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APUS is a regionally accredited for-profit online university. Your entire degree with APUS is online. The institution makes the vast majority of its money from marketing its degree programs to military personnel. The professors are average, and I have even had classes where the professors do not care and hand out As for just writing anything. The school reputation is questionable. I recommend attending a traditional brick and mortar if you want a quality education and a degree that employers will respect or an online institution that is highly respected like Penn State World Campus.
This is a awesome school. The school is flexible with the class scheduling. I enjoy attending this school as the professors are very helpful.
I finished my BA and continuing at the Master's level (MBA) at APUS. I have nothing but praise for this school. The online experience is personalized and the professors have extensive backgrounds in what they teach. It has been fun, educational, career promoting and very affordable to be part of this school.
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APUS is great for the working adult. Online classes with easy schedule requirements is fantastic when you have a busy schedule. Even if situations arise that conflict with deadlines, professors are very understanding and willing to make arrangements when they are told about the conflicts ahead of time.
APUS and AMU are perfect for those that want to further or begin their education while fulfilling obligations of work, parenthood, etc. Completely online, APUS/AMU offer almost every degree you would find at an in person college for both undergraduate and graduate programs. Military members, veterans, and their dependents have a tuition cap making it easily affordable compared to other 4 year institutions. The application process is made easy with continuous communication from the first click to graduation from all departments who are invested in your success. I have always been so impressed by the helpfulness of all departments with any and all questions I may have along the way. It's convinent, affordable, and even though it's online they make it feel personal and inclusive!
American Public University System is an online university that met all my creditation and degree requirement. This University is also very popular with Military memebers due to the flexibility it offers.
I was seeking info on this university specifically for their online degrees. I heard so many awesome things about them and what they do for our military and their families. I haven’t started classes yet, but hope too very soon. They have been very helpful so far providing me with answers to all my questions and resources that will help pay for school. I can’t wait to start my new journey with AMU!
The education here is very inexpensive, they will answer any questions you have for online schooling I say it is amazing for personal ams work life.
I was excited initially to start at the school , but me relocating from Virginia to Texas and then now to Florida was a lot on me. I am now a looking to restart my program and push through! I would like to complete my degree for my father. He deserves it.
Website is super user friendly. Straight forward school and convenient for students who need or prefer online schooling.
I have been with APUS (American Military University) for over 2 years. My entire experience has been online school with them. I love their services and every professor that I have had, have been excellent instructors. I have always had great communications with my instructors, I have never had a financial problem or any issues delay my studies. I have always felt like my education is priority for the Staff. Even through my deployments they have been very flexible with me when I need to adjust my schedules due to hardship circumstances. I love this school and I plan to continue for my Masters with them.
Awesome School!!!! I love how helpful the teachers are and amazing. I love being in college online. They make classes easy for me to understand and the teachers are just great. I wish that I would have gone through APU the first time I went to school.
APUS has made it possible for me to continue my education as an adult learner. The opportunities and doors that this organization opened for me are endless and I will forever be grateful to their dedication and professionalism.
It is a great experience as a military spouse and for my husband who is currently serving and going to the same school. It is a very simple platform to use and navigate through for someone who has never gone to school online before!
The courses are challenging, with a lot of reading and writing. Weekly forum posts need to be accomplished and a student needs to reply to at least two to three students. Papers can range from answering questions that are posted to research papers that can span up to 20 pages (at least in my field of study).
I do have some issues with some of my professors who even after pointing out grave APA formatting errors and pointing out relevant documentation, insisted on being right. It was a distractor that had an impact on GPA.
This school is attended by mostly military and older students. Students have to be committed to this type of education experience as there is very little instruction from professors outside of the weekly assignments. I found most professors o respond to questions and concerns quickly and never have witnessed a professor to refuse to help me out.
I loved them transferring 35 credit hours over even before I started. This saves me so much time and money.
I love how interactive everyone who attends the college is. The professors stay in contact at all times. The professors extend class work or home work if need be. My guidance councilor keeps in contact with me to make sure I have everything I need to start my classes. There is online support if Im having issues. I can always reach out to my professor if an issues arises. The classes are affordable. Being an online school makes it easier to enjoy family life wither I'm on the go moving where the military sends us, on family vacations or just living day to day life. I can get all my schooling accomplished while working and attending my children's school functions. Family is very supportive. My children give me time to get my schooling done and understand I'm trying to accomplish my dreams, while supporting my family as well.
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I'm a New Online Student. So far most of the people I speak with are over the phone, and most of them are polite and very helpful.
I absolutely love the user freinlt platform on all my classes. I have been enrolled since 2016 and I have never had an issue with the system nor the teachers.
I have never had any problems. Staff always willing to help and answer questions. Financial aid department is very helpful. The classes are only 8 weeks long so sometimes there's alot of papers and seems like very little time to do them but other than that classes are great. Most classes require alot of reading and yoy must out in effort and respond to forum post in order to get good grades.
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