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AMDA NY is alright. I gave it 3 stars because in NY there are many racist teachers and the school rarely reprimands a teacher solely because of who that teacher is or knows. However, the information is valuable and it is a rigorous course , so don’t think you can go there and be lazy.
Online school for performing arts is pointless. You don’t always learn things and it’s a struggle to give critiques when you’re over zoom. The teachers are trying to make the most of it however and make it as school like as possible.
Amazing faculty. Terrible administration. There is a reason to why it is called scamda and its only because the administration is lacking in a lot of fields. Dorms are terrible and I've lived in both LA and NY campuses. Rats in NY dorms and black mold in the LA dorms. NY administration does not care about your problems with any teacher (its very tough in the conservatory). LA campus teachers are very wise. Education department is also very poor, I've been told the wrong information many times to where it has conflicted my own schedule, they make mistakes and pin it on you. My friend has been fired from the library wrongfully by education (not the library) because of "academic probation", that was not true and they had also pinned the problem on him when he tried fixing it, education refused to see him to talk about it. If you want help with financial aid you will get it but if you are making payments directly, they will call anyone on your emergency call list regardless of FERPA
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It is hard acting online. You HAVE to go through the acting experience in person. It hasn't been too difficult. Some professors try to push it by asking students to purchase expensive material. I still get several the education i need for my acting. This online learning has been training me to be on film so i appreciate that . Tuition is still the same amount and it is insane to me. If you are planning to come to this school, do it when covid is gone because you are paying way too much for it to be online. I do not have that luxury because of financial reason and have to do online learning regardless. But because i have completed several in person semesters, I know what to look for when theatre is back and running. If you are just starting up and out of high school, just wait.
So so supportive of career goals. Very welcoming and comfortable. The program is intense and really prepares you for life in the industry.
I didn't have an online experience because I took a gap semester. But from what I know from friends, they had a great experience and easy transition online.
I will be very honest about AMDA. The school is somewhat of a scam and they don't really care that much about you or your circumstances. They lie about all of the dorm fees, the fact that the Amsterdam dorm in NYC has mice, that classes are all day usually from 8-6 depending on when you are scheduled, "commuter students often fail", they take off a letter grade for every class you miss (even if you are sick and have a doctor's note, or get stuck in subway), they will withhold your stipend money, the food is not good and not many options for people with food sensitivities, it is always a battle to book a rehearsal room and students will walk in while you are rehearsing and take your room ten minutes early, the environment is like high school with petty drama, all of the classes in 4th semester switch to 5 pm to 12 am, they accept anyone, some teachers will direct instead of giving you artistic freedom and it is unorganized.
I did not learn anything from it, I left after a week and a half. It is not possible to do musical theater online, and for 40K it is not worth the money.
Overall I had a good experience here. The biggest issue stems from the lack of diversity seen in the arts today has led to a lack of diversity at this institution. The few students of color have issues with other students and professors. The education you are receiving sets you up for the real world if they like you.
This semester we moved to online classes and as I am sure you could imagine that was difficult for a performing arts school. Overall the school transitioned nicely and if this was to continue I would say it is still a good institution.
The way they are helping me in getting into this college is amazing. They make you feel like family.
I do enjoy some teachers. I only wish that we had more real world type education in the film industry. Actually learning to act for camera rather than wait until the next semester. The cost is way too high and I wish that it was cheaper so I could jump into the acting world without having to worry about too much college debt. I wish the campus was bigger and that they treat classes like a film set in all classes. It still feels like an actual class rather than the reality of the industry.
I am in love with AMDA! I am enrolled at the Los Angeles and have fallen in love with this schools program and the opportunities offered. AMDA has a great student life and feels like a home. I wouldn't give it up or anything.
I will be going to The American Musical and Dramatic Academy this fall and they have done a really good job sharing all the information about the school and helping students enroll.
I am currently going to be attending AMDA fall 2020 and I cannoy wait. The staff communication is superior compared to what I have expierenced with other universities. They truly care about their students.
You get out what you put in. Really fast-paced curriculum but it truly does prepare you for the future.
This comprehensive program offers an essential blend of music, acting and dance training for the aspiring Music Theatre artist. This immersive performance-based degree program provides the tools necessary for a career in contemporary musical theatre performance blended with a dynamic range of academic studies resulting in a well-rounded and vibrant theatre arts education. Fundamental curriculum includes individual voice instruction, piano, and sight-singing to help establish a strong musical foundation. AMDA's clearly defined approach to vocal performance emphasizes a genuine union of music to lyrics, allowing students to explore a variety of genres that include Classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Blues, Pop, etc. Acting techniques, scene study, acting for the camera, music for the individual artist and voice production and speech courses provide essential skills necessary for creating transcendent performances on stage, screen and in the recording studio.
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Started last October and although it's different than what I imagined, it's better than what I imagined. All of the teachers are truly just wanting the best for you and they aren't just teaching everyone the same old things. Plus, it's honestly super fun!
It's very inviting and makes me feel very comfortable. I come from out of state, so it was scary going all the way to New York for school. They made me feel right at home.
I have loved this place ever since junior year of highschool and it's everything I hoped it would be! All the professors are there to transform you into the best performer you can be and everyone is super supportive!
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