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This is a great school if you're looking to transfer to the University of California. They have counselors from most UCs, some CSUs and a few private schools visit. They offer workshops. They also have the ACE program, set to allow working students to attend classes on nights and weekends and complete up to 12 units per semester.
American River College is a great place for people who need an affordable, yet effective foundational level of education. I enjoy all of my classes, with the professors making the classes very interesting. I have the privilage of being an athlete, running track and field. All of the coaches are experienced, and most professors are flexible with the athletic schedules. Overall, I think American River College is a fantastic college to go to for a wide variety of people.
American River College has a great campus in multiple camouses around the Sacramento area, helpful instructors, and a large class selection.
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American River College is a great college. Out of all the teacher I have only about 3 of them I did not like. They have a lot of class that are scheduled, a lot online and in class too. The campus is great, so many places to site out side and do work.
Great school and everyone is extremely helpful. It's giving me a chance to do what I want and go after an actual career.
I haven't experienced the college much, but from what I do know, it's a very sociable place where you can easily be yourself. They are very good at explaining to incoming students how everything works out. All in all, It's a good school to be at.
The people here are very nice and welcoming. You can stop anyone walking by to ask them a question and they will assist you. The college is easily navigable, and has cheap parking.
I am a second year student at ARC and am transferring to UCD next fall. I've to say that I had a really good time and experience here. The professors are really knowledgeable and helpful. There are several clubs and programs to help you succeed in your major or career goals!
I am still currently at American River College. It is definitely better than your average community college. From the professors to the overall atmosphere and quality of the courses available I highly recommend to those like me who cannot afford to go to a 4 year UC college. This really is the next best thing.
Small classes, great professors and a very positive environment. American River College offers so many fun and interesting classes, I can't get enough.
My experience at American River College has been pretty fun thanks to my friends and teachers there.
The professors were all very accessible and invested in helping you to succeed. This is a great inexpensive option to get your undergraduate pre requisites completed and/or if you’re a returning student like me, exploring further career/education opportunities.
American River College has the best faculty, students and student resources in the Sacramento area. The professors are talented and enthusiastic and know how to get their students interested and prepared to graduate/transfer.
Most of the teachers on this campus care a lot and want you to succeed. Great school, I would stay here and not transfer if I could.
American River College has AWESOME professors, very nice environment, overall it is clean and smoke free college. It has large classes that many students can be taught at once and It has a free learning center where there are many tutors. American River College has large Parking lots that more than 2000 car can park without any issues. Since I have begun my education in ARC, I consider a big change in myself so, this is all due to the hard working professors who helps students to reach their goals I recommend everyone to attend American River College for their higher educations.
American River College opened a lot of doors for me. As an International Student I was worried that a community college will not be supportive in my education journey. However, American River College has proved to guide me through my education, making me a better student, tutor and scientist. I have gained a lot of confidence in all the science classes. The diversity on campus is amazing, providing a truly unique environment. American River College has proved to be one of the best choices to start my education in the U.S.
I have had a wonderful experience so far at ARC. The professors I have had have all been wonderful and supporting (minus one) and the academics are amazing considering it is a community college.
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You can never expect too much from a community college which is important when going to one. What American River College does well is that it provides a nice path for transferring after 2-3 years to usually a UC, with overwhelming amounts of transfer students going to UC Davis. There is nothing too special about the academics other than most of your GE's being easy with some select classes being difficult due to professors who do not place much care into their work. As a note, the professors at ARC will vary, many will be great and many will be not so great. The education however, is as good as it can get for the price that you are paying. However, for other social aspects, expect there to be little to none. Since it is a community college you will, for the most part, be meeting people solely through your classes. This worked out for me only because I was heavily involved in the STEM courses and took classes with the same people for 2 years which may not be the case for other majors.
Most of the teachers are amazing at getting the teachers to engage in the classroom through activities and humor. The campus is green and has plenty of resources for you to take advantage of.
My experience has been good. Most of the professors I've had have been great and want to see you succeed. The location is not the best and parking can sometimes be crazy depending on what time you come, but the garage is not as bad as Sac State.
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