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American Public University offers a wide range of degree programs to their students. Their staff is very friendly and helpful with any questions one may have. All my professors have been flexible with my busy schedule and are there to help you.
This online college provides classroom type instructions and professors are involved and engaged. Classes are 8 weeks long and assignments are required. This is one of the best colleges that I have attended.
I finally have an opportunity to complete and have a degree in the field that I am most interested in. The best part, is this is an online University with flexibility.
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They have been great. They were very quick getting back to me with the information I requested. The enrollment process was very quick and easy.
I was nervous about doing online courses. APU was very supportive and walked me through each step. They helped me understand how to be successful in my classes and manage my time accordingly.
American Public University ,or American Military University, is a very convenient and flexible school for military personnel or anyone looking for an online degree. Teachers are quite involved and understanding, while the classes are straight-forward and easy to get a grasp of.
I really like that the professors always try to respond and interact with the students in their class and I enjoy the interactions and responses that I receive from all of my classmates. This interaction always gives me the feeling of belonging to a group and I feel that I get to know and understand how my classmates feel regarding the topic discussed. The weekly quizzes tend to ensure that the students read and comprehend all of the material for any particular week.
I have had a great experience with this University. The cost was very affordable. The courses ran year round and month to month so it was easy to jump in and get started immediately. Courses are 8weeks and gets straight to the point.
My experience with American Public University has been an amazing time. At first I was skeptical about attending college because of my experience in High School. I was not the best student at all. When I started my first course, I noticed everything was very user friendly, I was able to locate all applications and tools needed within the classroom with no problems. If I stumbled across a problem, you can easily message the professor and they always reply within the same day. You have a week to complete all assignments and quizzes assigned for that week, and you are able to manage your time more efficiently because of that. I definitely recommend attending this school if you are looking to get your feet wet with the college courses experience and begin earning credits.
I loved going to American Military University. I was in the Security Management program and I was constantly challenged. They say that online classes are easy A's... not true. Writing a 50 page paper isn't a easy task. But don't be discouraged, that was towards the end. All my professors were awesome and had a plethora of knowledge and experience in the field. I truly have no complaints, was a great school. Only wish people could see the value of online learning... but it's slowly coming around.
Overall an amazing school. The professors are extremely helpful and anyone can help you when you make a call.
I love that American Public University offers classes starting the beginning of every month, their professors are very available and helpful, the courses are clearly laid out and understandable, and all classroom supplies (i.e. textbooks) are available online at no additional cost. I have been able to complete 10 classes in just 8 short months through APUS, and am very grateful I am only 5 classes away from earning my Bachelors degree!
I think that this is a good overall school. The flexibility that the school offers is really great. The teachers are good for the most part, some of them are a little less attentive than others. I've taken 30+ classes here and I've only have maybe 1-3 teachers that were mehh. I think that the quality of the classes is pretty good too. I think that if you are motivated enough to get the classwork done and you put effort into it, you can get a good education here.
I really like how flexible American Public University is. I tell all my friends about how easy the classes are to understand, how much I can handle going to school full time, working full time, and being married mom of 5. I am so happy that I was introduced to APUS by my employer.
Very friendly professors. Professors are helpful and email you back within 1 or same day. Financial aid advisors call back right away. They are incredibly helpful in walking you through or making sure you understand what you are doing. Student advisors really talk to you to help you find your way in your degree. They help to get you started on the right classes. You can also make an appointment and they are very prompt in calling you.
So far, I have liked everything about APUS. The application process was easy and smooth. The individuals in the advising department, as well as financial aid department, are super helpful and have great customer service skills. Any and all questions are answered quickly and thoroughly. All of my professors so far have been very knowledgeable and helpful throughout classes.
The counslers were great and efficient. Their process was streamlined and stress free it was a great experience.
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I enjoy being a student at American Public University System. I am now almost to my completion point with my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. I have only four courses to go once I complete my current course. I am in need for a scholarship to help me to pay for my final courses so that I will be able to graduate. I encourage anyone no matter of their age to go and reach your educational goals as of way of working toward toward your career.
I really like how easy it is to be able to take the courses and how military friendly the staff and teachers are. Some of it is just kind of weird because in their system, when I took some class for my general electives, some of the courses double counted in the General Education requirements. All I had to do though was email my advisor and they got me squared away.
American Public University System is a great online school to attend. There is a huge selection of programs to choose from and it is highly accredited. The advisors and professors work hard to help you through every step of the way. I wouldn’t change a thing.
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