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Haven’t been just yet but I’m excited. The atmosphere and people look very friendly. And they all are their for the same reason to perfect their craft.
I absolutely love AMDA. The teachers are real working professionals, and I feel like I have learned so much from them! I highly recommend this school to anyone wanting to go into the arts!
I love this school simply because they love me. Love may seem like a strong word but they honestly make every student feel like an asset to the school, even in the admission process. This college is truly amazing!
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The worst school I ever went to! Certain teachers make you feel like crap.Felt like elementary school having the same people in every class. I learned nothing at all,they make you pay for everything. I got nothing out of Scamda all they did was take my money
I am a freshman and I love it! The academics are excellent and the professors are top grade and still work in their field. You're getting the best education.
The curriculum is excellent and I have learned a lot in my semesters of being her. However, there is a food crisis on campus and students literally can't eat because there is no food program. I also work as an RA and receive free housing, but no payment which makes the eating thing even worse for me.
I like the classes and teachers. I like how you take acting and singing twice a week. Also, learning different types of Broadway dancing. I also like the structure. I would like to see a meal plan added. The cafe is overpriced and the food is not worth the price.
I can't wait to go to school here. I love how the professors are people that are actually working in the industry, so they definitely know what they're talking about!
Teacher for the most part are amazing, but the administration sucks ass! Financial aid is lazy they are piss poor when it comes to giving scholarships to those who deserve them.
AMDA can be a very stressful and miserable experience if you are not confident that the path is for you. I personally love the school very very much and wouldn't trade my time at AMDA for anything in the world. Unfortunately, it doesn't have meal plan in the New York Campus, although the school is working on it, and it is incredibly expensive. Do not go to AMDA unless you are 1000% sure that this is what you want to do. If you have the tiniest doubt I would caution you to attend. It is not worth wasting your time and your financial resources unless you are in love with it. I've seen an alarming number of students drop out because they can't handle the pressure or haven't fallen in love with the process. You MUST be in love with the process and you MUST be pursuing this career for all the right reasons. What you put into AMDA is what you will get out. You must be a hard worker and you must be willing to fall down a couple times- literally and figuratively.
I love it here at AMDA. So many opportunities here for expanding your experience and knowledge in the industry.
it is an amazing school with a great environment and loving caring professional teachers I love it here and life on the campus are great. the teachers work on Broadway or have been working and really familiar with the business. always want you to succeed. there are a lot of potions like taping and booking rehearsal rooms for free. the RA team is great an run a lot of events in the resident halls we have twenty-four seven security everywhere.
I have always loved The American Musical Dramatic Academy since 2015. This college is located in the heart of Manhattan New York. I've attended the summer conservatory program straight out of high school in 2015. The dorms are huge, there is a cooking area, lounging area, computer area, a deck etc. AMDA is a very diverse college. There is diverse teachers, students and faculty members. AMDA is welcome to all races, colors and genders and does not discriminate. If you love the performing arts then AMDA College is the place for you! AMDA also has 2 luxurious campuses in Manhattan,New York and Los Angelos California!
This is my second semester here at AMDA, and it's been very joyful. I enjoy every single one of my classes, learning more about my major and improving my acting skills.
I have had a wonderful experience with AMDA. Their staff is very helpful and friendly. The school is also in a very good location.
If you are committed to the performing arts and have a passion for it, then this school is the right place to get your dreams on track
Choosing to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Acadmy in New York City is the best choice I could have made for my future. The teachers are invested in our growth and progress. The courses are a high level. The experience of living in the heart of Broadway is immeasurable.
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American Musical and Dramatic Academy has two campuses. There is one in New York and in Los Angeles California. I can say that going to AMDA it has really helped me to learn more about the entertainment industry. The teachers here are well experienced and not only have they had experience but they have been taught and had the chance to work with professionals. You have teachers and student from all over the world. The working environment is excellent. Most of the work happens not just in the classroom but it is required/ highly recommended outside the classroom. The dorms different than regular college dorms.
I am learning so much. Is it easy, NO! I am better than I thought in some areas, we are all our own worst critics, but need help in others. Working on my speech and diction is not easy, who knew I have an accent. Several of the instructors are working professionals so I am learning from those who have been there.
AMDA gets students involved from the second you are accepted. They send me letters for my acceptance, my admissions counselor sent me a Christmas card, and I feel like I'm part of the school before actually going.
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