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American National University - Youngstown Reviews

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career center helps with all those questions
very small class sizes just the way i prefer
financial aid was easy and they showed me the many options i had
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career center provides life long assistance
they enroll you in an externship towards the end of your schooling so you earn real life experience.
most core classes are exactly what you need to know nothing more nothing less.
there is someone there to help you with anything you could need to know and if the person you go to cant answer your questions they will find someone who can. the staff and labs are very helpful.
Everything is great you can have one on one with your instructors and get all the help you need
You have a lot of help with anything you need and any questions you ever have they do there best to answer it
There is always help in the library for students and when a student is getting closer to graduation there is a career center which will help students find jobs and help them prepare for the job interview.
There is a wide variety of computer labs available. The network on the computers is reliable but the wifi connection can be sketchy. Printers have been taken out of many computer labs and now print to the library but the campus is small and the library is easy to access.
The facility is very appealing and very clean. There is always help available to students when we have a question or a need. The class sizes are very personal and you can connect well with other students. The only hard thing now is the terms were shortened which means fitting in the same amount of material in a shorter time and there are no breaks between terms. One other thing that can be difficult is that many professors are part time so many class times depend on when they are available.
The computer network is always available.
wireless access is excellent
printers/copiers are always available
speed - i dont want to say slow but not fast.
There are many different resources available at National College - Youngstown Campus:
Skills lab
Computer Labs
Personal Tutors
The Teachers are able to give real life experiences of the field you are going into
Its fair, What you put into it, is what you get out of it
THey are very flexible and its not as hard to go to school, work, and maintain the family
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They are always there and willing to help you out not matter what.
The whole process of getting my financial aid started, was explained very well. All my questions were answered. The staff are all very kind and made me feel comfortable.
Health Care Management – Just starting so I don't know if I like it yet but so far so good.
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