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American National University - Lexington Reviews

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In my efforts to return to school after so many years I have found a family like atmosphere. The entire staff has been extremely helpful and understanding. They continue to give me hope that i will succeed in my goals in the future.
Great computer labs but need more computer labs
It's great I get to help students with any computer issuses and the instructors are great
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Been a good overall experince
it's been a good experience at my school
it is good to take a online class if you work and need to do school from home
The career center is a good way for students and past Grads to get connected with a career job in thier field.
Classes are a great size for you to get that one on one interaction that you need. Your workload is average.
The curriculum is stright foward and the facilities are nice and clean, and with you getting your education, you can apply for a intership.
The main reason I chose this school was for the flexible schedule. I work days and needed to take night classes. It has been a great experience.
The process for financial aid was easy. I feel that the tuition is worth the money so that I can advance my career. The girls in the office were wonderful and very helpful. Love school.
I am in school there right now for the accounting diploma, and have yet to get to the career center.
Everybody was real helpful with my financial process.
The student body at my school is more females. Everybody seems to get along well with each other.
I really enjoy my professors. They seem to care about my future
My College Experience – I am glad I decided to go back to school. I plan to move on after my program at National ends.
Lower Class Citizens – A lot of students at National College are rude to say the least. They tend to be obnoxious and interruptive during class, complain about not getting enough financial aid money and rarely show up to class. To be a business college they definitely don't treat it like a career!
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Ask Questions! The financial aid department has a lot of student workers who don't really know a lot about disbursements and guidelines for financial aid qualifications. Make sure you ask a lot of questions and stay on top of them to take care of your financial needs, otherwise you will slip through the cracks!
Family Like Atmosphere – The school is very small and most everyone gets to know eachother very quickly. You tend to have classes with the same people quite frequently, it makes it feel like more of a family than a college life.
Always Open for Use – The computer labs and library are always open for students to some in anytime to do research, print or whatever. Their internet can sometimes be a bit slow. Im not sure if National has wifi, they should.
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