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AUP is a fantastic school that has an extremely diversified student body! There are over 150 nationalities and over 100 language spoken at AUP! It is located in the seventh arrondissement in Paris, an extremely safe and beautiful quarter in the center of the city. It's only a 10-15 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower! The classes are very interesting and the education is quite multifaceted. Most importantly, getting your degree from AUP will open so many door for you future and provide a great education that will allow you to apply to top colleges when earning your Master's.
Professors and staff are very hostile to blacks, muslims and latinos almost to a degree of racism. The education quality is terrible for the tuition money spent. But, if you are rich you don't even have to go to classes, you will magically pass all your classes and will be even handed a diploma. Campus is a joke, they don't even have a proper library. Student safety is the last thing that the school administration considers. Unless you have your own bodyguard good luck after hours in downtown Paris.
For the independent city-lover who is focused on travel and culture exploration, AUP may be the ideal school. Classes are small, professors are very good, yet occasionally other students are not as driven to succeed. Must be a self-starter to excel, although there are opportunities for academic help (the student-run writing lab). Sports and extra-curriculars are very minimal, yet it is possible to start your own clubs. Housing is hit-and-miss: the "dorm-style" building of studio apartments had little sense of community- room with other AUP students! COH (housing program for ugrad) is not the easiest to work with. Prices are incredibly high, but they are generally good at fixing repairs that have been filed online. If you have a severe problem with your housing situation, contact them sooner than later so that they will take you seriously.
Excellent study trips! 10/10!
Overall AUP is a solid school. For the independent, open-minded explorer, AUP and the city of lights is life-changing.
Review American University of Paris
1. Social: I would not recommend AUP for a visiting student who does not speak French, you will end up with a bunch of american tourists going to touristy places, travel to a different country every weekend, and you will leave Paris knowing nothing about the French people & culture.
2. Academic: Most of my profs were established in their fields. However, they were bad at teaching. Gradings and feedback were terrible. Even though classes were small (ave 15), you don't really get to know your professor, or vice versa. Academics = not great.
3. Housing: Comforts of Home, despite being twice as expensive, was very helpful and had good service. The apartments are super nice.
4. Campus: campus was very central in paris, facilities were good. EXCEPT for studio arts. Studio Arts facilities could not be worse.
5. Party Scene: you're in paris, legal age 18, bars all around you, 3-euros wine, knock yourself out! or don't. great concerts every weekend.
I've had a great application and enrollment process. The professors are qualified and the staff helpful.
There are sections for all these things in the student portal. Constant communication of internship possibilities.
I love how AUP puts an emphasis on mental health. Especially in relation to new students and the struggles they may face moving to france.
We live in apartments through Comforts of home usually no more than 30 minutes from campus. It's great!
So far the AUP community as a whole has been extremely effective in communication. I've received responses to emails in minutes (despite a time difference) and have been helped promptly with any questions or concerns. AUP has facilitated the college entry experience. I am beyond excited to start this fall!
I had to leave the American University of Paris because I was unable to secure financial assistance to continue my education there and was unable to renew my student visa to remain in France. I did not finish my degree program when I returned to the states.
Athletics is not a huge part of the University, although they are various opportunities to participate in as a student in Paris.
I am exceptionally content being a student at the American Univeristy of Paris. For what I want to be and do in my carrer path, this university will help me reach my goals. I am studying International Business while learning french and the french culture on a daily basis outside of the classroom. Paris is the most amazing city, where you will never cease to be amazed. I love my life because I am at AUP.
It is very safe and each student's bag is checked before entering a building. Campus crime is low to non-existent, personal safety is high and very rarely something gets stolen. I feel very safe on campus.
AUP proves support to the students and always helps them to find an internship and later on a job.
The quality of courses and professors is very high. Most of them have graduated from top universities and they have a lot of substantial knowledge to teach the students. The variety of courses is very high and you can study art history and economics at the same time which is a great advantage of AUP. Class size is around 15-20 people in a classroom which is very good for discussions and understanding the material better.
The first year you have to choose either a home stay or Comforts of Home, which is an agency that takes care of your housing. It is a great opportunity because you immediately meet people and make friends.
Some people are participating in sports activities, but it is not a huge part of the university life.
Review American University of Paris
Located in the heart of the world, AUP combines the best of both worlds - an American educational system in Europe.
Theres no campus, so youre on your own most of the time. Just look out for yourself.
If you are here to find a job/internship there are so many opportunities
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