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Professors are passionate when teaching. Very diverse campus. Great student resources. Accessible for people with disabilities. Parking is difficult.
I like the diversity at American River College. I also like the amount of resources on campus. If I can change something I will change the food and dorm life on American River College.
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I was only able to attend this college for two semesters and it left a great impression on me. The campus is very pretty and well maintained with some wildlife like wild turkeys and squirrels which were always a delight to see. The professors there were very kind and knowledgeable about course material and always responded quickly to emails. There were a lot of clubs and informational resources available which was neat. I really liked the fact that there was a Starbucks and Subway built into the cafeteria, and the cafeteria was really spacious. The library was really spacious as well and had a wide selection of books. ARC is a great community college that I wish that I could still attend, but I'm no longer living in Sacramento.
I like the campus. There is a mix of new and older buildings. Some of the older spaces need a real overhaul, but the new buildings are nice. The campus is easy to navigate, and its easy to find help from various departments. I've never had a bad interaction with any staff. The teachers are average, but there are some gems and also trash mixed in. The fellow students were mostly lovely and diverse. I never felt very safe on campus, and don't feel that the campus police are doing much work. I was harassed by 3 male students over my time on campus. They have a recent no smoking policy that is a big improvement.
the school has great professors. The computer science classes are awesome, I've learned a lot and met a lot of people. I hope they get the bachelor's program for cyber security.
The professors clearly care about their students in every class I've taken here. I've never had issues with other students being hateful or overly disruptive. However, I wish the student service helpers were more helpful in informing me about potential scholarships as well as what classes to take in order to graduate/transfer on time.
I really like the professors all my professors so far have been awesome and very helpful in times of crisis.
This college is very diverse. Most of the professors care about the students. The campus police take saftey very seriously. It's nice to know that people there are in your corner and want you to succeed.
There are some truly incredible teachers here, and it's a beautiful campus located in a great neighbourhood surrounded by the college essentials (coffee, fast food, etc.)
American river college is a wonderful school. All of the teachers are helpful and try to remember your name. The councilors show concern for the students and help them find classes they need. The campus is a good size and has many programs for students to keep growing into productive members of society.
I have been attending ARC for two years now, it is a very successful community college and a lot of students are enrolling in it every semester. parkings are all full the first two weeks of each semester. They have been building new facilities in the main campus and adding more classes. Professors in this community college are very smart and successful and you can learn a lot from their experiences when you become friends with them
This school is very diverse and the professors are always helpful. The food in the cafeteria is alright, some items can improve also with customer service. The staff on campus is very helpful and go out of their way to make being a college student as less stressful as possible.
I really enjoy going to school here. The campus is clean the professors are polite. People here are pretty cool, I don't think I have ever met more kind people. Once you come on campus you'll feel welcomed.
American River College offers a lot of financial help and the counselors are very helpful. It's not very big but its very comfortable.
Very welcoming school, great professors, beautiful campus. Surrounding area not the greatest but on campus feels like a completely different place. I’m not sure about athletics,housing or party life as I was a comuter and kept to myself. My friend went to a school about 30 minutes away and he knew people from American river college, through sports and parties and what not, so I would assume those are both quite nice.
I love the American river college experience from coming from high school to this college it’s a big difference and very fun I like that I can manage my own time and have the schedule the fits perfect for me I play football and I love the way the program is ran overall i feel ARC is a great school and will continue to be
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Had some great professors here. Counselors are very helpful and friendly as well. I've never run into any problems with this campus.
They have very good professors and a beautiful campus. There are some iffy professors, as there is everywhere, but overall it is a very good school.
In my opinion, American River collage is an outstanding community college in many different aspects. As a foreigner student in American River College I have to admit that I have always felt welcomed and encouraged by the professors, staff and even students. over the past years, I have witnessed the growth of American River college in every aspect. There are new Buildings built and improvements made every year in order to provide a better and comforter atmosphere for the new and continuing students. It's an outstanding feeling to be noticed, counted and wanted in a large community like American River College. It's tough to be negative when you're encompassed in positivism. I'm delighted and honored to be a member of American River College family. Go Beavers!
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