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This university offers a wide variety of majors, has the most flexible schedule. I really enjoy that it pays for 100% of military tuition. It is regional accredited, which is the better option out of the national accredidation since it is not accepted in most universities.
APUS has been a great experience. Being active duty military and having to go on temporary duty to locations without internet, often on short notice, it is hard to establish a concrete schedule. APUS understands this and is great at working with me. The only down side is instructor feedback. Although it doesn’t happen often, some instructors give inadequate feedback on assignments. This leaves the student wondering how to improve their work. However, this problem is hit and miss, depending on the instructor. Overall, I would recommend this university to fellow military members who are pursuing their degree. In fact, my wife is a student as well.
I have been attending this school for the last 4 years. Overall, my experience has been great. I love the flexibility it gives for me to still continue to work while doing courses online.
I am in my first semester with this school but so far everything has been great! Every time I have a question their advising department gets back to me that day, usually. The programming they use for the classes is simple and easy to navigate. The only downfall is the high tuition, $270 per credit hour with 3 hours being the normal amount per class. The good thing about that is there is no additional books that must be bought. If it wasn't for the high tuition I would have given this school 5 stars.
I love APUS. Teachers are always there for you. The program is easy to follow even if the assignments are not so easy. I love the steps they introduce you too and really just love them in general!
I like that this school is online. It allows me to work full time and attend school full time. The school also allows me to work at my own pace, within their allowed windows of due dates. However, I would really like to change the interaction portion with the school. Once a week, or more depending on the class, you are required to respond in a forum post. These posts determine your understanding of the material you learned and allow for interaction between other students. The problem I have faced is that most students just do not care to put enough effort into the posts or into their replies backs to you.
I have just enrolled in this school system and the staff has been more than helpful! I have received an answer to every one of the questions that I have asked in a timely manner. This is an all online school so there is no campus or anything. They advisement team that has walked me through the enrollment process has been simply outstanding! I have had help transferring all of my credits over by requesting the transcripts and even got live chat help to troubleshoot a transcript that I was having problems with.
I've been with APUS for about 6 years now and I love it. I love that I get to work around my schedule. Wherever or whenever I have some time I pull out my laptop and start studying. The reason I don't give it five stars is due to the fact that there is no face to face interactions due to it being online. However, they do have Adobe Connect where you can log in and see and talk to your professor!
By far, one of the best colleges I continue to brag over. It has so many online classes that is great for the military. If you are struggling to find a major it will give you great information on where to beg just as well as all the options. It is a cheap college and will go wherever you go. I am.deployed at the moment and continue to no problems with my college. They have the fastest responders that will help you in every need. Overall, the best college I could have chosen!
My experience with American Public University has been great so far. I will be starting classes in February. I have been getting a lot of help from workers there when I have questions about financial aid or navigation on the website.
My experience with American Public University has been great. All my classes have been online, so I cannot comment on anything to do with the campus, but I have been very impressed with the instructors. They are actively involved in their classes and easy to approach with problems. They are great about making their classes as interesting as possible. I also like how I can access my classes any time of the day. I recommend this college to anyone thinking of getting their degree. The cost is lower than many of the others, there are many options to choose from for degrees and grants are available.
Great school & such helpful and sweet people to assist you when ya need it. Easy access and can go with you anywhere as long as you have a computer and internet its all ready to go.
Love the whole online experience. The professors have made each course engaging and are all easy to talk to and communicate with. The work is also engaging and fun to learn. The forums and class discussions make one think and are a great source of knowledge. I highly recommend this school.
I really enjoyed American Public University System. My classes were interesting, and the Professors really kept the class engaged in conversation. Having my books online was incredibly helpful. The staff automatically added my books to my account and all I had to do was verify that I wanted an electronic book. The option to purchase a hard copy was available as well. I purchased a copy of my Native American History book since I found it to be incredibly interesting. My Professors were quick to respond to any questions I had and the entire staff at APU was fantastic. I would highly recommend this school.
They are amazing. Knowledgeable instructors. You pick what classes you register for based on your degree plan, no auto register. They work with you on payments and have multiple payment options.
American Public University is a wonderful (if not the best) on-line school I have attended. The professors, students, and the atmosphere are diverse while the website is easy to navigate and learn your way around. Customer service for the library, financial aid, and anything else is superb. Classes are structured well, and for the most part the same, but will challenge you, help you grow, and be just as effective as a normal physical school. My only concern is the lack of a wider variety of academics and the somewhat dull school campus. I would like to see more degree plans such as linguistics focused and language focused degrees, PhD programs, and a teaching certificate program thrown in the mix. As for the campus, there should be a live chat room, a webcam chat room, and more options for students to get to know one another.
Really have enjoyed my time at APUS. It has really challenged me to engage as a student and grow as a learner. The forum setting is something that is truly a great learning tool that provides an opportunity to learn from and engage with other students.
I enjoyed the flexibility of the while experience. I could take course at my discretion as fast and as close together as I wanted. The different faculty advisors and professors are great at communicating with students. I felt like I was valued and that I learned what I set out to learn and truly earned my degree. I would take courses again with AMU.
Great school with professors more than willing to help. Undergrad books are free due to a grant. The cost per hour is lower than MANY other schools.

The class work is relevant and not overwhelming if taking more than two classes at a time.
THIS school is great. Even though it's correspondence, I've learned so much. It's a lot of reading and writing, but I can discuss homeland security and national security for days. Moreover, the degree was crucial for me getting my dream job in the DOJ. Don't pass this place up just because it's online. Only those who aren't self-disciplined can't learn here.
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