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American Public University has been an excellent online school. It is very military friendly. I would recommend anyone to attend this schoo.
Learning online at American Public University is very simple. The instructors are very understanding and are willing to help students pass their courses.
I have had a wonderful online experience with this school.I would recommend this school to anyone pursing a degree with online learning.
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All of my classes were online and I have had a wonderful experience with my professors. I highly recommend this school.
Overall this college has been exceeded my expectations of an all online school. The communication is easy, applying and enrolling for courses and programs could not be simpler and the material is in-depth with both practical application and theory.
I have attending APUS for about 2 years receiving my AAS. For me the style of learning is amazing because it is relatively self taught but when I need assistance my professor and peers are quick to give a helping hand.
American Public & Military University Systems work with students to create an interactive experience in an online community. The classroom is a welcome place for discussion. The professors are engaging.. It has been a wonderful experience, and I will miss this school when I graduate in June, 2021.
The online classrooms are easy to navigate, with access to all assignments, lessons, and grades. Weekly discussions are a great way to interact with fellow students. The professors are accessible and make known their availability for further discussion and/or conversation. APUS is a great school. I recommend checking it out.
I did the entire course online. The school provided me with the most accepted transfer credits from my previous school as well as my military training.
Great experience. Self paced and very flexible schedule to provide the best chance for completion. I would and have recommended others to attend this school.
I love the ability to 100% learn online. The school has classes that start the first Monday of each month so choosing when to take a class is very easy with little wait in between courses.
All of APU’s classes are available online. There are a wide variety of electives to choose from and many different professors.
Most professors are very encouraging and quick to respond. Some of the material is dated, but much of the content is as relevant today as it was when published. I would encourage a live ‘chat’, either on a chat board or video chat, so that there can be more interaction instead of just using the forums. Overall, I am very satisfied with my learning experience.
The advisors and professors are very helpful. There is a good course selection, and being able to start a new class every month helps maintain a flexible schedule. The only thing I would like to see changed is some of the course materials. I know a lot of the information is still the same, but some of the books, journals, and articles we are using go back to the late 1990s to the early 2000s. However, I would still definitely refer this college to anyone looking for an online education.
The professors clearly care about their students and are passionate about the field they teach. They often possess real-world experience, which they introduce into the classroom. As a cybersecurity professional, the education I received here has enhanced my life and my career. The online platform is easy to navigate and it gets updated frequently.
Did my Undergrad and continuing on with my Graduate education here, I can honestly say the quality of education I received here is valued more than the cost of tuition here. Where I had been unsuccessful at other institutions, APUS showed me that with the right teaching style and attention I can excel. This is an A-Class rated school in my books.
Honestly this school is pretty easy. It is a for profit school but at least the tuition is really cheap.
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I took the majority of my classes online and they were okay. Fairly easy most of the time, but some of the professor were extremely hands off.
What I liked about American Public University is that the staff is really good with communicating to me things that I didn't understand in a calm way. AMP
U provides a easy accessible online student campus that's is very easy to navigate to easily manage your account. You feel in control of your own success. They also provide testimonials of past students and employees. AMPU is very explicative and makes getting an education fun and easy.
My online experience is very cool and a journey because i have not yet began my courses. I do like how I have control over money , courses, and my path for education
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