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Overall, in my experience this college is really diverse with lots of different things you can do. The professors generally amazing and very willing to work with you to reach your goals.
It's a good school because they offer a lot of academic resources like free tutoring and advising. I was a student athlete and the sports programs are well developed. So if you are looking to transfer to a 4 year school, this is the perfect college to get started at.
The Professors are incredibly. But the negative- the demographics, many are not really serious about bettering themself. Less then half who start actually graduate.
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I find this to be a very great ,i've gone to two other colleges but I like American River College the best. The teachers are nice the professors are nice and I really like the students I've learned a lot by going to American River College.
I took two classes during the Fall semester @ ARC this year. Both classes appeared easy at the start but became more challenging as the semester continued. I love how the professors push you and set high expectations for their students. Great experience and looking forward to Spring 17'!
I like that it's smoke free and it honestly isn't a bad campus. It's kept clean, the bookstore has a lot of variety, the classes are interesting and overall, for community college, it isn't a bad way to go.
Excellent academics. Most professors have previously taught at universities. Social aspect is non existent. Students aren't interested in making friends.
Terrific professors great campus all staff and faculty genuinely interested in your success. Couldn't be more content and happy with my experience thus far
I think American River College is a great college to go to! I have been there since Spring 2016. It is a great place to get your general education requirements and a good step stone to a four-year college. I think that the professors are great! I've had a great experience so far.
The convenience at my school has been wonderful. It's nice to know that they have other places such as different High schools where they host classes as well, especially if it's taking you almost an hour a day to get to the main campus.
What I loved the most about American River College were the schedules. I was able to take all of my classes either in the mornings or evenings, leaving me with enough time to also work.
All the counsellors that I have spoken to have made it clear what is needed in order to transfer to another school to receive my bachelors, and even if they don't have all the answers they direct me to someone else who has more information that I need to know.
  • 7 months ago
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American River College is a diverse campus not only on the people that attend, but also the many different introduction classes that are available with some of the most amazing professors that are passionate about their teaching.
The people are helpful as well as the transferring process is easy
Theres workload and the facilities are good. Not as much internship options.
Online courses have been great for me, but at times it seems to be very kind of challenging when it comes to staying motivated or keeping up with reminders, you just have to be plugged in at all times. The workload is the same, and the professor/student relationship is more of what you make it as well as the peer-to-peer interaction.
My school has excellent post-grad services at my school. The career center is very extensive along with the alumni network and job prospects.
  • 8 months ago
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My courses and professors have been outstanding here at American River College. The quality of the courses are rated with an A+ in my opinion and seem to be well thought out. The professors seem very passionate about what they're teaching us and there are a ton of courses to choose from, but they go very fast. the class sizes are no larger than 30-35 students.
I would say that the career prospects are great because most to the students here live in real times and have done extensive work already on the job market here in Sacramento, CA. Therefore, the value of a degree from this school is very high in that most students transfer immediately after graduating over to a 4 year college. I feel the quality of the Alumni is wonderful, with all of the memorabilia you're able to purchase to represent the school as your out and about during your everyday life. as well as the synergy of the students. I work for Sacramento State University and they do a great job recruiting at the school to get students interested in attending a 4 year college upon graduating from a junior college. The career center and the rest of the services is awesome!
  • 8 months ago
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The Social Science field happened for me because In the beginning I was going for the Nursing program. So I took quite a few upper level courses and then discovered that math was not my niche. Therefore, I can't say that there's anything unique about it thus far, but the workload has been great as far as my work schedule goes. There hasn't been any problems with the curriculum so far, other than all of the math classes that I need to conquer. The facilities have been great, and I 'm not quite there as far as internships goes. I'm sure there are quite a few job opportunities out there, but I work in a Graduate Department on campus right now, and it keeps me very busy.
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