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The campus here is so nice and the most up-to-date Los Rios school, especially once they're done with the construction. The parking garage is great, and so is the library. The teachers are hit or miss, but I've had a good overall experience! The # 1 downfall of the teachers are the "I can't post my slideshows online because of copyright" but then have whole essays on every slide.
American River College is a wonderful community college for those who are looking to get their associates degree. It has plenty of classes to fulfill your general education needs and get you started on your major classes. The area is a little lacking, but you can find something better to do.
The staff that works there are very friendly. The counselors will spend hours with you trying to draft up the perfect education plan and answer all your questions. The cafeteria ladies are very nice and will offer up recommendations. Most of the teachers will help you to achieve the best grade in their class that you can.
Not to mention the campus itself is nice. They're working on building a STEM building aswell. Overall the campus offers several different classes, it's hard to not find something that will fit you.
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Great college overall. Professors are funny and have effective teaching skills. Finances are well worth attending this community college.
The teachers are understanding and nice. I have experienced some problems with people within my community but, I was able to speak with my counselor about it and I felt better when she gave me advice about the situations I had been facing.
The day I stepped on College soil it illuminated my spirit I felt an since of belonging at American River College the energy at the school pushed me to complete my mission at American River College.
The atmosphere of American River College is my favorite part. Everyone is friendly, including professors and other workers. The campus is always very clean. There's a lot of quiet places to study or even to relax for a little while in between classes. The campus also has a lot of tutoring options available, which have helped me greatly succeed in my math classes. The professors put a ton of effort in teaching the material as well as getting you the help you need.
As for improvements, I think the campus food could improve by a lot.
The campus has been very nice so far and I have been enjoying all my classes. The professors are all very nice and care about your success as a student. The counselors have been very informative about how to go about transferring to a four year university, how to choose classes, and how to be successful. The campus is mostly clean and free from trash and all the buildings are in great shape. I am currently taking classes in the Commercial Music: Recording area and the recording studios are top of the line. I would highly recommend anything to do with their music program.
American River College is an awesome community college. I would highly recommend attending this school if you are trying to have a smooth transition into a 4-year college.
Some classes may be tough. Some regarding the class itself or having difficult professors, overall I have been doing well in all my classes. Programs like WAC and RAD are offered and I think that is very helpful for it's students.
Great staff and friendly faces. Professors care about success in each student. Each professor offers outside help and office hours
American River College is such a fun college to go to since it’s very straightforward and easy to get around. The experience there isn’t much fun with the social life but you can still make friends by talking to people as there are so many people that go there every single day. I love how they have so many different types of classes such as dance or weightlifting, you can even take a taekwondo class to get your feet wet.I didn’t think a community college would have all of these white options, very unexpected I didn’t think a community college would have all of these white options very unexpected and the counselors really care about you. They take their time with you and don’t rush you at all and are very patient I really appreciate this from them.
The design technology teachers are amazing and inspirational, they really make you feel good about your contributions and valued for your Ideas.
Great community college. It is an easy campus to navigate. It is not difficult to get into the class you want/need.
The environment is very friendly and professional, especially for mathematics and technology-related major. What I love about this school is that they have a lot of good science professors and internship program for STEM students.
I choose to go to American River College due to the ratings of the professors. I always check to determine whether I want to take a class or not. American River College has by far the most outstanding ratings. Although, the school is 45 minutes away from me, I don’t mind the drive if I’m getting my moneys worth of education getting taught by great teachers. I do wish the local area could have some improvements because sometimes I don’t feel safe walking in the parking lot, so maybe more security would be great. Overall, it is a great school and I love taking classes here! Nice campus also!
American River College has a variety of professors with varying styles and I have gotten along with all of them. Rate my professor has been a great asset in that. The variety of classes has been wonderful particularly considering that I was able to take two semesters of German there, though I would have liked to continue and they offered no further classes. The campus itself is not beautiful, but many of the buildings inside have a updated, modern aesthetic and a great study atmosphere.
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Simple and easy to commute. Variety of programs and events to help with college experience. Very affordable and flexible courses for part - time and full -time workers
American River College offered a wide spread of classes and programs that made it almost easy to pick a major and potential career. The professors were passionate about teaching but truly wanted their students to succeed, the smaller class sizes allowed for students to feel comfortable with their professors.
American River college a really good school to go to especially if you play sports the programs are really good. They make sure you get scholarships also be on you if your grades are bad. They will make you go to study hall. the professor are good if you need help you can go to them in class or after hours they are very helpful and understanding. Which make school easier for you. The cafe food is okay i wouldn't say its the best. The school is very diversity. the campus is really clean the people picking up and cleaning up. but most people clean up after their selves because they are of age.
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