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American University of Paris Reviews

139 reviews
1. Social: I would not recommend AUP for a visiting student who does not speak French, you will end up with a bunch of american tourists going to touristy places, travel to a different country every weekend, and you will leave Paris knowing nothing about the French people & culture.
2. Academic: Most of my profs were established in their fields. However, they were bad at teaching. Gradings and feedback were terrible. Even though classes were small (ave 15), you don't really get to know your professor, or vice versa. Academics = not great.
3. Housing: Comforts of Home, despite being twice as expensive, was very helpful and had good service. The apartments are super nice.
4. Campus: campus was very central in paris, facilities were good. EXCEPT for studio arts. Studio Arts facilities could not be worse.
5. Party Scene: you're in paris, legal age 18, bars all around you, 3-euros wine, knock yourself out! or don't. great concerts every weekend.
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AUP is the best of both worlds. You get a liberals arts education and benefit from the American system of education while living in Paris! I loved speaking French with the local patisserie owner and my guardienne (building owner). The class sizes are small and the teachers really know you as an individual. My classes has 4, 8, 8, and 20 students respectively (20 students for French). I had classes outside, at museums and parks. In my Creative Writing class, I was able to go to the London Book Fair which was an amazing experience. There are plenty of student jobs as well. The only downside is the lack of science majors.
So far the AUP community as a whole has been extremely effective in communication. I've received responses to emails in minutes (despite a time difference) and have been helped promptly with any questions or concerns. AUP has facilitated the college entry experience. I am beyond excited to start this fall!