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The online campus is great and easy to navigate through. The teachers are always professional and they will work with you on any and everything. There is free tutoring and easy access to material. I love it!
I enjoyed my time here for undergrad. There were some good and bad times. The school offers extensions when you feel that you can't get all of your work completed, especially for military students. There were a few times where I had to travel or relocate and they worked with me. Discussions and papers were the center of my studies as an English major. Overall I had a great experience.
American Public University System is not like other higher education schools. With many academic programs and a vast diversity in students, you are bound to find something to make you feel at home. This University has a lot of programs for online programs which is very helpful for the busy individual. One thing I would like to see changed, is how quick you get responses back from IT or other areas within the campus via e-mail.
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All the staff is very helpful and the application procedure is very easy. The perfect option for those who wish a new beginning in their career.
I have been attending APU since the end of 2015. I am currently active duty military and I really like the fact that all of the professors understand that things beyond the students control happen; such as going to the field etc. They are always understanding on letting me either complete assignments before the due date to ensure I do not fall behind or after I come out of the field. I highly recommend this school for active duty military members.
Very simple to navigate. This college has made it very easy to be able to attain my degree while having a full time military job.
I don't want anything to change about this school. What I really like about going to school here is that the faculty are extremely caring, understanding, and professional .
I like this college a lot because it is online. That aspect is very convenient. Some courses were fairly easy and others were frustrating and challenging, yet i learned a lot and got through it. The online aspect is hard sometimes because of connection
This college allowed me to attend school while leading a very busy lifestyle. I would highly recommend this school to any working adult.
So far my experience with APUS has been great. I've only taken one class, but my professor has made it awesome as well as my classmates. If I had to change one thing about it, it would be a very minor detail. The school is completely online, so the system shows all assignments being due at 11:59pm Sunday. Living in a different time zone, it still shows me the 11:59. Sometimes I get so caught up in last minute alterations to my work that I forget I have to submit my assignment one hour earlier to be on time and it's made me miss the deadline of some very big assignments.
I love APU, and would advise any future student to add APU to there list of schools. I like the courses I attended online which I learned a lot about taking online classes
American Public University has been very accomodating for me as a return to school person of advanced age. The professors have been flexible allowing me to work around my life issues while allowing me to still be successful in my educational journey.
Everything is great. If I have any questions or need help they are only an e-mail, live chat or phone call away.
American Public University System is an outstanding college. Not only are they understanding of the military duties that come up only our military career that may interfere with our schooling, but they have so many programs that help with transition from the military to the civilian world. With that being said, APUS is not only a school for military but also for our dependents, veterans and others.

American Public University System also offers free books which helps those who do not have the finances to pay for the books required for school. There are also waived fees that help with financial situations.

The teachers and the administrators are extremely kind and knowledgeable and responds to their students and potential students in a timely fashion.
By being in the Military and solely attending the online program, I only rated those that pertained to me. APU has been tremendous for my situation. Professors are understanding, portals are easily accessible, a great diverse degree options, and have not had any issues with personal information being leaked out. I have really enjoyed attending APU and have always recommended to anyone in similar situations.
Great! Love the staff and professors! Easy to use online campus! Supplemental to their user-friendly class layout, their online library tools and resources are also excellent contributions to the learning environment. Their personnel and staff are knowledgeable on areas of responsibility and provide prompt response time. Overall, staff members and departments (Veterans Affairs), Financial Aid, and Student Services align and communicate well!
This school is the best. The teachers are so helpful and go out there way to help the student even though it is online. The staff is helpful as well their response time is so quick and I love that.
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my experience with this college is upsetting , i should have obtained my degree already. they limit what they will allow you to transfer in credit wise. I have 21 unused credits already. this is very disturbing.
This University is wonderful. Easy enrolling. Academic counselors are there for anything you may need. Financial counselors help with any questions. Professors are very easy to talk to and are always a part of the forum in class discussions. The only thing I would like to change is to have their Bachelor program shortened to 5-week classes instead of the classes being 8 weeks long.
The experience with APUS was very easy as they was there from the start to finish to make signing up a breeze .
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