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The campus was very nice and clean. Facilities are very well-funded and advanced. This is a very politically active school, and it's very strong on international relations, so you can expect very knowledgeable students who voice their opinions on political matters. That's what I find about this college very interesting. Also, you should feel very safe, as the Department of Homeland Security headquarters are right across the street.
Bit too political since everyone (3/4) of the student body majors in political science or international relations, and the cost of living is expensive, but a good school nonetheless. $50 to join the recreational soccer club, and similar expenses for other sports clubs. Usually attending on campus events put on by students (including plays) costs a minimum of $10. Which is a lot once everything adds up.
I left AU after my first semester. The social scene is terrible, nothing to do on campus and the frats are lame and scattered far off campus. Tenley sucks, DC is expensive and a hassle to get to. There is no school spirit, no one goes to any of the sports games. The campus and dorms are ugly and depressing, and if you're in a triple there is no living space. TDR food is just god awful and subway gets old fast. The student population is so ridiculously liberal it's insane. Guys here are typically gay or metrosexual, and the girls are not good looking whatsoever. There is a ridiculous drug culture here and it can easily get the best of you. LSD, xanax, cocaine, shrooms, pills, etc. There are a LOT of weird kids, or kids who are just so socially inept it's painful. If you're super liberal, politics is your only interest, very introverted, LGBT and it's the main part of your personality, don't care about sports, don't like to party then you might like this school. If not, don't go here.
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The School of International Service and The School of Public Affairs have great programs at American University. Washington, D.C. is the perfect and unique place for students seeking degrees in either of those schools. Students here are pushed to maintain a high GPA, get an internship by the time they graduate, and be politically active on and off campus.
I enjoy the caliber of professors and opportunities that you can gain at American. Being located in DC is a tremendous asset.
AU is a school for students who are passionate about learning and making a difference. It's definitely not perfect, but the wonderful professors make up for the difficulties with administration. I'll always be thankful for my time at AU thanks to the dedicated students and professors making up such a wonderful community.
American is a medium school in a big city. The campus is beautiful and you can forget that you are in a city. The professors are helpful and nice. There are GREAT internship opportunities.
I have enjoyed the time in my MA program at AU's Schoo of International Service. I think there are quality professors and a wide array of degree options and courses. The school definitely takes care of its students.

I think what AU is missing is strong programs like SIS school-wide and a high caliber of students (less-partying).
So far, I am having a pretty good college experience. The atmosphere at American University is amazing. There are so many students who are dedicated and really passionate about their areas of interests. American also provides excellent resources in helping you to be the most prepared that you can be in order to succeed. However, I wish they had more on campus events to promote more school spirit. And like any school they could improve their food. But overall, I am having a great experience so far!
As a freshman I have found my place at AU. I love the classes offered and I have already made amazing relationships with my professors. The social scene can be better but overall it is has been a great experiences so far.
During my time at American University, I've made some of the best friends I will ever have, and have learned valuable lessons (both academic, and for the "adult" world). The faculty is wonderful, and are always willing to help you and offer advice. On an administrative level, there could be more communication between the students and the upper-level offices, especially about "controversial" events that occur on campus (such as about race and sexual assault). There could also be more of a willingness to accommodate the students and offer support, rather than be stuck in all of the bureaucratic red tape and legalities, as well as offer more financial help students who are financially independent, rather than support the students who come from upper-class families. However, I have learned about myself, and my interests at my time at AU and it is something that will stick with me for the rest of my life.
As a freshman at Au thus far I have hated my experience. There is a lack of school pride and the pressure to be successful causes anxiety for many students. Since the opportunities in a city like D.C. are unlimited, I suggest you take advantage of them at another school in the area. Tuition is extremely pricey due to the fact that it is a private school, but the environment and campus for which you are pay for is not worth it. The professors are sub-par and there is little to do on campus.
Professors are amazing, all of them provide you with great opportunities to learn and develop as a student. They also have great connections to policy makers and think tanks in the city. Beyond that, everything here is completely awful. The kids are ALL socialist level liberals. Nobody here has any school spirit. The morale of the campus is constantly low, as everyone always seems depressed. If you aren't in Greek life, their is no night life. The facilities are nice, except when the school shoves you in randomly small classrooms that can't fit all your classmates. The General Education requirements are tolerable but boring. The dorms vary from being gorgeous to totally trashy. The price is the school is insanely high, and paying that much seems insane when you can go to George Washington University downtown, or Georgetown. Everyone here secretly wishes they were there. I don't recommend AU for anyone who wants a positive social college experience.
There are a lot of issues that the faculty do not like to address in the manner that it needs to be addressed. My professors seem to be full of knowledge and are open to new ideas.
American University is a fantastic school for those interested in politics, whether domestic or local. The academics are quite challenging, and the campus is absolutely beautiful. AU is not a huge party school, nor is the student engagement in Greek life or athletics particularly high, which is great for people of a more reserved nature. Though there are also plenty of opportunities for those interested in Greek life or partying as well. It's location is amazing, as it is in DC, and is close to a metro stop. The school bureaucracy can be a bit much at times. While the school isn't perfect, no school is. I am very happy with my choice of attending American University, and the opportunities it has given me, such as valuable internships, dozens of options for studying abroad, and contact with prominent officials.
Everyone is in a triple their freshman year. No real way to get out of it.
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It's really hard to get into parties if you're not a part of Greek life. Like really hard.
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We have a good basketball team, but no one really cares about sports.
It's a good school, but some stuff about it I definitely don't like.
Greek Life is not the end all be all of AU but it definitely is big here. Unlike state schools, there is definitely an inclusive feel to the Greek Life here and it's often hard to pick out who is involved in it and who isn't. Being in D.C. a lot of the Greek organizations put on really cool events at bars and clubs downtown!
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