I decided to attend this university! I would highly recommend it!
Its a good school but I would not have come here looking back. The academics are great but the students are strange and not people I enjoy being around.
American University, like any other institution, has its flaws but overall I have been happy and intellectually challenged by my professors and peers. It is not the best university for everyone, but the student body consists of quirky, extremely intelligent and hardworking young adults who know how to let loose every one in a while.
AU provides an excellent location and it’s all about the connections you’ll gain. The academics are average and manageable. My concern is racial tensions have been building and are being ignored by administration. Over the past year we’ve endured racist acts with the cotton, flags and nooses. Not enough has been done to ease the mind nor discourage future incidents.
Whenever I visit the campus, it is in pristine shape. The students and faculty are very friendly. They produce driven and motivated students with an abundance of opportunities. Physically, the campus is beautiful with flowers all over.
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The atmosphere is amazing and everyone is very hard working and driven. However, the inclusion is a problem when it comes to political affiliation much of the school is not very understanding and inclusive fo those with more right-wing points of view.
As a graduate student, AU has given me tremendous opportunities to grow in my profession. I like how I can be connected to campus life while still balancing my work and personal life.
surprisingly the political science program here isn't even top 50 in the country but you WILL land an internship as soon as you desire. it would be so much better if we had an international population we are far far below the east coast average. AU gives very generous scholarships and that is hard to beat
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