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American Public University so far for me has worked out very well. I have enjoyed the classes and love having deadlines but being able to do the work when I have free time. I have encountered a few teachers who I did not care for they didn't seem to interested in helping and working with you but there have been a lot that seem to care. I hope to continue here and finish my degree. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who is looking for an online education.
APUS has provided me the opportunity to pursue my Bachelor's degree on my own time and schedule. Many of the professors were extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to have.
I haven't had the chance to experience American PublicUniversity systems yet but I am currently enrolled as a freshman starting on November far, I have had absolutely no problem enrolling in this school and they are very capable of communication and information on what everybody needs to be able to enroll and get financial aid.
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APU/AMU is a great and diverse university. The course-load can be a bit hefty at times but is manageable.
Customer service was very nice and would help you determine a college plan.
The American Public University also has an open online library for students to study from.

so far I am enjoying my work in the American Public University System.
The staff is always helpful, and willing to assist at helping to resolve any problems. They are also very helpful at guiding you in the direction when having problems completing course assignments.
The ability to study and interact with the course material as my schedule allows helps me study and excel. I do find that the weekly forums are tedious busy work that distract from real work and spur more discourse than learning.
Very, very affordable. I never imagined how much I would learn through an online university. I have attended state and private universities via classroom settings. The knowledge I gained from interacting with my peers and professors at APU supersedes anything learned in a classroom. I would recommend to new students, returning students, nontraditional students, everybody!
The Instructors and Advisors are incredibly helpful and understanding. They always reply to questions in a timely manner too!
I am an active duty soldier in the US Army. I am the first to graduate with a college degree in my family and APUS fostered this dream. I came into the US in the early 90s and being out of school for such a long time, APUS made it very easy and possible for me to get back into the academic mindset. I was able to take classes online throughout several deployments in various countries throughout the globe. I have earned a BA In Business and I owe it all to APUS for their mentoring and academic nurturing.
Most courses are 8-weeks long. We intake a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time but being able to learn on your own and have responsive teachers is a great aspect of online learning.
Website is easy to navigate. Class options are great. All interaction with staff has been professional.
The online platform was a little scary at first, but American Public University has great academic advisors and a fantastic staff of professors and librarians. The course work is easy to follow and not overwhelming. Anytime I needed help the professors were always there and advised me on how to proceed!
No matter where you are you get a fair chance at large diversity of programs. Online schools and other universities have limited selections and you have to settle for a degree that almost what you want.
I really like the staff and faculty at APUS, they are always there and willing to help you. Even though this is an online school, I have never had an issue reaching my professors or and department at the school (aid, registration, library, etc.) for anything that I need.

There are multiple opportunities for you to become a member of an honor society if your GPA is high enough which will help you down the road during job searches (especially with jobs with the federal government). There are also student clubs that you can join. All of these use a virtual meeting room to talk with members who are all over the world.
I have never loved a school so much. I went to a local technical school and had the worst experience with financial aide, teachers and the location. I would recommend APUS to anyone looking for a 4 year degree that needs the flexibility to work online!
American Public University is an overall average school. Their course offerings are not unique and considered uninteresting. The professors of the university appear more like facilitators. They typically do not add much insight or expansion upon the lesson. The material that is taught in most classes is not even the subject of most professors degrees or qualifications. While I have learned a considerable amount, I attribute this to my own desire of knowledge. Other students pass with the bare minimum effort. A school that does not require critical thinking and accountability to earn a proper degree is simply a degree mill, not a university of the minds.
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The online format is easier for me, so I can continue my career, while working to advance it at the same time.
This has been by far the most student-centric and focused school that I have worked with. They are quick to respond to emails and inquiries. Instructors and facilitators are eager to help most of the time and the school is responsive to legitimate issues with staff or procedures. They are more than helpful and understanding about the military challenges service members face.
I enjoy the format of the classes and professors who are dedicated to the success of their students.
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