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American National University - Roanoke Valley Reviews

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They are hands on and are available 24/7 if you need assistance. They offer online classes for people who need them.
this school has given me a second chance again helping me and determining me to get into a program and offering me a job at the school
I initially liked the sit-down environment classrooms with teachers and students. Now all classes are online or Video-conference. At ANU the classes are 10 weeks and you pretty much teach yourself the information with little to no help from the professors.
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I am three years into a two year degree and over $30,000 in debt in student loans and they refuse to give me a teacher for my very last class I need to graduate after I've already tried their online class twice and failed it. So it's obvious I don't "want" the teacher but I actually, literally "NEED" that teacher to graduate and be done, so that I can continue on with my life and not have to worry everyday how I'm going to pay off $30,000 without any degree because I didn't have that kind of money before I signed up and I sure don't have it now, despite what these corporate people think. And also while I attended I was harassed by a computer teacher there because I was the only male student in the class, so bad to the point that I had to leave the classroom and my grade suffered in that class because of it. I got news for you ANU, my rights don't deminish just because I'm on your campus, I came there to learn, not be bullied by someone who has authority over me and my grade.
After finishing classes in April and even before graduation I have been told countless times by employers that they do not recognize the credits from this school. The city of Tulsa which is where I moved to try to find work even went as far as to say that I would not qualify for any city jobs.

The actual teachers were good and knew their subjects though often times they would have to do last minute reading to make sure they knew what they were teaching.

My issue is with administration though I am sure they will pass the blame on the students just like the previous one.

In general You would be better off spending the money on a house for a better return on investment. There is a high probability that you will end up in a low wage position after graduating. I obtained 2 different degrees from this school. It will likely not exist in a few years due to its dependence on national accreditation over regional
I thought about giving up, but this school wouldn't have that. They worked with me and I'm doing amazing. I only thing I wish would change would be more in seat classes instead of online.
easy when you co-ordinate with the right channel, meet the student services and they all willing to help when you need them
it is like you are sitting in the class with your lecturer, all support is provided
internships and jobs are arranged after completing the degree, you can even work at the school full time after you graduate. the school offers free class refreshment when needed. almost all companies in Virginia and national wide recognize degrees from this school
the school offers great programs and it got the right professors who enjoys nothing but mentoring its students
The school focus on mentoring students and even offer student grants to international students, we have free transportation to and from school which is the best thing for us international students
It feels like you are at your local school in your origin country, professors are very friendly and helpful. Small sized classes which gives an opportunity to ask professor to offer extra attention to where you don't understand. I would recommend this college to anyone willing to study in America.
With our terms being only 10 weeks long, I have to devote a lot of time to school. I have at least 4-6 hours of homework per class per week.
My school offers free tutoring. It also pays the tutors. I have never needed the tutoring but I have tutored a student.
I have made so many long lasting friendships through my school.
Santa comes for the students' children every year.
there is career support at my school, but few utilize the availibility of it.
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We have some student activities throughout the year.
There is no need for a personal computer. There are plenty to use and all are very fast and all systems are up to date.
Finantial Aid is easy to get and is thouroughly explained.
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