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I took all 5 classes online.
I'm taking Arabic, which is a 5 credit course. There are so many language opportunities for tutoring and conversational practice. The language professors are great and know how to make online class very engaging!
There are topics that you can pick for your class (and requirement)- the topics are vast and very interesting. It's easy to really customize your education.
I would like to have a ballroom dancing class in the future. I'm hoping AU will be in-person in the spring, but AU has made the transition to online class very easy so I'm not worried if we're online in the spring.
I really love AU's campus and overall location. I feel like you can get anywhere you want to go in DC, since public transportation is really accessible. The dorms were pretty average, but you can't have too high of expectations with any dorm living. The buildings at AU vary, some are old and some are very new. This is definitely he school for you if you are interested in Political Science or International service.
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Obviously online schooling has been vey difficult for everyone in the world right now, but I think AU is doing it's best to keep everyone happy. I feel like we do have more work than normal, and we are teaching ourselves more than the professors are teaching us.
online class was actually better because you could just mute the wonks spewing literal nonsense just to hear themselves speak
Gonna shoot straight here. If you're looking to go here don't. Probably the most annoying and self-centered people out there attend AU. I knew many cool people who transferred after one year because they couldn't take it anymore.

Additionally, the University doesn't have your best interest at heart. Food and housing both are incredibly subpar, and I know even more people who were forced to transfer bc their aid package was cut by AU. Gyms suck too and virtually nowhere to play sports recreationally. Intramural system also subpar. Truly and evil corporation.

Professors: Hit or miss, I had a lot of professors help me and a lot of professors who let their power go to their head.

Parties: Bang average

Sports: lol

Area: the area is actually really nice and not too far from the metro, but the people in spring valley are just grown up AU type wonks

Don't go here, apply to GW. You'll have more fun at like any other school
Most of my professors have been to adjust to online teaching which is good. I have also been able to complete my assignments on time. I really personally dislike online learning though, it feels as though I am teaching myself this material and am overworked. I receive so many assignments everyday- it's ridiculous the amount of work I am expected to complete. I also am upset that my work-study money was taken away. Overall the online learning experience is okay, but I would recommend students take a semester/year off if they are thinking of coming here. Learning in person is a much better experience.
I am glad I am getting my education at American University. They are known for having an excellent Political Science department, and they do! I am very fond of all my professors and they have very impressive resumes. They have been a wonderful tool in regards to learning and finding internships. I have also met some of my best friends at this school. I have a few issues with the administration though. They don't take racist incidents or mental health issues seriously. AUPD thinks their an actual police department and are very controlling as well as biased. The school has a real issue when it comes to helping students in general. Also, the overall culture of the school is toxic and concerning.
Every university has its problems, but I was lucky enough to find a home at AU. The faculty, administration, and student body are welcoming and kind. I would like to see the administration reform policies when it comes to student conduct and the ways they handle Title 9, but when it comes to the learning environment, the campus facilities, and professional development opportunities it is a perfect balance in one of my favorite cities.
Professors, especially in the School of Communications, are very. well trained to teach both in persona and online.
American University is a beautiful campus in the Washington DC area. My experience at AU has been amazing. I am currently enrolled in the Master of Business Administration Program (Online). All the professors have real world experience and do a really good job preparing you for the future. The professors are willing to meet and discuss with students at any point in time. However, AU lacks severely in diversity and does not offer much financial assistance to pursue a degree. The best they offer is a scholarship based Research Assistant position that pays minimum wage. I would recommend the MBA program to anyone who wants a challenge and very rewarding education. The connections and contacts that a student will make is value for ones future.
American University is one of the few schools in the Washington DC area that offer a degree in Taxation. It is highly rated by the Big Four companies in the region so for career outlook, it is great. The school provides virtual career fairs with very well-known employers. The classes are very knowledgeable and the professors bring real world experience into each lesson. The classes are exciting and makes you think outside the box. American University provided me with a well-rounded, career focused education. As a student, the career center has been impressive with the events, career fairs, and guest speakers have been interesting.
I really love American University. Every professor I have had is impressive and knowledgeable, and the friends I have made inspire me to better, more engaged, and open-minded.
Professors have been more than accommodating in conducting their online classes. While not perfect, I think I am still getting as good an education as is possible under the circumstances.
All of my classes at American University are online. While that is not ideal, I appreciate the courage the university had in deciding to go online to protect their students. I also appreciate that we got some discount on the tuition along with some refunds. However, even though that is more than other schools have done, I with more financial aid could be offered. Professors have adjusted surprisingly well to online classes and I feel like I am still getting a quality education even though I have to remain in my apartment. I with the university was more uniform in the software and programs used during online class because it does get a little confusing having to switch between softwares all the time.
I really like that the university takes time for all of its students. Faculty go out of their way to help people out more often than larger schools. The students on campus have this collective belief that they are part of something bigger than themselves, which inspires hard work and passion. During my time so far at this university, professors have been genuinely kind and helpful, even when they do not know me. So many of the schools within the univeristy aare nationally ranked and they really did earn that ranking. One thing I wish could be better is tuition. It is a hefty price to pay and as a transfer student, they offer no financial aid because we will not be there for an entire four years.
I'm a current Sophomore at AU majoring in Public Health, So far schooling here has been very rewarding with a fairly diverse student body ethnically/religion wise and vastly different in terms of passions/political views. The one universal factor I've found is student's passion for politics high-level of intelligence.

Academics are great/almost all of the professors. Additionally the dorms/campus/safety are top notch. Only two things that this school lacks are the food(although the food is far from as bad as people complain it is, there are a ton of options+ constantly taking criticism to heart and improving in this department every semester.

The only thing this school lacks is a noticeable party scene, small dorm parties happen/the RAs are almost all chill. The lack of a larger scene may due in part to how isolated students were in high school but in my experience even the most nerdy of the students come round rather quickly. Note: Didn't do greek life last year, take that in2 ac
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Last semester(winter 2020) when covid initially hit my professors/university was not really prepared(At least in my experience) to move fully remote. However this semester(Fall 2020) so far both my classes and professors(all of which are online) have been great!
Classes moved online for the semester, but they are still effective. The teachers are very responsive to emails because they want to see success. We are also changing our learning platform, but that isn't causing too many issues. It actually provides more ways to get in contact with the teachers.
American is driven by opportunity. Even before students start classes for their freshman year, they receive communication from multiple different campus organizations. Students are encouraged to get active in classes, research, internships, and extracurriculars. AU has a huge support system to make sure that all of its students have the opportunity to succeed. The have a small general education program that allows students to choose the classes they want to satisfy their core requirements. This allows the student to get a liberal arts education but focus more of their time on things they want to study.
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