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American River College is a great place to go if you are looking to save money and transfer to a better school. I have had classes with all kinds of different people from refugees, to adults, or people just looking to better themselves with education. This has opened my eyes to the different reasons people go to community college, and reduces the stigma that people who go here are not smart. I have learned that that could not be further from the truth. I have found challenging classes and helpful professors that will help me during my time here.
I enjoy the friendly staff/instructors, most of them really want you to be successful. Students are very diverse. One of my favorite places to go to on campus is the library. It has 3 levels, first being somewhat noisy, ok for casual conversation between students, second level quieter, and the third absolute silence. I wish there were more buildings on campus because too many classes are jammed packed, same goes for the parking space.
Great professors from who I've encountered. Larger campus than I expected. Students are all very nice, faculty always happy to assist with any questions I've had, and good variety of class choices. Unfortunately it is becoming impacted and I almost did not get into my math or english classes, but fortunately I did.
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So diverse, it's a true hidden gem. The faculty and staff are some of the most devoted that I've seen I hope other schools are as good as the one I go to and hope my four-year I'm going to is as good as well.
Lots of great teachers that care about what you want to do, great food, great campus life. They do not have dorms but, there is a lot of apartments around the area so it works fine.
It was a very good experience. The teachers are very helpful and offices are very easy to navigate. I recommend going here especially if tuition is a issue for you.
I love this college. The teachers that I have had are great and very invested in their students. Office hours and resources are readily available which is really nice. I love the fact that there is a separate campus in Natomas, because it is way closer to my house than the main campus which is easier for me.
American River College provides a diverse campus atmosphere and promotes the inclusion of students from every background. The professors care for students, though departments are poorly funded so there are not many opportunities to expand learning in the classroom beyond lectures (i.e. few if any hands-on assignments, experiments, or field trips). The campus is more laid-back than others, with a niche for everyone.
I just started going to ARC and so far I really like it. Professors are nice, They have athletic programs, in-school paid internships, nice buildings and helpful staff.
My experience attending American River College has been a rough road. I started as a part time student due to having a job but as I slowly realized that there I more I could have done instead of work is focusing on my studies. It is great to have a job and earning your own paid but there are times when things suddenly gets tough and you have to adjust to the situation. What I am trying to say is taking a step at a time is the best way of how to do things the way you can.
Please be kindly informed I am writing you this letter to share the noble idea I have as we all are preciously unique responses to a need on earth. This is a sincere heartfelt humble call to be a familiar voice in an unfamiliar land as we all are family of human kind. I am an Ethiopian 23 years male with great visions & missions in life. I have also a Diploma of social Science in English with a total of 3.33 GPA
I kindly request your informed consideration as I would like to be one of your scholarship student’s from Ethiopia as your scholarship presence will make great impacts in the lives of thousands of school age children who are deprived the right of education. I will be very grateful if you come to have a preliminary confirming visit to see the heartbreaking reality on the ground in different regions of Ethiopia to think the way forward as well as all the possibilities.Looking forward for your informed response as your schedule permits.
I have enjoyed being in the Computer Science program at American River College. Most of the teachers are very knowledgeable and are glad to help you. The physical campus is nice, and the online classes have been very helpful.
At first, I wasn't so keen on attending a local community college, but once I started really paying attention to the professors I chose, my experience became fantastic. Do your research, and this school is worth it!
The faculty and teachers are so helpful and care about the education and personal goal of the students attending. There are so many programs and services that helps student what they need like TRIOs where unrepresented groups of students are welcome and are provided with financial, academic success and support, and tutoring. The school is pretty much diverse with different students with many different backgrounds and culture.
It's a great academic institution. The professors are very helpful and they go all out to make sure you understand the topics. One thing I like to see improve is the student life aspect of interacting.
I like that it is a clean campus. it is also very safe. Since I have attended, there has not been any sort of crimes against students or faculty. Everyone is very helpful and outgoing. it has been a great experience at ARC.
Most of the students and staff are helpful here on campus. Anyone is willing to stop and help you if you look lost or have a question. Though sometimes parking can be difficult to get, isn't it always on a college campus?
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I went here for my two year associates in Anthropology. I did enjoy my time here and the professors you get are a hit or a miss really. I was lucky that my major professors were so helpful and engaging and were really great instructors. The campus life is a bit a non-existent but keep in mind it is a community college so it's not going to be extremely exciting.
This is my second semester attending here, and I really enjoyed the campus and the programs that it has to offer. It also has a good variety of classes and professors. A lot of on and off campus activities.
Its great academically as it holds different classes that other colleges may not have to transfer into the State College or UC that they be applying for. It is also very diverse; you will see many faces of race, religion, background and so forth.
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