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This school has such amazing programs, professors, and students. I've learned so much in the short year that I've been here and I love it.
I am currently a student at this college and it has been such an incredible experience. It's like a theater boot camp, everything you learn here will stick with you forever. Also, getting to live in New York City is such a maturing experience. All of the faculty and staff are there to support you and help you succeed to achieve your biggest dreams. I'm so thankful to be going to this fantastic school.
The American Musical and Dramatic Academy definitely has its pros and cons. The teaching of Musical Theater and Acting is Great due to the fact that they really show you the technicality of the craft. The Dance program is not very great though. Their technique is extremely old and will not teach you what it is like to actually audition for a Professional Broadway show.
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American Musical and Dramatic Academy has helped me so much and it's only been one semester. I have gained so much confidence and have learned so much.
This school is amazing, I love it in every way from the dedicated teachers to the helpful financial aid staff. Everyone is kind and goes above and beyond to support me achieve my goals.
At the Los Angeles campus the teachers drive you to be your absolute best when it comes to performing. However trying to switch classes or majors is incredibly difficult and there is one English teacher (just one) who clearly has NO IDEA what he's doing, don't have him and you'll be fine.
They don't transfer credits at all so its kind of rough but other than that its great
There really is not any online courses at the American musical and dramatic academy
You can always come back and continue to engage you education or you can go off and continue to audition for productions
The professors are super nice they really try to help you can focus on your strong and weak points. The class sizes are around 20 student in each class.
there are many job opportunities that you can work on campus and sometimes the alumni can refer you to directors or sometimes even pull you out of a class to perform in a show
You are constantly dancing and learning new techniques that you are expanding your knowledge and you are constantly growing. They offer a wonderful variety of jobs on campus so you can work and earn money for groceries while you are still learning.
At the American musical and Dramatic Academy they focus on helping you so that you can be the best that you can be and they prepare you so that you are ready to start a career
A lot of the classes seem easy or straightforward at first, but a lot more work goes into them to really succeed than you would initially think. The classes can only benefit you as much as you're willing to give them. The teachers are incredible and knowledgable about the field, but they can't teach you to care. Knowing the steps to a dance, or the lines to your seemingly simple scene doesn't mean you'll be able to execute it right without putting in a lot of non mandatory work, and the teachers know whose working outside and whose not.
A lot of the teachers work in the industry, so its not uncommon for them to take students on that they've had a positive experience with in the past onto a project, or to give a recommendation to other casting directors.
The teachers are insanely talented and influential.
AMDA is super hard, but the growth I've seen and experienced in my first semester at the NY campus alone has been incredible.
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I have not had the need to transfer any credits nor did I have to schedule around work as I don't have a job at this time
I don't have any online courses as of yet
I have not had the need to use the career center
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