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American Samoa Community College has challenged me to become a more organized and determined student, from the staff members to the janitors, everyone has played a role in getting me to where I am now.
My experience here would be better if they offered courses online to broaden areas of education for all students. Some students can't make it to campus because they have to work, I mean at least with online class we can work and take courses. Explore other avenues of education. Stop being stuck on traditional, I understand that this is what they're used to but broadening the academic avenue will help ASCC gain more students each semester and maintain their enrollment numbers.
American Samoa Community College (ASCC) is great because of the fact that is the closest one to home. My experience with ASCC is probably one I will not forget because of how they have set me in knowing what to expect from the "big boys" or universities out there. ASCC has helped paved the way for me in giving me the opportunity to experience the college life around family and grow from it. Knowing what to do and what not to do, the expectancy that is required from a college student and being responsible for myself. And most of all teaching me how to be an independent woman in the big world.
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American Samoa Community College is a very safe and friendly school. Staff and students are very comforting. The location is warm and great. However, opportunities for athletes are very limited. I hope to see improvements on the athletic section in the future.
It is a small college and students definitely get to know their professors well. Campus environment is fun and friendly with a lot of activities and events. Credits do transfer out to some colleges in the US. The cafeteria is great and student services are very good.
The facilities aren't that great and the school really isn't student-centered. However, the school is very affordable compared to other schools.
It is not the greatest, but it is affordable to most living in American Samoa whether international student or otherwise. Limited options are available when it comes to majors and the only Bachelor's program available is in Education.
So far so good . But need more instructor and more majors some majors are not offered here. Need more classrooms alot of student but not enough classroom and teachers for their major. Some classes are not offered until the other semester.
Student Learning Academic Center has been a great help through this process
During ICT courses .i.e. Computer studies we had to enroll in an online course called GCF. It was through this online class that i was able to obtain certification for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
I guess ASCC makes do, most of the college graduates here apply straight for employment straight after graduation. Not many students transfer off island for a bachelors degree. The stigma here is to get an associates and get a job
My Adviser in my Health Science major is Dr.Chang and truthfully he is one of the most helpful people in this institution. Teaching towards my strength , encouraging to join clubs and shadowing my overall education.
A few years ago , ASCC was currently under suspension by the WASC committee and was seeking to be accredited once more. The value of a degree is constantly fluctuating due to the lack of process.
Being a Health Science major , I usually take courses that are geared mostly to the science field. So far my experience has been somewhat a revision. A mere review of the things that i already know
American Samoa Community College is the only college in our little island. Growing up in the Pacific we learn to appreciate everything little thing we are given. It may not enable its students to fully reach their potential, but at least its accredited
The value if the degree is accredited. Things here in Ascc are very affordable to students and helpful.
My experience here is quite extraordinary. The courses offered are very applicable to my majir. The professors are veryhelpful.
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My major provides more opportunity for us the students. They help us with financial issues in some ways.
The experiences that I have gained from ASCC is filled with excitement. The classes and activities are worth it. ASCC is a great place for college freshmen to start. The student government association plans and exexutes great activitiea that meets the needs of the students, and the bilaws of the school.
Well it is very convenient, however i have to shuffle my personal schedule so i can get to class.
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