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My online experience at American River College has been very good. The teachers have all be very good at communicating and making sure we understand all that we are being taught. I have not had any issues with any of my classes and I would definitely recommend online classes at ARC.
American River College is a fantastic community college. The professors are great and the staff is very supportive. The campus and facilities are all very nice and the support for athletes is amazing. As an athlete at ARC I can tell you that they absolutely want to help you succeed. I would definitely recommend American River College to anyone.
Wonderful experience so far. Great teachers and counselors. Has plenty of classes available instead of being on the waitlist.
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Online learning has been a very easy and great workflow. pretty flexible for a full/part-time employee
Ive only taking one class at the college and the professors have helped taking online classes and making them very easy to understand.
Its a great school, the staff is very nice and helps when needed and helps you get resources to you in a timely manner. The college is very good at updating information regularly and keeping the campus clean and organized.
I like being a part of American River College! The professors are very professional and kind, just be careful with whom you choose. A lot of spots to study and relax in between of your classes. The staff is always very helpful.
Overall, my online learning experience at ARC was alright. Canvas is very easy to use. Although, connecting with classmates for group projects was a little bit complicated. Most professors are very responsive and are always willing to help.
I love the openness of the campus. The campus is greatly categorized and makes it east to find your class rooms. The teachers are a hit or miss. I have had great experiences and not so great.
I just finished an online summer semester and did struggle a bit. The reason why is because the transition from in class to online in very obvious and known. However it has been an okay experience.
The transition to online was hard for everyone at this college I think, however I think it was handled pretty well considering the circumstances. The school was quick to inform on all updates regarding the new laws and regulations the would affect student and campus life. Also the school sent out weekly updates to the student emails with any additional information that could be beneficial to the student body.
The transition of some professors to the online format was better than others. Some of my professors found an organized and educational way to teach and continue their curriculum. By recording lectures and having frequent office hours on zoom. Also sending out printable worksheets that helped get a tighter grasp on material. Other professors however did a poor job of transitioning. During the summer session my math professor didn't lecture and sent us pages from the book in order for us to understand the material.
For your own benefit research your professor before you sign up
Amazing Professors, helpful staff, clean campus!

The best part about this school is the professors! Every single professor I've had has been caring and extremely knowledgeable in their area of expertise. Even thought the teacher student ratio may be high in the general ed classes, the professors always make time during office hours and outside office hours to answer ant questions in the class.
The staff at the school is also extremely helpful, weather it's regarding selecting classes, transfer questions or just next step questions, they are always there with answers and advice!
The campus is also very nice. It's always clean and kept up. Right now there is construction in the middle of the school. (the are expanding the science center I think) Walking from one class to another may take a little extra time however it's still a nice walk.
Overall I think this is a good choice for a community college. This school meets all the requirements someone should have for a community college
Went here for a semester. The campus and facilities are clean and comfortable to be in. Teachers here want us to succeed and feel for us. Lot of diversity and many different ages of students here. It's great! Excited to return here for the upcoming semester.
Haven't done any online schooling here at all. Hoping that with the next semester having the opportunity to give a better review for this
When I graduated high school I went straight to American river college, and I been going there ever since. I love it, I learned so much about how colleges work, made a few personal mistakes and learned even more from them. The staff is absolutely helpful and all my teachers genuinely cared and wanted to see their students succeed. The one thing that I hated was how long the construction During my whole college experience took. There were always fenced off building that made u have to take really long walks to the next class, but worst of all the noise made it hard to concentrate. Besides that I loved it, maybe for future student, they will finally be done.
For my learning part I really enjoyed it. Personally I mostly took in class classes because I like that kinda experience but I did take 4 online classes. Once I started working more the online classes with their flexibility made it super convenient for me. classes were less confusing then I imagined, if you have never taken any online classes I totally recommend them.
Its been great! The counselors have been awesome helping me sign up online! and even better with helping me make sure i have everything set up for school in the fall!
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So far its been great working with all of the counselors and coaches! They have made it so easy to schedule and sign up for my classes. I cant wait to get back and going with school in the fall!
ARC will provide you with a computer to do online courses if need be, easy enrollment, loved being able to do school on my own time
I love the amount of classes they offer online, lots of student resources to get you through college, and great financial aid offers
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