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Very disorganized institution, some of the Professors are unethical and unprofessional the learning environment is not appropriate.
My experience at this University so far has been pleasant and exciting. The program itself is very competitive, however the professors and staff are all part of the academic process and have been supportive of students in completing the program successfully. As for change, the school physically lacks the amenities and technology as other Universities.
the school has become even more corrupt and terrible. They also fix the NCLEX exam so only 3 people can take it at a time so they can manipulate their score. The Pastor has been caught saying that the place is a business, and doesn't care if the students are displeased.
They are also the ONLY school to pass or fail students based on ATI testing, which is meant to be PRACTICE.

If you attend this school and agree please file a complaint here ASAP:…


then read this:…
Bonus: They even force students to buy a parking pass, even though it's a shared lot with no enforcement.

The Pastor, the school owners husband, also has numerous sexual harassment complaints against him Do NOT go here.

The clinical instructors don't even stay with the students, some just flat out leave for the day leaving the students alone at the hospital, or making the students go to another location instead of the hospital.
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So far the experience has veen good
From what I have heard the clinicals are at really good hospitals which will help me get a job hopefully at the hospitals I go.
The classes are not really up to you they give you the schedule and I have to work around it. Luckily my work is okay with my new scedule so I can attend class. The process was really simple and straightforward, the information was given beforehand.
My experience for the process of financial aid was really good. Everything went smoothly and the process was explained to me clearly. The financial aid officer was very helpful in helping me apply to any additional loans and to find some way to get enough for the extra fees.
The school seems like it will try everything to get their students to further their career and get a good job after graduation.
The school is very friendly and focused on the students education. They want to have good nurses in the end not just average nurses. The school is not some expensive looking school and yes it dies not look brand new with state if the art equipment but thats not important. Whats important is the outcome of the students education and life.
Classes are flexible and don't interfere with others.
My school is unique because it helps many students
Overall, most of the professors are OK. They have a decent amount of knowledge for the subjects that they teach. The facilities could be improved upon considering the amount of money that students pay for their education.
There is only one library on campus that is about the size of 3 bedrooms put together. Due to the amount of students in the classroom, students have to go to the library to take their test or quiz which limits the amount of time that you can use the library. This also limits the amount of time you have access to the computer lab since they are put together.
While there is access to wireless internet, it can be hindered when many students connect to it. This can make it difficult sometimes when you have to do projects that require internet research. The ethernet connected computers tend to run smoothly though.
It is easy to transfer courses from other institutions. It is recommended to do so, as the tuition is quite high. I have to commute about 40 minutes to get to school, but there are enough classrooms for the students.
The student body is comprised of a mix of students. There are many LVN's who are working towards the BSN at this campus. There are also pharmacy students who the nursing students do not interact as much with. There are a moderate amount of "smart" students, but most students are of average intelligence.
The school is in a private building, with minimal focus on aesthetics. The class rooms are cramped chair:table ratio. for most of the classrooms, there is a projector in the front a TV for the back half of the classroom.
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The only financial aid that is available are loans through the government and through Sallie Mae. For students who attend this school for their first Bachelors degree, they have the opportunity to get the cal grants.
My financial aid counselor helps me with everything I need.
My school offers programs such as the BSN, master in clinical research
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