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American Public University has been great doing online courses as I am located in Texas and able to get these classes knocked out every 8 weeks. Feels like I am on a fast track to completing my goal! Thanks to the professors for helping via online!
Online Sakai interface feels dated some parts not compatible with mac os. Instructors are quick to respond
Instructors are flexible and understanding of working professionals. As an active duty military member, my instructors have always been willing to work with my schedule.
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My experience with American Public University has been great thus far. I am still an active student there at the time of writing this review. I am attending the university through their online degree program. The instructors I have had so far have been wonderful. They have been very supportive and their lessons work well online. There are plenty of courses to choose from and it is fairly easy to get signed up. The one problem I would warn others about is the student aid system they use. I have encountered several problems with it and all of it was on their end. So, I could do nothing, except wait until they resolved it.
This university was great for my bachelor degree. They took my goals and ensured I exceeded them. I am in the military and when I was going to school or deploying, they took care of me. This speaks as well to the professors in the courses. Anytime something came up, they were understanding. They helped me worry less about the situation and ensured I was able to pass the course.

The professors in the course reply back in a timely manner. Which is something I love. They provide feedback to any questions I would ask.
So far my experience has been great. They are easy to work with, and get back to you in a timely manner. The classes have been organized and easy to follow.
The teachers care about the students and they are very understanding. They encourage students to help each other and they also make themselves available to help when students need their help. Instruction is interactive which helps with understanding course materials.
This is a great school for active duty military seeking masters degree because they only charge 325 per credit and they have a rolling enrollment for classes. Therefore you can enroll in a class as the beginning of any month. You do not have to wait for the beginning of a semester
I really enjoy how helpful the staff is, and always positive and patient. The communication with the teachers is great.
I have had a decent experience at APUS so far. The professors are usually very helpful and understanding. I do wish that there were 16 week options for all of the classes offered, not just math.
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APUS has been amazing to go through. Any of their departments I have had to contact were very helpful when any problem arose.
I am getting ready to complete my degree the end of this week and can Honestly say that I had little no problem from start to finish. Very good school.
I enjoyed that APUS offered an online option to graduate school with quality professors, materials, classes, and resources.
I have been attending APUS since 2014. I have changed my degree plan numerous of times. Through the changes the academic advisors have been there to assist me in each transition. Although I am not able to attend classes on the local campus, I still receive the same professionalism and knowledge that the students who do attend classes on campus.
I love the university's flexibility, classes, and majors available and the degree programs' diversity (BS, BA, MS, etc.). I love the professors, so many helpful, and great teachers who know their stuff!
This school is great. I've had a great time so far in my second semester in. The professors are well informed and engaging, always free to speak to if needed. Their counselors are also extremely helpful. They always do contact back and try to help as much as possible when you ask for it. The threes below are my way of saying N/A since this is entirely online.
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Great freedom to wlrk at your own pace. Professors there at a moments notice and they make it fun to learn.
It was hit and miss with APUS. I enjoyed the courses but the level of instructor interaction was almost non-existent in some of them.
It is a very convenient way to earn your degree and further your education. The curriculum is great and the professors and advisors are always willing to help.
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