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The instructors are A.R. are geared towards the success of their students. The help they offer is in many forms and thigh they do not parent students the care with genuine concern for the outcome of your education.
The College has some excellent professors. However the over all function of the financial aid and counselor office are very inefficient. Along with the online interactive student system used "Canvas" which is used to mediate between students and faculty. The Canvas is not user friendly and fails to have some basic functional options that would help keep you up to date on assignments and grading better. The school also needs to have another parking structure to accommodate the needs of enrolled students.
I have learned so much being here and they have great staff that are always willing to help.while attending this college you feel like home and can meet new people who have the same goal as you to learn and grow mentally.
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My first visit to the college was a very positive experience. The semester hadn't started yet and I was finding the locations for each of my classes. I had several professors ask if I needed help finding classes or buildings. Some professors even offered advice. I am currently focusing my studies on business and I find my business professors to be incredibly knowledgeable, understanding, and helpful. I have had a better experience here than I have at any other school I have attended. The school has a goal to update all buildings. The community on campus is easy going and diverse. There are a lot of parking spots because they recently built a 5 level parking garage!
I have been here for 4-years! I love love this place! Other LosRios colleges to me were not like this one. I graduated with my AA in Science. I also worked in many different offices on campus and still work for ARC. Lots of amazing teachers and great staff. Lots of great resources are offered.
Confusing at first. But few professors show how much they want their students to improve while others are just there to lecture.
ARC is a great place to start if you want inexpensive tuition fees. Staff has been extremely generous to me. Many wonderful programs that go unknown ask questions.
I am a student in the California Early College Academy (CECA) which is a joint high school and community college program. I have taken courses at ARC for the past year. Some professors are very engaged and make the classes interesting. They provide all the necessary tools to succeed. It is very demanding as a high school student, but I have done well.
Recently, we have noticed some bias by security staff against African American students at our ARC satellite campus in North Natomas. That as been disappointing for many of the CECA students. We hope it is just an aberration and that the positive diverse environment that we have experienced at ARC over the past year will continue.
With a variety of available courses online, American River College has been the perfect choice for pursuing my undergraduate education before I transfer. As a full time Mom, the online classes are crucial to my success. ARC has met all of my needs.
Wonderful community college for first time students whom then want to move onward to get a four year degree. The counseling office is great they help with everything
The Campus is nice and peaceful. The teachers are also very helpful as well as the counseling staff they make things a lot easier.
Love this college. the campus is nice. parking isn't too bad. people are nice. the environment is friendly. teachers are easy and open to students to help. ARC offers many types of tutoring, from one on one to group settings, to teachers tutoring you. plenty of food choices off campus too.
This is a great school if you're looking to transfer to the University of California. They have counselors from most UCs, some CSUs and a few private schools visit. They offer workshops. They also have the ACE program, set to allow working students to attend classes on nights and weekends and complete up to 12 units per semester.
American River College is a great place for people who need an affordable, yet effective foundational level of education. I enjoy all of my classes, with the professors making the classes very interesting. I have the privilage of being an athlete, running track and field. All of the coaches are experienced, and most professors are flexible with the athletic schedules. Overall, I think American River College is a fantastic college to go to for a wide variety of people.
American River College has a great campus in multiple camouses around the Sacramento area, helpful instructors, and a large class selection.
American River College is a great college. Out of all the teacher I have only about 3 of them I did not like. They have a lot of class that are scheduled, a lot online and in class too. The campus is great, so many places to site out side and do work.
Great school and everyone is extremely helpful. It's giving me a chance to do what I want and go after an actual career.
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I haven't experienced the college much, but from what I do know, it's a very sociable place where you can easily be yourself. They are very good at explaining to incoming students how everything works out. All in all, It's a good school to be at.
The people here are very nice and welcoming. You can stop anyone walking by to ask them a question and they will assist you. The college is easily navigable, and has cheap parking.
I am a second year student at ARC and am transferring to UCD next fall. I've to say that I had a really good time and experience here. The professors are really knowledgeable and helpful. There are several clubs and programs to help you succeed in your major or career goals!
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