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American Trade School is a scam. They overcharge for an apprenticeship program to the tune of around $23000 for a non-degree diploma. Most of the students come out of the school with a massive amount of debt and the job prospects are generally in the $12-15 range. You can get most of the education offered through online instruction and on the job training with much less debt.
The school is Monday thru Thursday 830 am till 130 pm or M-F 630 pm thru 1030 pm .. I liked the class times that are offered ..
Mrs. Amanda at the school is awesome. She will inform you of possible job offers that you may be getting looked at by an employee. She also post different job posting on the board in the break room .. She is very easy to talk to and she will do her best for you to get you employed.
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I know that with the knowledge that I'm getting will help me in the real world .. I have gotten a couple jobs offers while I'm attending school. I like the fact that the employers know you in school and will work with you to get you as an employee.
My experience has been outstanding. Never had or have had a problem with anything at the school. The school has everything you'll need to succeed.
I have been doing very well in class but I have been stumped at times. But that only makes you better. The instructors make you think and are quick to make sure you understand.
I like this school because it isn't like a typical trade school. The instructors help even (if needed) after class. They show you real world problems and fixes to those problems. The classes are not too long and you get knowledge today and then hands on experience all in the same day. P
My school is very small, Less than 10 students per class as well. It is very hands on,
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