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By far the best choice i could have ever made when choosing a college! They had the exact degree and degree plan that matched what my job is in the Air Force! I am almost ready to graduate and cant wait to start my masters.
Very knowledgeable instructors, I feel like I'm learning alot thru the required reading and online interactions.
My overall experience has been wonderful and affordable! I have enjoyed the freedom that American Public University gives me so that I can learn at my own time and my own pace. I attend school online because I work full time and APU has a great staff and the professor's are also very understanding when everyday life seems to come up out of nowhere. I'm having a great experience with this university overall. I couldn't be happier with the decision to enroll as an online student!
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I will not change anything. The classes are affordable and good pace for people who work and want to go back to school.
I have been attending this online university for close to three years and I have had a pretty solid experience dealing with the professors and students. I would highly recommend this institution to anyone seeking higher education who has a family and a full time job. For reference, I als had a few classes at the University of Phoenix and the experience was quite different which is why I decided to leave and end up at American Public University
Easy to use and very friendly/flexible with tough schedules. The school is also very timely with answering questions or resolving issues with enrollments and drops.
it a very excellent staff , the teacher are very good they get the grades in there in times and assighments isn't that all they explain everything to u
I enjoy this school. Seems as though they are but we care about you as a student and your goals. The counseling staff will call you after we’re enjoying your classes and that you are reaching your intended goals for the year
I had an amazing experience with one professor whom I took for my first 2 courses. However, I had a hard time finding professors which did not have pretty negatives reviews written about them. The courses are time consuming and require hard work with a lot of reading and writing (note: this is my second MS degree and I am accustomed to heavy course loads), but I learned a great deal.
Fantastic school! The professors are super helpful, they have a wide variety of programs to offer, and the class work is straightforward and precise.
I have attended other colleges, both on-campus and online, but none of them compare to the ease and efficiency of this institution. Additionally, the professors and administrators are always available and willing to help in any way possible if needed.
I think this is a wonderful collage for me being a single mom of a 4 year old and someone who also works two jobs at home as a customer service and reservations specialist! The flexibility to do school work sometime that week is amazing because I can do it around my own schedule and not have to worry that I am not going to have to miss work because of school. It makes my live so much easier to do I can be making money, earning my degree and taking care of my kid which are all very important to me!
American Public University system/ American Military University is a great military-friendly college. Classes are not too difficult. The tuition is the exact amount for tuition assistance. The best part is this online college is regionally accredited.
Online school lacks that instructor student vibe that many people need to learn. However, classes are well paced and student services are always helpful.
APU was very convenient to study online with my busy schedule going to work and raising my family. The professors were thorough and always there to help. Great school!
My experience here has been great so far. The professors have been very helpful since I have been signed up for my classes at the university. I have so many great resources for my assignments and my books are free online which is a plus. It’s just a nice online school to go to and work around my schedule while being in the military. They said they would work with me as well when I start going out to sea again while attending their classes to graduate next year on-time before getting out of the military.
For those who are a little intimidated about pursuing their education or even hesitant because you don’t know where to start, American Public university is the best place for you. While serving active duty in the United States Marine Corps, I knew at some point in life I’d need more. When speaking the the representatives of APUS I was able to make a seamless transition into pursuing my education. The university was very flexible for me. deployments, temporary duty assignments, I was able to complete my mission without worrying about not submitting assignments on time. I am currently 12 classes into my degree and I must say it’s been an amazing experience. I feel myself getting wiser and more adapt to life because of thing things learned from the university, and I believe you can too!
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Instructors are really great at working with you and answering questions. There are a lot of resources on the website to help you succeed.
I am a transfer student from a two year community college in Virginia. I was referred by my school to the university, I have heard great things about AMU. there are several good programs to take up. I plan on majoring in Natural sciences. I also saw the school is regionally accredited so that is a plus.
The convenience of a 100% online degree is unparalleled. I have been able to successfully pursue my degree while still working full time. The professors have always been beyond helpful, and the online interactions with your peers is very insightful.
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