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All classes online. Professors easy to contact and were willing to call as well as email. Several different learning models gave different kinds of experience that can carry through to real life.
Felt ready for success with orientation, good classes with relevant info, felt that could have used much more direction with capstone, not given correct info and no one realized that I was doing it wrong until way too late
I enjoyed the ability to complete my degree at my pace, making it much quicker that other programs! The assistance of the professors was sub-par, but if you’re a motivated self learner it’s still doable!
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New graduate student.
First-time 100% online study.
Returning student after over a decade in the workforce post-undergrad.
Very receptive and responsive
Very realistic and understanding
I hope they will be expanding their courses beyond the nursing scope, i.e. Public Health or HIMSS.
Impressed at how technology has made it possible so that working adults with incredibly busy lives and families can still find a way to achieve their dreams of higher education and learning!
BSN graduate 2017, I had great professors who were every involed with my outcomes. It was a great experience and courses were structured to enable peer insight and invovlement which enhances learning, skills, and ones knowledge base.
I appreciate the structure, the availability and assistance of all the instructors and student success advisors, and even the admissions staff. It's not without sacrifice and major effort in time management, but I am learning so much from my graduate program while still managing to meet my work, family, and self-care responsibilities.
I was able to achieve my BSN in Nursing on my time from the comfort of my home in the state of New York. I loved their program so much I decided to continue now for my MSN. The program and class flexibility is awesome. Live happens and numerous times I had to reschedule the start of classes and my counselor Carolyn easily and empathetically assisted me with the whole process and made it all that less stressful for me. I have referred other nurse friends to their program. The program design captures the essence of what a true BSN and MSN nurse should be in order to give our patients amazing evidence- based care.
I recently graduated from the MSN program. I worked very hard. This program requires significant evidenced-based research to be written out in essay. It was not an easy task. Most professors were helpful. Adult students get out of a program whatever effort that they place. If you are willing to work hard, then this program will work for you.
Still trying to start my graduate program. They need to establish a payment plan that is realistic for graduate students. Most individuals in this area are employed and could afford a realistic monthly payment schedule. It is a win-win situation because the student will need to have the credentials they are seeking, therefore the university should take this into consideration.
I was very impressed with the ease of enrollment and the help I received from student support. The classes were what I needed to obtain my bachelors degree in nursing that my job is requiring.
I started the DNP program in 2014. Since that time I have watched the program grow and constantly be revised to meet accreditation standards. It has only gotten better every term that I have attended. If you reach out to the instructors, most are very helpful and willing to work with the students. The program has only become stronger and more challenging each year I have attended!
The online MSN program is very strong program with national accreditation. They have good technology and the only thing bad I have to say is that it is a school geared to working adults and they have very poor support on the weekends. They really should have a student success adviser on call or even full time on the weekends to help students that run into trouble on the weekends.
In the beginning I was glad to be apart of ASU. The convenience of taking classes online, moving at your own pace within the set boundaries was perfect for me because I work full time and take full time classes. However, I discovered that ASU is not REGIONALLY accredited, which means the bachelor's degree I would earn from American Sentinel University would not be accepted as a legitimate degree to advance to graduate school. ASU is not regionally accredited by the any of the six (6) accrediting institutions for education. American Sentinel University a profit only university. The degrees they offer are worthless. I would not recommend American Sentinel University to anyone furthering their education.
I did not need to transfer credits so it does not apply. I had a 4 year degree and I am now going for my masters.
I have found that I really like online classes as there is much interaction between students and I am able to be an independent learner. I learn better on my own and I enjoy interacting with my peers and professors which is more interaction than I had in a traditional classroom.
I have not reached that point yet. The school appears to have a career center and post-grad services that look helpful.
The courses sound boring at first but they have all turned out to be interesting and have sparked much interest in the subjects. Most of the teachers are great, the others just average.
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My degree in Nursing Informatics gives me much potential in a possible career move. Nursing has become very computer oriented and whether I stay at my current position or seek new opportunities the material I learn will be valuable to me regardless.
I am majoring in Nursing Informatics and have just started my specialty classes. The workload is heavy at times, especially during classes which require practice experiences and they require time management skills.
The course work is challenging but not impossible. Because it is an online school you must be able to time manage and be an independent learner. Most of the teachers are excellent, some are quite engaging, others don't communicate as well. I believe many are overwhelmed with several classes and their other jobs. The classes go by quickly as they are 8 weeks long so basically you have no life those 8 weeks especially if you work full time and have a family
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